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why did they go with that artstyle? its not bad but its generic as fuck

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Why Friends of Mineral Town? Why not the PS2 port of Wonderful Life with the extra content so we can finally play a version that doesn't run at 2 fps?

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Because much like VtmB, marketers constantly scour the internet looking for cult favorites to milk as potential sequels. FoMT just happens to be one of the most praised (whether deservedly or not) games in the Harvest Moon series, so of course the suits are going to use it as the base.

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That's supposed to be Popuri? They sucked all the SOUL out of my waifu.

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I'm will not defend the artstyle but popuri looks cute. What they did to Karen on the other hand it's a shame.

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Did she fucked the chickens?

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That's what the kana says. Where did her tits go?

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Please don't ruin Mary

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Quoted By: >>470080463

At some point their art direction started going in a bad direction, i wonder why.

>> No.470079972

I can't believe this is the same artist as Harvest Moon 64. How does your style actually get worse with experience?

>> No.470079979

i don't know, popuri looks like those generic characters you see on the front of those notebooks for girls, old popuri kinda looks like a dragon ball character
poor mary was so was never cute... i don't think they'll be able to ruin her

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Quoted By: >>470080403

Those japanese lessons really helped

>> No.470080201

Somewhat, there are a lot of ways it can go wrong gameplay wise, not to mention that it's being developed by some team unrelated to harvest moon.

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>mfw still like popuri even in her new artstyle
She cute bros.

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I'm only buying it if i get to marry the girl MC

>> No.470080365

I like it.

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What do pic related says?

>> No.470080409

I hate it.

>> No.470080463

Story of Seasons on 3ds had great 2d art.

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>Simple sentences
Is this good for learning?

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Quoted By: >>470081069

Can you fuck her mom in this one?

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Love me some big dick, see me in the barn later for some action.

>> No.470080640

They really fucked up the redesigns.

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Quoted By: >>470081419

>using the modern HM art style
>but keep the MCs the same so they clash horribly
>they've already fucked up Karen and heavily altered Popuri
I'll probably end up getting it because I'm starved from some classic HM game, but I don't see this panning out well. If they destroy my Ann, there's going to be hell to pay.

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The mom doesn't look as cute in this version.

>> No.470081083

Nah the game looks really cute, you're just rabid nostalgiafags, except nu-Karen, i can't defend that.

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Side by side comparison.

>> No.470081419
Quoted By: >>470081560

There's no art yet, but here's new Ann's model. You decide.

>> No.470081456

I unironically prefer new Popuri more, not a fand of hair bands.

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Of course I forget the picture like some kind of chump.

>> No.470081574

anon this is a game for children

>> No.470081582

See, that's not so bad. It's a change, for sure, but you can still identify her as Popuri.

I wouldn't even have known that was Karen unless they had said so. She doesn't look anything like a boozer.

>> No.470081636
Quoted By: >>470106636

Really, thanks. Something you ought to have is a partner!

I am not very sure about the second half, what do you think about the translation?

>> No.470081641

looks fat with that dress

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Quoted By: >>470082093

I don't think anyone has to worry much about Mary, Elli, or Kai, at least judging from the backs of their models. They look pretty similar to their original looks, except Mary's got pig-tails now.

>> No.470081924

Anon, no child plays Harvest Moon games, this is mainly for adult men, old women and or the autistic.

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Quoted By: >>470109604

Bad sign already.

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Not particularly. The original was a simple masterpiece and it's still worth replaying if I'm ever in the mood for it. I don't really like the new designs or visuals. Other than a little bit of QoL and some new content there's not much they could do to improve it in my eyes. Plus with Natsume owning the original localization it might not even be possible to bring to the West unless they rewrite and rename absolutely everything or work out something with them.

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So not only they will not ruin the design, but actually improve it? I can't wait for this game.

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>> No.470082234

I'm waiting for the new SoS entry
They already renamed it to Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

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Quoted By: >>470082830

Popuri is loose by all the dicking from Kai

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Shit, they made him handsome now.

>> No.470082396


hope they include the modern cow as an easter egg just like in ToT you can get the classic one

>> No.470082414

AWL was comfy, but I've never managed to make it past Y4. If I could live in any vidya location Forget-me-not Valley would be it.

