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>No women
It's looking real fucking good

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Quoted By: >>460551397

All the girls are working on Halo Infinite.

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Even the black guy looks based.

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>no women

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Thank the lord

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>Balding manchildren full of soi
Yeah sounds about right for Halo

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i dont get it

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dilate, have sex and stop taking estrogen

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Oh, as a reference, this is the progression blog


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shes a fat whore

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>no w*men
I just pre-ordered lads

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>that old black guy

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Sweetie... please, for the love of god, have sex. You'll be a completely new person when you finally do.

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>RvB on in the background
We're in good hands

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they're not gonna survive

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it's literally just a normal looking woman

i don't usually buy into the incel meme but if a picture of a woman sets you off this badly you have some serious issues m8

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Take all of my money

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Nice all look like actual wizard nerds besides 1 or maybe 2. Very promising.

Not that I give a shit about Halo in 2019, but im always glad to see games come to PC.

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what about him?

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>dilate, have sex
playing both sides... clever

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>Delays the beta
>"Mildly optimistic"

Friendly reminder that 343 Industries is playing you for fools.

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These dudes look like they actually love Halo

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With that many sage bald guys and no blatent virtue signaling, its gotta be gud.
Op isnt gay for once.

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Infinite is mostly made by men headed by a man. Microsoft is starting to realize diversity and inclusion is shit, that didn't take long.

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Quoted By: >>460551941

We've been through this, Sony tranny, 343 don't hire trannies, how posting Sony's faggot devs along with Bungie's non-binary hires.

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That bald guy in the middle looks too intimidating, he looks like a guy who prowls gay bars looking for dudes to fight and eventually lock in his basement dungeon

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>all men (its a male dominated genre)
>some look based, some look soiboyish, others look like dudebros
>has a token older black dude
Looks like we might be getting a fucking fantastic port bros.

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> MRW companies flail their "diversity" in order to try to get attention.
Why do places do this shit.
> Build worlds like halo
Halo 4 onwards was an abortion. Reach is debatable, depending if you like the spartans becoming the power rangers. .. Like seriously why do they all have different color armor and shit, doesn't the military have fucking uniforms and standardizations for the reasons of not looking like a spark filled power ranger boi?

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>Not a single roastie
How in the goddamn fuck in current year?

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Go and pop your xenoestrogen, Xxir.

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Reach was garbage, Halo 4 at least had a decent campaign, Reach didn't even have that, glad Marcus Lehto indie shit failed, piece of shit. Also Microsoft doesn't care about diversity it's something they say to shut trannies up, if you look into their complaints nothing really changed showing that Microsoft doesn't give a fuck, they don't even censor Japanese games, that's how much they don't care.

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>This stuff is your history. Should remind you grunts what we're fighting to protect.
In b4 "Ask them real nicely next time Mendoza, I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige."

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Go and bring that 40% number up along with the American hate level for you trannies past 80% defend your faggot company and faggot studio well past their expiration date on resetera if the place didn't implode so much your worthless mentally ill ass got banned from it.

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Based. Healthy group of good looking young men. I'm preordering

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Only thing I liked about 4 was how they pushed the 360s graphics to the extreme. Also I liked the assualt rifle noise. In halo 3 the assualt rifle sounded weak. CE it sounded beefy.

I hated 4's campaign. The enemies werent all that exciting, just really wasnt into it at all. Visually pleasing, but the plot just sucked.

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>working IT team
not enough pajeets wasting time and flicking jobs off to more competent members of the team

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I felt the Prometheans were shit and the plot fell apart for me when the Didact and Librarian appeared, they did a poor job explaining the Didact and the Librarian cutscene was ass.

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If you need any more proof theres a tranny discord stalking /v/ here it is.

Past few weeks this "have sex" shit meme( on a fucking board where people celebrate becoming a wizard at 30 of all fucking places) is obviously the work of them.

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Unfunny forced memes have been a thing for years, it's hardly anything new.

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Imagine being a 343 Industries shill in the current year. I'd rather be making excuses for Squeenix.

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Shut the fuck up tranny

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I unironically want all of these chads as NPC marines in Halo Infinite.

