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Definitely movie stuff, i've always love movies since i was a kid

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on the moon pissing and shidding

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six feet under

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I'd probably be into some other nerd hobby like tabletop games or anime.

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Playing and creating traditional games instead, probably card games. I've always made my own knock-off Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh card games mix as a kid.

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This honestly

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Watching anime

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/thread forever

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>If videogames never existed where would you be now?

Man I was playing video games since I can think, can't imagine what could've happened without them.

I remember playing on my brothers NES when I was around 3 or 4 probably even earlier.

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Or killing women as a good sociopath.

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Absolutely unironically this

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Either /pol/ or /ck/ or /a/
I only browse /pol/ for the humor threads

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Watching movies and reading books, like I do right now since videogames right now in my life are kinda far fetched

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shot by armed response police force for killing and raping 5 girls under the age of 7

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I wouldn't be a virgin

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If you say so...

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Being a productive member of society by doing porn and selling drugs.

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>grew up completely alone
>only had vidya as hobby
yea I woulda jumped a rooftop

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/tg/ or maybe /ck/ if I chose differently earlier in life.

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I would have invented them

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we would probably be on Mars by now if videogames were never intended. it had a similar impact to society as did christianity during the middle ages

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getting drunk while watching sports

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Not him but I didn’t lose my virginity until I took a 6 month break from wow back in cata. There’s always hope

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Yeah imagine being 28 and still a virgin with no other hobby other than vidya haha

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same, i was like 2 when I got my uncles hand me down NES
I'd probably just be super into some other nerd shit, maybe comic books
so if allll the hours over the years spent on vidya were to have been spent doing something else I think I probably would have watched more tv and movies, maybe got into comic books and anime even more
hard to say how my life would be different

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i'd have lost my virginity (maybe)

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dead hopefully

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I-i don't remember making this post

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My main hobby is reading so I'd be on /lit/, still wasting my life.

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Who gives a fuck about fucking and virginity nowadays? faggot

if you do then just shoot yourself

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Best case scenario I'd be in school to become a veterinarian or something similar, but wouldn't have any interest in art or computers, probably would have never come to 4chan since I originally came here to talk about Pokemon, would either have worse or lessened insecurity and anxiety problems, may or may not still act like a teh pengwin of d00m spaz.
Worst case scenario I'd have killed myself by high school.
I'll take the current timeline to be honest.

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It's really not that hard to find other hobbies anon

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I'd probably be playing card games and drawing anime tiddies on the internet.
I'd agree with all the posts saying "Dead" and all that but realistically I'd have probably found a different hobby at some point.

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Like what

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/v/ has the most virgins on it of any board. Prove me wrong

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/jp/, /mlp/, /vp/ and /a/ all exist.

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/a/ /pol/ and /r9k/ definitely has more

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Either dead or more focused on anything else that is pop culture

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Chess, Go

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Dead or in jail, probably. Games did a good job of keeping me stable through my rough childhood.

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/v/ is mostly normalfags and /r9k/ is aids central these days but you can always not count prisongay as losing your v card.
I'd say the animu boards must have the most virgins

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I collect playing cards, practice magic tricks, read books and play chess

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having sex

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Dunno but definitely worse off.
The two reasons are that without vidia I wouldn't have learned English up to a level where I can easily consume english media and literature, which with the internet broadens your horizon to an incredible degree.
The second one is that without vidia I wouldn't have been bullied in middle school and would probably have gone to my local high school which is shit instead of moving and going to a better one which snowballed into a cramschool and a business degree, so I have no regrets really.

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Why woul anyone ever do that

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I always thought this guy was one of our spirits from before our time

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>He never married. Today, the gardens are a tourist attraction operated by his niece and her family.

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I get why this is such a good bait to post, because so many people think life is all about getting sex instead of what it really is. That means you get both sides to react no matter what, and that really is genius.

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I would be dead, video games are the only reason why I'm still alive

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