>> No.470082489

But what about gay marriages?
All Std.Valley fans want gay marriage, they need to make this as good as Stardew.
They should literally just sell the series to Stardews devs

>> No.470082586
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Quoted By: >>470089640

I miss those big ass glasses anime characters had in the 90s/early 2000s.

>> No.470082640

Game really looks like Magical Melody

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>> No.470082693

I will only accept lesbian marriages. Gay marriages are for faggots.

>> No.470082815
Quoted By: >>470100826

>Stardews devs
The whole thing was made by one man with a little bit of Chucklefuck doing whatever it is that they do. I followed Stardew since it was announced and it took forever for him to finish the game which is why it's as good as it is. Probably wouldn't be reasonable to expect much more out of him for a while.

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My family is openly racist and because of that when i was younger i thought that Kai was a wife beater, that's why i ended up marrying popuri in my first playthrough. Around blacks never relax i guess.

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Quoted By: >>470105971

Elli when?

>> No.470083056

>"let's remove popuri and put strawberry shortcake on her place"
I refuse

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AWL was so damn comfy, I can hardly stand it.

>> No.470083695

How did you feel about it's remake Harvest Moon DS?

>> No.470083882

HMDS - the definitive kino HM experience

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Amazing potential squandered by countless bugs, a few gamebreaking, and locking certain mechanics and other cool shit behind stupidly high amounts of grinding and filler. Marrying a FoMT cutie ending your game is really shitty, too. Plus you can't really capture the serene peace and beauty of Forget-Me-Not Valley with pixels.

>> No.470084228

You're right
She looks CUTER

>> No.470084343

HMDS was the most complete HM for me, lots of content and marriage candidates above all, shame on the bugs but i know they got patched on a 1.1 version.

>> No.470084345
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Quoted By: >>470084514

brehs, I'm feeling that farming game itch.. replay Rune Factory 4 or replay Stardew Valley?

>> No.470084446

>game releases in Japan
>has some bugs
>Japan quickly gets a revised version fixing those bugs
>Natsume in their infinite wisdom decide to use the initial version to translate
>NA version releases with bugs that were fixed in Japan, and it's own exclusive bugs, some game breaking, because of Natsume's incompetence
Really glad they dropped Natsume. Too bad about the brand name thing though.

>> No.470084452

And you should sell yourself to Phillipino drug dealers, yet here you are

>> No.470084514

RF 2

>> No.470084653

I just 100% Light of Hope. 270 hours on a single save game just to get all the crops and cooking down. I have zero interest in this genre anymore. I don't care if it's the real Harvest Moon. I'm done. Fuck this.

>> No.470084737

Gameplay wise it was closer to FoMT than AWL. Basically FoMT but in Forget-me-not, but it didn't translate very well since Forget-me-not wasn't designed for 2D or that style of gameplay. It's always nice to see the peoole of Forget-me-not though. And there's a lot of weird filler and bugs. Like >>470084026 said.

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>Light of Hope

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Quoted By: >>470085745

>Probably no more rival marriages because waifufags will reeeee they could possibly get cucked.

Why don't they just let you play eugenics simulator with the leftovers and decide who marries who? Push Cliff towards dating any other girl that isn't Ann or something. nuFEfags sure loved it.

>> No.470085242
Quoted By: >>470085293

The mobile game? Why?

>> No.470085279

Look how they massacred my waifu

>> No.470085293

It's on Steam for like $5.

>> No.470085345

what's the point of remakes that have decades of graphical improvements, but they decide to piss it all away for a terrible artstyle?

>> No.470085347
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>> No.470085364
Quoted By: >>470085403

>I don't care if it's the real Harvest Moon
Don't worry it's not

>> No.470085403

I meant Mineral Town.

>> No.470085745

Would be nice, but I'm pretty sure Nip waifufags go ballistic nowadays at the thought of a love interest interacting with any male that isn't a self-insert. Dating sims are some kind of sacred territory and HM has always been half dating sim.

>> No.470085910

>that one time when you just wanted to play AWL all weekend, but your mom makes you go to some abstinence church retreat for teens and yanks out the power cord to your PS while you're saving and corrupting your year 4 save file
it still hurts

>> No.470086498

I'm looking forward to my death.

>> No.470086743

I can't remember which company it was, but there was one that died over including used goods in an eroge. Something about snapped discs.

