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Just started playing this game.

What the hell went so right?

What could they do to make it go righter?

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Me too! I got HOOKED

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I'm not very happy with the dlc prices...but I get it

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least you're having fun with it. I've gotten back into recently and I can't stand the game. the survivor base has regressed to a point where most games just devolve into no gens getting done. And farming other survivors off of hooks.

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how was it back then, old timer?

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Get out of rank 10-20 idiot

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I got into the game last October. Took a break and came back to this nonsense. I'm just a newfag within this game. But I got to higher ranks no problem previously but now it's just a mind numbing chore.

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for my money,

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I got a coupon and got this game for 5 bugs. Installed it. Convince me to exert the energy required to play and learn this game. Keep in mind I am now an angry 29 year old boomer

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How the fuck do I get good? Do I just muscle through until I can equip 4 perks and/or grind until I can teach the most bullshit perks? Feels like every time I play Survivor I get shit on because of BBQ&Chili and playing as a Killer is a crapshoot because I keep ending up against survivor friends that co-ordinate around me at all times

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>all these killers
>they all kill you the same ONE (1) way

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bbq&chili only works you if are far from the hooked player
And it only works for 4 seconds. So you can move to a different directions after that time

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I think you get enough content to justify it. The killers especially and the survivors get you some interesting new perks. I get why the licensed shit is a little pricey though

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I just camp with Leatherface in the basement with insidious and get about 1-2 disconnects per game

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run like crazy in every map to know the short cuts, windows and safe pallets

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Do you prefer the OC killers or the licensed killers? I think it's pretty cool you can play as Leatherface or Freddy Kreuger, but I appreciate the work they put into stuff like Doctor and Huntress and Plague.

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You don't need perks. You just need to learn to loop. You can hide in a locker to stop BBQ. But actually escaping requires your team to be able to run the killer around for long times, not hide.

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I like playing this game but it takes a lot of emotional investment to play it. Playing killer gives me anxiety so most of my game time is on survivor (about 100 hours) but I despise my allies so much because of how retarded they are. Like I can loop a killer for fucking 2 minutes and once I get downed zero gens are done, there'll be some faggot hiding in a closet etc. People have told me that the game is actually balanced in favor of survivors in high ELO but I'll never reach it because the game frustrates me so much that I can only play one or two matches a day before I tilt and play something else.

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i Really love how doctor plays but it's a shame too many people just shrug it off as bottom tier

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It used to be almost impossible for killers to win regardless of their skill level if the survivors had even the slightest inkling of how to play.

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I think leatherface is a weaker billy. But most licensed killers are very fun to play as

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The rank up requirements were made more difficult again and they increase the higher you get.

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did they fix this yet

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This game would be great if it was more casual. Not the wannabe le ranked fest it mistakenly thought it should be. Shit stops being spooky 1 hour in.

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>thought I'd have more anxiety playing Survivor
>actually have a worse time as Killer

glad I'm not alone. I'm relatively new to the game but sometimes it honestly feels disparaging. Like I'll get a few hits in and by the time I hook somebody there are 2-3 gens done and everyone else is back to full health. Last game I played trying to learn Nurse I got completely stomped so I just went to the other side of the map to practice blinking until the timer ran out. I'm guessing they were all standing at the exit waiting for me to show up for some reason? They all waited until the last second to leave. I don't know if that's worth more blood points or whatever

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If you're in a chase for long enough you get a stacking speed boost, so maybe?

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you can fix it

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I want them to license Candyman so I can hook niggas before I hook niggas and cover niggas in bees

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>Dead By Daylight
>Literally "Press Spacebar QTE: The Game"
>wHaT w E n T sO THGIR?!

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You ok, anon?

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>What the hell went so right?
you weren't playing 3 years ago

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>entitled survivors

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stop playing survivor

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It stops being fun when you rank up and that slasher feeling dissapears as you face swf groups and shitty twitch streamers instead of terrified casuals

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Fuck off retard

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just ebony all SWF groups you play against.

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I wish there was an option to accept a longer queue to exclude swf. It’s really frustrating playing as the killer when you get stuck with 3-4 swf groups that dance around the map the entire time. Having that much co ordination at your disposal makes for a miserable game on the other end

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fucking kek

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just use moris whenever you see a swf

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