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>tfw I'll never make it

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I don't deal, I'm still farming and clawing for mats and QP whenever I get the chance

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>Level UP
O-ok, it's not like I wanted to go sleep or anything haha...

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You'll work twice as hard as everyone else only to do mediocre DPS, and people will only want you around for Trick Attack.
Honestly at this point I wish they'd just delete TA and turn Ninja into an actual job.

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yeah but it doesnt do shit when the mob fucking paths into aggro range AS IM MINING
never mind i really am retarded, havent played a gatherer in forever and i forgot you can still harvest/mine while stealthed, brb

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game is ded

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>tfw another cute Lala that isn't in my server
I should just give up. I'll never find a cute Lala to become my EB...
At least I can fulfill my promise on the /pet and /hug part when I see you in the next meetup...

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Yeah well I'm not ugly AND alone so don't count on it.

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>Midnight shift again
>Can't play with fellow US bros
>Too tired to play with EU

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>spend weeks grinding out my Lux weapon
>quickly decide that I ultimately hate how it looks and stop using it

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Imagine spending your money on a skin only to not use it because of some forced stigma applied by kids and streamers.

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Man, I can't watch pools... this feeling must be what all those sports dads feel as they watch their kids fumbling around the field.

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No seriously, how do I break boulders in Satisfactory?

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>tfw mommy bri is a thot like all the others

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>Beat the game with the Shura ending
>"Finally I can go to this thread without fear of being spoiled 1/2 the game"

Fuck me.

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>cynn's third world connection joins

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>supposed grand rework
>servers shutdown

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and i think i just figured out what i was doing wrong.
the hydrogen engine is used to produce electricity, which the hydrogen thrusters dont need

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That too

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What a chad
>can't even spectate while I eat

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I ain't gonna make it.

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But winning like this feels so wrong.....

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It's dead, Jimmy.

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Okay I just beat it, proud mode, secret ending and all that. It was fun, definitely had some heavy feels.

Now why was it so easy? KH1 and 2 had some ball crushing moments on proud mode, but this game was just a joke. I'm not saying it was bad, but with the combat system more polished than it's ever been I am massively disappointed they didn't utilize it by at least making the end game bosses a challenge in some way.

Is the post game worth playing through? Is the Ultima Weapon worth making? Is anything in this game besides the real game which is gummi battles even remotely hard?

I know that insane difficulty has never really been a part of this series' draw but I think it works against the longevity of this entry to have it be such a breeze.

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I'll make a game inspired by Girl's Last Tour, Yume Nikki and Pathologic.
It'll be the ultimate survival walking simulator and I bet a handful of people will play it and like it.

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