>> No.470086931

That's bullshit. They're not used goods, they're just more experienced and can provide more fun sexytimes than pure maidens.

>> No.470087121

>Pop Funko 3d models
I hate it

>> No.470088346

Why the fuck did you put so much time in a shitty Chinese-knockoff-tier fake game made by Natsume?

>> No.470088484

Kakyuusei 2. Took me forever to figure that out. But it was NTR that angered the Nips which is definitely understandable. NTR has no place anywhere.

>> No.470088661
Quoted By: >>470089335

And now NTR is probably the most popular type of eroge in Japan. How the times change. I wish they would change back.

>> No.470088703

>I have zero interest in this genre anymore. I don't care if it's the real Harvest Moon. I'm done. Fuck this
So you purposely bought Blarvest Bloon and for some reason put 270 hours in it and now blame Harvest Moon for it?

>> No.470088878

>To start, the biggest bomb of the entire game and what makes the game such a huge legendary deal is THE MAIN HEROINE, Saimon Tamaki (or Simon Tamaki). Look at her damned "main heroine" atmosphere look on her design and one can identify that she definitely is the main heroine focus for the game.Oh,that and she's childhoodfriends with Rouma.
>She is a legend because the game starts with her and her childhood+sexfriend Rouma having sex, and then she breaks the news to him that she broke up a while ago with her boyfriend. Apparently she went through alot with him. We are never made clear whether Tamaki had sex with Rouma first or her boyfriend (still need further clarification on their relationship).
>As a main heroine of the standard eroge era, she was a infamous legend for being "netoried" away from her boyfriend by Rouma's enjoyable sexual acts. SHE WAS ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP OMIGOSH WHAT BLASPHEMY IS THIS OF A MAIN HEROINE!?!? Ahem. While having anal sex with Rouma was a first, we are never shown any visible hints that she had Rouma as her first (redundant repetition for effect). Keep in mind, this is one of ELF's earlier works in its growing stage and is the reason why we have such confusion over the purity of heroines (b/c ELF at that point still hadn't gone down the complete NTR/Netori road).
>Normally, main heroines in standard eroges are pure and ready for the protagonist to defile. However, there are times when this tradition is broken; Kakyuusei 2 was one of these times. At this point in time, ELF company was still a developing group... it hadn't yet decided to go 99% down the NTR/NETORI themed road. And thus the reason why Kakyuusei 2 is one of their "prototypes" in a way; quite popular actually, Kakyuusei 2 was.
>On a side note, other heroines like the teacher heroines and musician heroine are only half confirmed to be virgin or non-virgin

>> No.470089083

Love me some cucumber, see me in the barn later so I can harvest some.

>> No.470089314

That was a special case, Kakyuusei 2 took many people by surprise, that's why the backlash was that strong. At least that's what I heard. There has always been plenty of NTR and slutty girl porn in Japan.
Too bad it happened so long ago, it would have been fascinatingly hilarious to watch the entire shitshow happen live.

>> No.470089331

Who is this game even for? "Let's ruin the demake of a great game that also happened to be great so we can bank off the nostalgia of the very few people who will recognize what we're doing right away? It's not like anyone knows we've run the franchise into the ground already!"

>> No.470089335

I don't get either perspective on NTR. Cuck or cucker, either way your wasting your time with a whore.
>there's pasta made specifically for it
Is it obscure or not? Google failed me trying to figure out the snapped disc thing.

>> No.470089414

It's a comment by a sperg on vndb. I cut half of it because it was 4k words long

>> No.470089434

What the fuck did they do to my wife?

>> No.470089435

But aren’t used goods pretty much roast beef city? Also wouldn’t you want to make your own slut-bitch instead of using someone else’s?

>> No.470089640

Me too, i like that cute nerd look

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This thread will probably be dead when I wake up but here you go.

>> No.470089709

How awful

>> No.470089728
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>> No.470089774
Quoted By: >>470089882

I've never played Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, would this remake be a good introduction?

>> No.470089784
File: 120KiB, 716x500, 1562257464798.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

And silhouettes of the new designs for the others so far.

>> No.470089861
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>> No.470089863

Yeah actually. Between this, RF4, and RF5 getting announced I'll probably get a Switch.