And we have our Johnson replacement right here.

>> No.460552662

20 years ago this was every dev team.

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You guys are letting your guard down

Sure there's no women but how many of these guys are self hating white soi boys?

>> No.460552980

with a port you dont have to higher "creatives" to do the art and story, which is where the deranged trannies come from

its only straight coding and optimization work, so theres only room for people that actually know what they are doing and have real skills

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Imagine being a Sony tranny from a faggot ass discord server shitting up Halo and Metroid threads because they're a part of Microsoft and Nintendo.

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>Muh boogeyman

Gotta love you Xtard leeches screeching because not everyone eats up Bonnie Ross' foot fungus like you do.

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>literally a transgender is in the thread
Man, I can't wait until either E3 or next year when I find out you committed suicide, you seem like you're on the verge to doing it anyway.

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No women and one negro who looks like he actually earned his job

>> No.460553364

Gotta wonder why Xcucks are even in a PC thread anyway. They should be on Reddit jerking off over Klobrille's latest bullshit cocktease.

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>transgender is now samefagging
You really need to commit suicide, I'm more hopeful someone kills you on the street since transgender murder rates are pretty high now.

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they even have a cartel member, holy shit based! how many do you think he killed /v/ros? that tear under his eye means at least one

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I wasn't.

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Which is ironic because trannies are the ultimate virgins

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Why was this taken out? The Red plasma rifles from halo 2 were awesome.

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I-i can't wait much longer bros

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literally read that original instagram post, she's a delusional thot that self aggrandizes

>> No.460554338

Its still not out yet, I want it now!

>> No.460554340

it also looks fucking small if image related is all

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fucking hypocritical bitch

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Where's all the cat ladies, soibois and blue haired 300 lb land whales?


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Get up fren, the wait is almost over, we'll finally get to play Halo as it was meant to be

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Lose weight

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Playing the 4 best Halo games on 1080 60fps with M&K and talking bullshit with teammates and friends will be better than sex with a random whore

>> No.460554852

Looks like we are back in the 00's.

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do these niggas seriously have red vs blue episode 1 on the right most monitor?
what levels of based are we even reaching???

>> No.460555037

because it was a last minute addition to give the brutes a smaller weapon for Halo 2 on top of the burte shot, in 3 they had time to actually give them a totally unique weapon (the spiker)

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They brought them back for ODST.

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>tfw no missus chief

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Good ole days with hate mail

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have sex incel :)

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It's not 343i, you stupid nigger. That's Splash Damage, the dev studio working on the PC port. 343i is busy making Halo Infinite, which is certain to suck cock.

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Having sex doesn't change much of anything and anyone who seriously thinks this is an actual virgin. It is a virgin attitude to actually believe sex completely changes you.

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I'm sad that no women on this team is actually making me hopeful
I dont give a fuck about /pol/itics but the ratios for shit games with prominent female/soibois has been through the fucking roof this decade

maybe we can also have AAA publishers either die off or back away and vidya can get back on track to not being garbage

>> No.460557478

no :^)

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This would get me banned nowdays

>> No.460557695

>Splash Damage

Dirty Bomb ran like ass, Brink ran like ass, Quake Wars multiplayer was capped at 30 FPS, fuck these jabronis

>> No.460557704


That's clearly a Aryan Brotherhood member

>> No.460557953

hey alright nice 200 word essay amigo

>> No.460557980

splash damage has done nothing but let me down

>> No.460558038

Black dude looks like a bro

>> No.460558098 [DELETED]

Thread full of fuming incels, amusing.

>> No.460558506

Got to have a janitor

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>> No.460558523

>Dirty Bomb
don't FUCKING remind me. So much potential and this shit stayed in "Beta" for fucking years, then died the second it wasn't.

>> No.460558615

To be fair, it's been a thing for years on /asp/ and that place is tranny free.

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Quoted By: >>460560342

dilating is not sex.

>> No.460560342

Well I guess you arent having any now then.

>> No.460560415

>no onions grins either

>> No.460560485

hold hands darling, there's more to life than sex

>> No.460560545

>Wolfenstein ET
>Gears of War 4

They have some great games and ports under their belt too. Seems to depend if they're doing a rush job or not.

