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I wish those no fun allowed operators wouldn't exist in the first place

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It's alright. I've got like 30 ideas for stuff anyway!

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Just ignore those losers. They're mean because they can't do it.

I know my graphics are bad and I can't do art. But once I finally finish this stupid character creator I'll probably make a video of it and post progress! And people will say hurr graphics bad but I wont care because I'm making progress while all they're doing is crying about my progress.

You just got to keep moving forwards, eventually you'll have left those losers in the dust and you'll make it while they'll just get more bitter and angry while doing nothing.

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I like big milkers and I cannot lie.

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oooooohhh, i thought they fixed them but whatever, i was just trying make both builds work tho! anyways ty very much for your help

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what happens if Octarian version of Salmon run except with different octarian machinese

this also locks out from ever being an octarian ourselves

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Those are baby bunnies not dogs!

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Because they keep trying to make people actually use the bear. Remember the only time Lone Druid was good in living memory was when he could ignore the bear, ignore his shitty ult, and just be Sniper. All of his buffs are oriented towards making him use the bear, which will never happen because it has no stats.

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I've only been here for a week but since you insisted
>get xp
>if you push your lane out go gank
>when an objective spawns make a beeline for it
>doing merc camps are much more worthwhile than sitting in a lane trying to solo push it
>when the game starts to resemble deathball vs deathball rotate merc camps and objectives
>the more organized team usually comes out on top
>don't trickle kills. that's usually a death sentence, give up as much as you can afford but don't die. There's no buy back or fortification to stall out.
>you exist to protect the towers not the other way around.
>if you're sylvanas none of this necessarily applies to you

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Well I have been waiting, in the same place. When you get things straightened out I will still be there waiting.

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Vidya-manics video when?

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HR Fluffnstuff

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Is there a better cosmetic simulator than d2armory? That shit's gay.

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anybody wants to play some games on yurop server?

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>god I hate zoo
>especially that mediocre 1-drop they play because they have nothing better
>it's just so unfair!!!

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Except she can just broom away when the other character CACs towards her. You don't seem to realise that against most of the cast, she gets to entirely dictate how you get to approach her.
There's no "Is he going to jump, CAC or slide under it?" like with most projectiles. A couple of characters can do something about it like Garchomp's dig but a lot have to just CAC through each one slowly.

I can CAC through Fireblast and I do - but when the Braixen player isn't a mouthbreather they use the time that it takes me to perform the CAC to just make more space and it's very difficult to stop Braixen from just flying away on the broom.

Her duel phase isn't even as bad as Chandalure or Gardevoir's. Overheat aside, I'd say its better than anything those two get.
It's an entirely brainless playstyle and it takes a lot of effort on the opponent's part to deal with

"I use two attacks and am very frustrating to fight" is only a level below Shadow Mewtwo's "I use two attacks and stunlock you forever"

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Sometimes I wonder about the thought processes behind some player's actions are and then I realised that of course they're just going to do retarded shit over and over because if they lose they're just going to ragequit

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We musn't be sad anon, we still have adorable little booplesnoots to love.

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>Have the day off work
>Pot of beef stew is simmering on the stove
>Just purchased tickets for Ghost, their CT and NY shows
>Dogma in a couple hours

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Hello there xivg

Did you reach your goals for the day?

I wanted to get Odin done but didn't, but I did get 3 classes to 33, finish the hildibrand quests, and get 3 of my hunting logs to rank 4, and did my beastman dailies, and got my culinarian and botany to 50


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