>> No.470089880
Quoted By: >>470090150

>Don't mind the girls' redesigns.
>Carter and Jeff are what upset me most.

Guess I'm gay now.

>> No.470089882

Play the older titles if you can. 64 and BTN are your best bets.

>> No.470089928
Quoted By: >>470111502

Next they'll remove her acceptance of weeds.

>> No.470089975
Quoted By: >>470090150

Why does the Japanese keep making tomboy characters more girly in recent years

>> No.470090092

Here's the real question: Will it include the AWL link connecton content?

>> No.470090102
Quoted By: >>470097707

I think it's just genetics. Some girls are just roast beefy. Some madlad should document trying to get an innie to be roast beefy to prove otherwise.

>> No.470090150

Both Carter and Jeff look like teenagers who are always hanging out around a store after school let's out now.
Ann's new design at least indicates she still has some pants but I agree that she still looks a bit too girly.

>> No.470090191

That implies effort unfortunately, so no. Sorry bud.

>> No.470090278

Maybe. Wasn't it just the cabin and Van? It would make sense to keep the cabin and change the unlock requirements, and Van would still work as a special merchant that show up occasionally.

>> No.470090301
Quoted By: >>470090441

>Elli practically unchanged

>> No.470090441

She's gonna have "ayy lmao" face and we both know it. Know that I, too, hurt brother.

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>there will never be a more mature Harvest Moon/Rune Factory with a more contemporary artstyle and darker undertones/side-stories
What I would give for no fuccbois and sexier girls.

>> No.470090673

They realise these aren't real people right?

>> No.470090943
Quoted By: >>470091008

Maybe we're the people that aren't real people

>> No.470090991

Whoa we got a Harvard level genius over here

>> No.470091008
Quoted By: >>470091156

I wish I wasn’t real

>> No.470091051

Don't get between a neet and his png image.

>> No.470091156

You aren't. At least not in the way that you think you are.

>> No.470092157

Mary's change is actually really nice but I'm still apprehensive about Ann. Who's the one all the way to the right?

>> No.470092480
Quoted By: >>470092535

Hope i get to murder that corrupt faggot Thomas again by sicking my dog at the cuck

>> No.470092535

That was in DS, dude.

>> No.470092610

new candidate, 1 for each gender

>> No.470092634
Quoted By: >>470098430

? But HMBtN and 64 had lots of dark undertones and side stories. From lynch mobs to suicides to alcoholism and abuse

>> No.470092831
Quoted By: >>470092914

Harvest Goddess?

>> No.470092914
File: 2MiB, 1366x768, redesigns.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

no, the goddess and Kappa are alr revealed

>> No.470093225
Quoted By: >>470093610

What if they change the story so the childhood friend is the newly added girl?

Maybe they will change the story for the girl version to be similar to boy version as well.

>> No.470093610
Quoted By: >>470094058

That story element wasn't in FoMT, anon.

>> No.470094058
File: 888KiB, 929x614, btn.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.470094132
File: 38KiB, 500x375, 1350116853913.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470094229

>filename says btn

>> No.470094229

because they cut the singing part from BTN

>> No.470096894


>> No.470097058
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Looks like a soulless mobile chink game made with bought assets.

>> No.470097663
Quoted By: >>470105536


It does make sense why they changed it, I never knew BTN/FoMT just reused 64s character designs in different roles

Still don't like them though

>> No.470097707

How can you believe that when a fuckton of porn actresses have innies
>>470090102 is right, it's all genetics

>> No.470097853
Quoted By: >>470098304

I see that Natsume is shitting on the carcass of Harvest Moon, once again,

>> No.470097876

No bodice no buy.

>> No.470098304

It's not Natsume.

>> No.470098430

I want one with a different artstyle, one that compliments those undertones sooner than contrasts. HM's/RF's/SoS's childlike artstyle really don't do the series any justice.

>> No.470098591

They ruined the Harvest Goddess. Please don't tell me they butchered Elli's design too.

>> No.470098816
Quoted By: >>470098883


>> No.470098883


>> No.470099193
File: 133KiB, 500x566, suicidal-pepe-i-cri-evryteim-21997330.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470100228

We won't have a lovely wife like these girls because modern Girls are garbage with no ethic and they hate being feminine

>> No.470099893
Quoted By: >>470100385

Will this game finally end the mess with the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons names?