>> No.460560769

And now you've drawn attention to it, so get ready to kiss it goodbye.

>> No.460561002

>tfw you look at these people and know they weren't hired because of quotas

>> No.460561047

>giving them (You)s instead of reporting and ignoring
You are part of the problem. These fags feed on attention, which you give them every time.

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hab segs :DDD

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I only count 4 glasses though and 2 fat guys
hope diminishing

>> No.460561492

Don't have sex the white race has run its course

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Fuck off trannies

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it makes sense in that regard, but it's still a nice little sub-weapon to pack in, and all you have to do is change the primary color, up the fire-rate (and damage a bit) with all the overheating goodness it brings. The more, the merrier

>> No.460563485

The problem is there are laws that force companies to hire women now, many women just do these jobs purely for the money and guaranteed placements and have zero interest in the games.

So 9/10 if you see no women you know the people there just love making games and you're going to get something great.

You won't see any back to front guns here.

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>The problem is there are laws that force companies to hire women now, many women just do these jobs purely for the money and guaranteed placements and have zero interest in the games.
Which was why games like Mortal Kombat, Battlefield V, and a few other games go down the fucking toilet this decade

>> No.460565063

>brute plasma rifle
i forgot how unwieldy plasma rifles look in the hands of a normal man.

>> No.460565407

>porting job which will basically be purely coding based
>not a single woman
like pottery

>> No.460566289

will all of it be 64 bit? I want to see halo get the modding co op massacre it deserves

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bros.... we're going home

>> No.460567608

I remember a chad post about not minding what women do and that their choices are their own, but also reminding them that no man has any obligation to stick around after they've decided they're done with the cock carousel

>> No.460567945

> she's a delusional thot that self aggrandizes
Yeah, a normal woman.

>> No.460568268

Funny to see bungie go full circle and die at the hands of a retarded publisher.
Destiny was crap
My nigger
Some of the guys who worked on eldawrito/halo online are helping them too.

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>> No.460568497


>> No.460568652

>Being optimistic when 343 is involved

You DO remember that MCC's multiplayer was legitimately broken on launch, right?

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>expecting a man to settle down and raise children with the town cum dump and her rotting ovaries

>> No.460568809

they got bill cosby

>> No.460568892
Quoted By: >>460572475

>why do they look different

Because when you have more than one character it's kind of important to, you know, be able to tell them apart.

>> No.460569039

I'd fuck 1/2 of them, 2/3 on a bad day

>> No.460569309

cant inject your politics into ports if old games, so you're going to see very little women or soys associated with this

>> No.460569601


>> No.460569853

They all look like people who actually get shit done.

>> No.460570013

S o y c u c k

>> No.460570084


>> No.460570097
Quoted By: >>460570278

IDK, I see someone I suspect of being a jew. It only takes a few jews to ruin a whole country. It might only take one jew to ruin a game.

>> No.460570121


>> No.460570192


>> No.460570261

>only 3 gay dudes and no women
it might be decent

>> No.460570278

Microsoft is run by pajeets not jews

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Quoted By: >>460570915

we're going home bros

>> No.460570857
Quoted By: >>460574131

"Reach was garbage" not compared to 4 and 5

>> No.460570915

Not home, someplace better

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Quoted By: >>460577958


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>Play Team SWAT
>only use Magnum

>> No.460571458
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>magical negro ready to give you uplifting life advice when you're feeling down
top tier team

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Quoted By: >>460572042

It's not just no women, it's no open-mouth shots.

>> No.460572040

>laws that force diversity hires and not just ensuring people get payed the same regardless of race/gender/age/height/eye colour

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>people taking a photo for work
>people taking a photo for a degenerate onions orgy

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Quoted By: >>460572635

Can’t get mad at women for being women anon. The mistake is taking them seriously and giving them power and influence.

>> No.460572475
Quoted By: >>460577389

I guess all the war movies have no way of telling characters apart because they wear the same uniform colors, oh wait they do by having them with various personalities and personal changes that don't deviate from the norm too far

>> No.460572635

this. we're the ones that permitted them to act like whores and gave them rights.

