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Alright check it
>go investigate dustbowl grineer settlement because Lotus thinks its way too quiet
>find nightwatch troops and pretty much every grineer settler killed
>learn through audio comms that since the kuva staff got fucked, a lot of the more human-like grineer colonies have managed to break control
>usually killed and repopulated with obedient drones within the month, but there's been more and more lately

>steel meridian now knows you know and asks you to go and respond to a grineer distress call
>yadda yadda mission rescuing grineer scientist
>you learn that several colonies are close to actually holding control over their respective areas and starting a proper revolution
>he says you cant help them right now but to go and liberate some uranus factory
>while you're on it he tells you that while they understand that you're tenno and they're grineer and dont expect you to help them, they still need actual help.
>apparently him and several other grineer scientists have made you a really crude Transference suit.
>basically a buffed elite lancer or heavy gunner suit.
>they dont expect *you* to go out and help them, but if you prove to the people that an average grineer can stand against an army, you wont actually need to. They wont even know it was you.

>As the next five or so missions go on, they mod the suit somewhat, improve the Transference process and void thingie.
>you end up with the four abilities and a functional warframe.
>you keep it at the end.
>Grineer frame
Yes, no, perhaps?

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I had a long, strange and complicated dream last night featuring Warframe.

But to save you the blogpost, I am now extremely attracted to Heavy Gunners. Anyone else want to cuddle these cuties?

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