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Are we ever going to kill Siviks? And why does he have to be insane? All of the recent Fallen bad guys have been babbling lunatics, when Skolas was actually very well spoken with a sympathetic motivation. Why can't we have that anymore?

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>Accidentally rushed a fucking prime part trying to retrieve something else.

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>start playing MHW
>get frustrated with neverending cutscenes/loading screens
>start playing MH4U to kill time
>fucking boring mandatory 1-star/2-star quests
fucking capcom eat a dick already

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>dung bomb him
>the monster you're hunting flees to the same area he does

>tfw you read Chrono Crusade and ruin this reaction image to yourself forever

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>taking the first point on Hanamura
>our Tracer fighting Mei
>Tracer past her to me for healing
>bash her in the fucking nose with my healstick as she turns around
>Mercy says "say aaah~!"

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>latest patch introduced a bug where Bastion gets kicked for inactivity while in turret form
holy kek

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>Mei ults on me and Reinhardt
>manage to get outside and start healing Reinhardt as she tries to dome him
>she gives up and starts trying to freeze me
>shoot her several times and then pistolwhip her to death just as I get frozen
>"On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your pain?"

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