>> No.460572667

Why in the fuck would anyone, regardless of gender, ever fuck 25 (minnimum) different people? Wit HiV and AIDS becoming more common, you are pretty much just asking to get infected at that point. Besides, what would you actually gain from fucking 25 different people instead of fucking one person 25 times?

>> No.460572802
Quoted By: >>460573452

It's more exciting with a new person

>> No.460573019

>no womyn
>no gay shit
>no soi
>no inclusive trash
>just one nigga who looks old enough to know shit in gamedev
Based Splash Damage. I'm already throwing $ at screen.

>> No.460573452

>It's more exciting with a new person
That just sounds like a MASSIVE cop-out, why would it be more exciting with someone you have not fucked before? It's going to be the exact same as before, with the exception of the person either being better at sex or worse.

>> No.460573586

>incel tries to understand normal people

>> No.460573721

>Tranny keeps attempting to use incel as a derogatory term

>> No.460573731
Quoted By: >>460574440

Humans like new things and novel experiences. Do you play the same one game forever? No, you want new experiences so you play different games.

>> No.460573818
Quoted By: >>460574313

Halo 4 would have been passable if Didact and The Infinity weren't introduced and the entire story revolved around finding a way off the planet. Maybe with a villainous AI or monitor. That's the one thing that made me respect Gears 4, they knew to start off a new trilogy with a small story instead of 343 who started shit off with a bunch of grandiose shit that you need to read books to even understand.

>> No.460573943

Im not so sure. there is a serious lack of testosterone in that room.

>> No.460574018
Quoted By: >>460574278

find me a SINGLE dev team that has none of which you listed

>> No.460574037

Gears 4s port was amazing though. Probably one of the best settings menus in a modern PC port in a long time. Just being able to run the benchmark while fiddling around with the settings made it so much easier finding good settings.

>> No.460574131

It was garbage compared to them, Reach feels like it doesn't belong in the series and is the slowest Halo game in the series.

>> No.460574278
Quoted By: >>460574535

Hideo Kojima. the only non onions boy

>> No.460574313

To me, they should have done a better job explaining him and his motives, the Infinity should have come near the end of the game, and the game should have taken place entirely on Requium like CE did on Alpha Halo.

>> No.460574320
Quoted By: >>460574641

high testosterone causes balding

>> No.460574440
Quoted By: >>460575146

>Humans like new things and novel experiences.
Yeah, good point
>Do you play the same one game forever? No, you want new experiences so you play different games.
And you lost me, me quiting CSGO after having played it for 2 years now and jumping over to BF5/one/4/whateverthefuck does not carry the risk of me becoming permanently diseased with a very real chance that I will either get killed by it or lose like 5% of my income permanently, while also having to live with the fact that I might pass that shit onto someone else. Besides, I like the games I'm currently playing.

Also, you don't actually have to fuck someone to get to know them or ''experience'' them, you can just, I don't know, talk to them? The only thing you would gain from fucking them would be the knowlage of ''he/she is good/bad in bed'' unless you are actually romantically intrested in them.

>incel tries to understand normal people
If being normal means that I have to fuck everything that is within my age group and can put two words together into a sentence, then I don't want to be normal.

>> No.460574535


>> No.460574641

>high testosterone causes balding
The opposite is also true, what causes it is a mix of genetics and hormonal imbalances

>> No.460574859
Quoted By: >>460575746

High test causes balding, beards and closes the growth plates sooner.
3/4 of those traits are signs of high testosterone
Why are people so retarded

>> No.460574921 [DELETED]

have sex

>> No.460574967

>watching redvsblue

>> No.460575146
Quoted By: >>460575958

Why are you so afraid of sex? Condoms are a thing

>> No.460575231

Was this posted on social media?
I wonder what the reactions were like.

>> No.460575306

>why would it be more exciting with someone you have not fucked before?
try it and you will find out

>> No.460575480
Quoted By: >>460575586

easier said than done

>> No.460575504

Different units can have different colors, and the different spartan gear (per the flavor text) has explicitly different purposes.

