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>someone goes down
>my instinct to run and revive them
>but then I remember that some people might be looking to complete the tadpole challenge to revive someone
>mfw trying to be nice to the person downed vs trying to be nice to the person trying to complete the challenge to revive someone

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>Rigmor and Aurlyn both have a dating option

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Serana doesn't want a romantic relationship and she has made it clear that she does not want to get married, so I will respect that and I will be her good friend while I look elsewhere for marriage. My good friend Aurlyn Danwstone brought up the topic of marriage and I like her a lot so I might as well see where that leads, while remaining good friends with Serana.

Also me:
What if Serana was just saying that she doesn't want to get married for the moment, and when she is cured of vampirism, she feels like she can reconnect with mara again. and what if she was just being indirect, people don't always say what they mean and that applies to no topic moreso than matters of the heart. I'll remain single and wait and see what she decides and keep myself open for her.

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>spend a lot of time searching for a good camp location where I can settle down
>there's an ongoing achievement for moving your camp a bunch of times

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>want to play things in release order since it makes sense
>want to do dawnguard first so Serana is with me during my adventure

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Does... does it... have... eye.. tracking?

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