>> No.470100047


>> No.470100096
Quoted By: >>470100584

This thread made me want to play another HM aside for BtN or FoMT.
Which is the best one between DS, Sunshine Islands, and Hero of Leaf Valley?

>> No.470100228
Quoted By: >>470100448

Even if they were alike what makes you think they’d marry you? desu

>> No.470100385
Quoted By: >>470101642

Pretty sure its still SoS over here when it comes out so no.

>> No.470100420

But will he still be racist?

>> No.470100448

>Even if they were alike what makes you think they’d marry you?
I'd presume that the idea operates under the assumption that either:
>They will strive to improve themselves due to there being higher quality women available
>They would have a better quality upbringing to offset their comparatively shit one
Or some combination thereof, though that's assuming genetic factors aren't largely in play.

>> No.470100584

Leaf valleys probably the most unique of the bunch, DS even the patched one has a very questionable translation, and i cant remember sunshine islands at all.

>> No.470100770

I thought this was meant to be your future wife

>> No.470100826
File: 107KiB, 384x558, stardew-valley-lewd-bachelorettes-portrait.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Whats up with the stardew talk lately?

>> No.470100890
Quoted By: >>470101756

There was a steam sale like, 3 days ago

>> No.470101508

That's why I said they might change the story a bit.

>> No.470101642
Quoted By: >>470101812

Indeed anon. I think Marvellous chose to do this remake just because out of spite to Natsume. It's the most well known Harvest Moon after all. Once the most unwary fans realize Harvest Moon is called Story of Seasons they'll drop Harvest Moon for good.

I hope

>> No.470101756

Oh, ok. Makes sense. Thanks anon.

>> No.470101812

I fgiured Back to Nature, 64 or even the SNES one (I really need to play that) would be more well known.

>> No.470101948

BTN has too many competitor, but FoMT is literally on top 5 games in GBA.

>> No.470102487 [SPOILER]
File: 3MiB, 2230x1600, 1562809017347.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470105776

>the new girl drop hints that she's your childhood friend
>no regular heart event with her, instead you get flashback scene with her, with red heart event shows that you promised to marry her in the future
>From her heart events too, you learned that you actually played with all the other girl in town, though not to the extent with your real childhood friend (that's why everyone claimed that they are the girl from back then)
>rival marriage is still in, but if you don't marry her, she will stay alone.

>> No.470103218
File: 736KiB, 768x672, Harvest Moon-190703-131244.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470103531

The snes one is the definition of comfy, I really recommend you anon!

Pic related me and my bitches

>> No.470103531
Quoted By: >>470104571

I hate that you could have two kids in the first one then that wasn't brought back for a while.

>> No.470103601

Thanks nig.
You need to have sex!

>> No.470104571
File: 785KiB, 768x672, Harvest Moon-190703-124808.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470105314

I never got to play HM64 and BtN because the artstyle compared to the original snes game was off to me and I still have to play SoS.

I loved the first one but the game is way too short for its own good. It was nice seeing your child but suddenly the game ends after that.

The Snes game is the definition of short and sweet. Everything in that game was all around good and I kept wishing it had more things to do.

Star Night Festival had a great music.

>> No.470104790

>we needed a 4th version of this game
Isn't back to nature, friends of mineral town, and boy and girl all the same game?

>> No.470104975
Quoted By: >>470105375

this cant be real, looks like some shitty deviantart thing.
i know most of you retards fap to shadman but if you cant see how this is trash you might actually be retarded for real

>> No.470105314

The first one felt like a demo in a sense. There's a solid game there, but it never reached it's potential which they hit with the 64/BtN/FoMT. Somewhat like a tech demo, or a genre demo.

>> No.470105364

is it coming to pc like the anime story of seasons game?

>> No.470105375

Blame the zoomers


I personally think the new Karen is cute

>> No.470105443

>that doesn't run at 2 fps?
the gamecube version
>went from looking like a slut to looking like a slut

>> No.470105536

>designer for every BokuMono game except ToT and AP
Oh, so that's why those ones were good

>> No.470105574

>Went from semen slurping drunk to a normal human bean

>> No.470105639

I hate remakes like this that change the game from charming pixel art to cheap shitty 3d. For example secret of mana and superstar saga.