At the cost of a spartan suit normal infantry comparisons dont work; even a Spartan 3 is going to cost on the order of IRL Jet Fighters. Historically, planes often had non-standard liveries to distinguish them, raise moral, etc.

In America, hell writing on your gear was relatively common until post-Vietnam. Ww2 and ww1 produced pretty famous trench art as well

Fuck even in Star Wars the clones used color and misc. gear to differentiate themselves. Personalizing gear (at least to some degree) has pretty much always been a thing, and remains a thing in many armed forces. Even spec ops gets a lot of leeway with grooming and clothes, with some guys getting non standard boots and even sneakers and stuff. Since Spartans dont fit super neatly into the hierarchy and iirc were an ONI asset, standard metrics probably dont apply at all.

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Automatic trash.

>> No.460575586

of course, but before you do you won't understand

>> No.460575589

Have sex incel

>> No.460575613


>> No.460575641
Quoted By: >>460576361


>> No.460575680

are they watching RvB?

>> No.460575746

Balding isn't caused by high testosterone, just a reaction to it. Source: am bald.

>> No.460575757
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Quoted By: >>460575932

This angers the burgerclap.

>> No.460575827

>That just sounds like a MASSIVE cop-out
That's all there ever will be. Women like that thot are broken people who have their reptile-brained "get big juicy cocks" drive permanently stuck at full power, and they can't even recognize it.

>> No.460575932

what's happening here anyway

>> No.460575958
Quoted By: >>460576167

>Why are you so afraid of sex? Condoms are a thing
I'm not, I think it is massively overrated and is a meaningless way to pass the time. I mostly do it to show my partner that I care about them and to spend a tender moment with them.
Sex with randoms is sort of like smoking a cig to fell better and then just ignore the cancer it's giving you. Sure, in the moment it is/can be perfectly harmless if you do it sparingly. But the more you do it, the higher the risks are and the weaker the buzz will become. The main difference between smoking a cig and fucking someone is that if you stick to 1 person to have sex with, you DRASTICALLY reduce all of the risks since you will hopefully know the person well enough to be able to figure things out if something actually does happened and hopefully they will follow the same princaple which means that it becomes 100% safe.

Besides, fucking someone you love>>>>>>>>fucking some rando you meet on tinder.

>> No.460575994

>3 lardasses walking towards a garbage container that says "Progressive"
The embodiment of America.

>> No.460576028

>when the first post is also by far the best post
Guess they realized they can't rely on their diversity hires for big projects.

>> No.460576036

I did before I got my current GF, highly overrated.

>> No.460576126

Reminder „diverse teams“ is the #1 reason why modern games are buggy, uninspired, boring and half finished pics of shit

>> No.460576167

>having someone who loves you
Pssshtttt check out this guy

>> No.460576197
File: 133KiB, 432x412, noice.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>460577432

>tucked in shirts
>shirt tucked into blue camo
Oh hell yeah, this shit is going to be good.

>> No.460576246
Quoted By: >>460576831

>Decent campaign
I will never not disagree with that. I went back and play it last summer just to see if it was still shit, and it was still shit.

>> No.460576317

Used books can be pulped into an edible source of healthy fiber for people who can only afford junk food and other cheap but nutritionally empty foods.

>> No.460576354

Have sex

>> No.460576361
Quoted By: >>460577040

>self-hating slav

>> No.460576469

>relationship with God
Did God tell her to dress like a whore?

>> No.460576730

Psalm 13:37
"Just bee yourself."

>> No.460576815


>> No.460576831

To each their own I guess.

>> No.460577040


>> No.460577165

>had to bring in the black janitor because people would cry about diversity otherwise

>> No.460577171
Quoted By: >>460577286

i've seen her getting fucked by a spic on pornhub lol

>> No.460577206
Quoted By: >>460577516

You don't stay in your underwear when you are at home?

>> No.460577286
Quoted By: >>460577572


>> No.460577362

Can't believe he got out of Ravenholm

>> No.460577389

And, y'know, visible faces

>> No.460577408


>> No.460577432

based as hell

>> No.460577516
Quoted By: >>460577603

do you take pictures of yourself in your underwear and post them online

>> No.460577572

it appears to have been taken down, sorry anon. i'm not bullshitting though

>> No.460577603
File: 327KiB, 859x960, 1540552205412.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>460577706

Yes, here's one.

>> No.460577706
Quoted By: >>460577773

jeans arent underwear
and that's a very heavily photoshopped picture of a guy who isnt you

>> No.460577773

Based gigachad.

>> No.460577802

>This many people ITT excited to play babby's first FPS again
This board is dead

>> No.460577815


>> No.460577819

black guy better not be a janny

>> No.460577958

literally play eldewrito

>> No.460578031
Quoted By: >>460578114

Good for her if she's not lying. I respect anyone who hits the gym more than anyone who doesn't. Which makes her better than all of you and almost as good as me.

>> No.460578065

Have you seen H2A? Every women looks flat and ugleeh including Miranda

>> No.460578114
Quoted By: >>460578384

I'm better than you, though.

>> No.460578156
Quoted By: >>460578270

Just face it anon, you can't escape politics and no matter how loud you scream in your autistic fashion wont make it right, fag.

>> No.460578241

Dirty Bomb ran fast on my machine, what bugs were poor people complaining about? I played the game with 2 Titan X's if it matters.

>> No.460578260

Diversity team has been relegated towards the TV show.

>> No.460578270

We can, we just have to wipe out America.

>> No.460578384
Quoted By: >>460579136

Possibly, if you have a better body. And fatty powerlifter is a shit body.

>> No.460578821
Quoted By: >>460579287

Who the heck doesn't do a job for money? Do you even Capitalism bro?

>> No.460579002

>It's looking good because no women
As a programmer I can assure you this is 100% true, women ruin every single dev group were you let them enter unless is one of those very rare exceptions of skilled female devs, who ironically hate working with other women as even they recognize unskilled retard females as bad elements that can tear a group apart

>> No.460579136

No, he is better than you. So am I.

>> No.460579287
Quoted By: >>460579441

Are you defending why this decade's games were utter shit?

>> No.460579370
File: 1000KiB, 500x271, 1555524281628.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I feel so safe knowing that coach is working on it. Always can trust that guy. Just don't get behind him on the stairs

>> No.460579441

Not really, I'm just pointing out how stupid your comment is.

>> No.460579453
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Quoted By: >>460580686


Unironically women ruined it and many other games/movies/shows that they dont understand so they change it and destroy it.

>> No.460579858
File: 95KiB, 1280x720, halo 5 brute plasma rifle.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Halo 5 has it. Pic related.

Man the spiker was such a shit weapon. I played through Halo 3 legendary recently and the spiker was just fucking useless. I would try and use it when all ammo for better guns had been exhausted, and it really was a fucking terrible gun.

>saying you dislike xbox in a thread about an xbox game
That's peculiar.

You can already play all of them on Xbox. An Xbox One S is only $206.60 on Amazon US.

Alternatively, you could just get a second-hand Xbox 360 for very cheap, and you can play all of the MCC games on that.

Alternatively, if you just want to play on PC, you can already play Combat Evolved, and you can play 2, and you can play ElDewrito if you want to play 3 (I believe there's an ElDewrito mod for Halo 3's campaign, I don't know how well it works though). Also there's Xenia, the Xbox 360 emulator, and most of the Halo games are actually pretty playable now. They're not perfect, but sort of playable. Sort of. At least from the videos I've seen; I haven't tried playing it myself.

Anyway, best option is probably just playing on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

>> No.460579967

They still wont get shit done in time because devs always wait until the last fucking second to do shit and dont communicate very well

>> No.460580686
File: 188KiB, 1000x730, american psycho and the hurt locker.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I think the problem is SJWs, not women. Male SJWs will ruin something just as much as female SJWs will. Picture related - both these movies were good and they were both directed by women. It's very rare to find good movies directed by women, I'll admit. Probably because there aren't many female directors. But both of the movies in pic related are very good.

>> No.460580873
File: 918KiB, 2631x1094, .jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm going to Halo outpost. Should I make them sign an elite body pillowcase?

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