>> No.470105703
File: 23KiB, 1181x160, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


heres my stardew valley review

>> No.470105776
Quoted By: >>470107549

>canon girl
Ugh, no thanks

>> No.470105791

New Pops is a qt but I'm not digging the new Karen. Not like I'd ever marry Karen though.

>> No.470105874

But Karen is cute, CUTE ! Or was at least

>> No.470105971

This guy knows what's up

>> No.470106096

most people went for karen because she was the easiest one

>> No.470106535
File: 59KiB, 768x672, Harvest Moon-190703-134922.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470106970


>> No.470106559
Quoted By: >>470108460

"Really, thank you. Lovers should take charge, don't you think?"

>> No.470106636

Maybe more context is needed to translate it better? Motsu without context could mean multiple things.

>> No.470106901

>natsume makes rip offs with a shitty art style
>/v/ puts it on full blast
>original devs make a remake with a shitty art style
>/v/ eats it up

>> No.470106970

>Wake up
>Shove a giant rice ball or dumpling or w/e it was in face and scarf it down in like two bites
>Time to do some farming!

>> No.470106979

natume rip'offs play like shit
almost as bad as stardew valley

>> No.470107130

thanks i hate it

>> No.470107354

At least the game is the same, art style aside. That's the difference

>> No.470107385

Looks like a 3DS game from 2012. Sick of this low poly garbage with shitty lighting

>> No.470107549
Quoted By: >>470107715

Nobody's forcing you to marry the canon girl, Just look at Mist, Mana and Shara.

>> No.470107715
Quoted By: >>470108335

They all fucking sucked, too. A game that takes its romance options seriously shouldn't highlight only one.

>> No.470108335

Childhood friend ain't that much advantage these days.

>> No.470108460
File: 86KiB, 756x574, ?????.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>470108532


>Really, thank you.
>It's great to have a sweetheart, isn't it!

Play more eroge, dekinai-san...

>> No.470108532
Quoted By: >>470109997

He just "localized" it like all shitter companies do

>> No.470109009


>> No.470109178

Hell yeah man.

Start studying now and if you learn a decent amount of vocab/kanji/grammar, you can use the game to continue learning.

>> No.470109405
File: 65KiB, 200x303, ann is a qt.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

no because they screwed my girl ann over and she no longer looks like a tomboy with braided her and overalls instead they replaced her with a souless girly girl design so instead i have bought a copy of the original on ebay which i will be playing instead on my gba

>> No.470109604
File: 257KiB, 397x274, Farm_Field.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

the director doesn't get her character at all and just decided to make her some generic girly girl like there isn't already enough of those in fiction and video game and even in the harvest moon mineral town games.

>> No.470109997
Quoted By: >>470111276

True, pretty sure he's never heard the saying ???????? and just guessed.

Honestly though, they eigo version will probably pull some dumb shit exactly like he posted because translation quality control in general has done a full 180 and sucks ass lately. What fucking happened?

>> No.470111276
Quoted By: >>470112238

>What the fuck happened
>Implying it hasn't always been shit with large liberties taken
If anything it's gotten better over the years. WD flatout rewrote sections and inserted jokes that didn't belong not have any parallel on the original text and people defend it to this day. Thank fuck they died in the 90s

>> No.470111502
Quoted By: >>470111643

no pls no

that's my master plan to marry her

>> No.470111643

>100fp /day

>> No.470112138
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>> No.470112238
File: 973KiB, 784x547, US ver.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

WD had some audacity at least, to put things like pic related in their games.

>> No.470112648

I think I'd have liked a less vibrant-coloured artstyle but I don't think it's that bad. The portraits and characters themselves are good but the town and everything looks more cartoon-y than a regular farm. Kind of like comparing Story of Seasons to Rune Factory colours. I could just be remembering the original FoMT wrong though and it was actually pretty bright.

Can't wait to save and reset until I win the chicken fighting competition in the first year.

>> No.470113937

Will the remake allow me to marry a grill from FOMT without it being a game over while the girl version don't have this issue?
yes I'm still mad after all these years

>> No.470114074
File: 1MiB, 1090x832, bor.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>can't play as dense Harem romcom character
damn it marvelous

>> No.470114247
File: 1MiB, 1749x936, FoMT REMAKE.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ann is the only legit loli left is the height ratio here is any indication.

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