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It's really fucking good. How did they do it bros?

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By having 800 people working on it and an in-house engine

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Where are you getting this info about 800 devs behind it?

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Back at november, there were a lot of journos reporting that 800 people were involved. Even if it's not accurate, it's a great number for exaggeration purposes

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Only the RPD is good, the rest is uninspired trash.

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The gore and cursing were way too over the top but I still enjoyed it. I know they were trying to market to westerners but I think they went way too far some times.

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This unironically

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a little known ingredient known as SOUL

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RPD? Rag physics doll?

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The RPD is essentially its own damn-near perfect game itself. The rest of the game is very good, with a couple of draggy spots, but it definitely pales in comparison to the pre-sewers area. I haven't had this much fun in a game for a very long time.

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Umm no sweety.

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The RPD.

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I think the in-combat dialogue added a nice flair of personality to the characters. More games should do this. I'm tired of playing as generic silent dude #42.

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sewers are best upon replays

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Just bought the classic music and it's far better I wish you didn't have to pay for it, it should've been an unlockable

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They should have put in more effort regarding the second run or actually made two different campaigns with Claire and Leon interacting more often.
Otherwise a good game indeed.

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I want them to talk but the constant cursing is just an ugly crutch that detracted from the experience.

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>It's really fucking good

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>>It's really fucking good

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>>>It's really fucking good

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It’s cause it takes place in best timeline, where Leon Fucks Claire.

R-right guys

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>>>>It's really fucking good

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>>>>>It's really fucking good

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Because of Claire.

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>>>>>>It's really fucking good

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2 words : Claire redfeild

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>>>>>>>It's really fucking good

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There's something really good about this game, I cant quite put my finger in it

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>Shoot in leg twice
>Run by, never see zombie again


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>>>>>>>>It's really fucking good

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We're talking about the remake, not the original.

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>one year later
>same exact webms

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>another boring ots action snorefest
No thanks

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It has a very cute, sweet and caring girl in it.

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it's only been a couple months
to the day i think

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>>>>>>>>>It's really fucking good

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it's really fucking good

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I never played the original, but this is kind of true. I wouldn't call sewers or the lab trash but they certainly weren't as good as the RPD, although that might be the metroid fan in me speaking. Were the originals like this too?

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>>one year later
Are you retarget?

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>Were the originals like this too?
Only RE2 really. After the RPD it's a pretty linear ride until you get to the lab, which is a puzzle box like the police station. REmake 2 really dropped the ball with the lab though, which is really sad.

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>>>>>>>>>>It's really fucking good

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Not running past when he gets the three second-long stagger from the first headshot is his own fault.

That dog was clearly outside the (WIDE AS FUCK) reticule when he fired.

PC on low settings? Or maybe console? The PC version has a toggle for screen space reflections.

The way the AI patterns and hounds you between different rooms while only being bound to one and doesn't reset placement is a legitimate problem. I had to waste a grenade or explosive round on several occasions just to keep multiple zombies from blocking a doorway.

It's still really fucking good

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Claire cares

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>>>>>>>>>>>It's really fucking good

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I seriously don't remember much of the lab in the original outside of what was replicated in the remake and the weird dodgeball sound effect on the catwalks. And the sentient plant tentacle monsters of course.

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it's really fucking good

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Yes, but the sewers was just a really short ride and the lab was some industrial place, the remake sewers is an actual shitty level and the remake lab is like an office with a greenhouse and sci-fi sterile look, it's really boring.

There's also something really retarded in the remake, the sewers of the original exists solely to explain how the main characters go from downtown of Raccoon city to the Northwest outskirts of Raccoon, the industrial area of Raccoon, the writer of RE2 put it there specifically to explain the logistics of how Umbrella operated their secret lab, it exists purely for lore purposes, in the remake the sewers is a huge level and the lab is in the sewers itself right under Raccoon's downtown area. In RE3, Jill is looking for this lab, it's literally the only reason she still in the city and then she goes to the Northern part of Raccoon to try to find the secret lab thought the events of RE3.

They apparently planned to follow the original writer's idea and put the facility in the outskirts and even in adding some sort of Umbrella skytram somewhere in the city, but they probably ran out of budget, scrapped everything and put the lab right inside the sewers because it's cheaper to just make a bunch of sci-fi corridors inside the sewers than having to model more parts of the city and the entire exterior of a new facility.

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Yes and all the yearly COD games that get a high score are really fucking good too. Are you a retard?

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Have you unlocked everything yet?

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She looks mentally ill

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Yea but she's claire

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I doubt it was budget and more of a pacing/faithfulness to the setting of the original issue. In the roundtable discussion they talk about how they actually implemented pretty much every idea they had to a certain extent, including a part that entailed the player driving a car through Raccoon City (maybe traveling to or from the sky tram), but it raised too many questions like "after being knee deep in all this shit and getting in a car, why don't they just leave" and feeling out-of-place from everything else. So maybe it's not that they didn't implement it at all but that they implemented a skeleton of it in too specific and involved of a manner to just restructure it, so they had to scrap it.

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Fuck off

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This city deserves a better class of cop

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This must be a new breed of Tyrants

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No. It was rushed out piece of shit, appealing to morons who never liked RE in the first place.

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That just shows how low your standards have dropped thanks to the average modern shit. Pretty sad.

I did not pay a single cent for it. Nor the game.
Thank god.

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nah it's full of soul

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They knew what the game needed

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>re1 remake
lmao who cares
>re2 remake
goty capcom is back
>re3 remake
lmao who cares
>re4 remake
goty capcom is back

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>re4 remake

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wanna know the most annoying sound in the world?

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I dont know why but the game come off as lazy.
the first half of the game feels genuine but then nothing

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rpd > lab > sewers (where it belongs)

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Original game was the same way. Police station is 10/10 and everything else is an afterthought.

I was hoping the remake would have fixed it but its basically the same.

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>when Leon walks in

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It's the sewers. They're supposed to be shit.

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this would be awesome if he gets to use rebellion.

or fuck, make akuma a dlc character

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its really not and barely surpassing f2p games like dead frontier 2

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RE3 Remake
>glory to the resident evil name restored
RE4 Remake
>series is ruined

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But then you guys have the audacity to complain that it wasn’t faithful to the original.

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I want changes personally. A 1:1 remake is boring.

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are you retarded or just pretending?

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If you can't admit re4 ruined the series, you might be the retard

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Remake CV because it continues Claire's story, has a bunch of half-baked action-y ideas, and used in-engine environments anyway. RE3 is fine as it is, would feel too lazy for reusing the same setting/assets/basic premise as RE2, and not gel with the playerbase established by the remake for using an MC that doesn't exist and was hardly (if at all) even alluded to in the RE2 Remake at all.

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>really fucking good
>only remade half the game
>butchered the entire intro section
>subdued ambient sounds and no music leads to boring, empty atmosphere
>"muh realism" excuse for cringe-worthy dialogue and generic visuals
>Claire looks like a inbred slavic prostitute
>adaptive difficulty
>hundreds of people with a huge budget in their hands manage to make a game that's less well rounded and complete with a less cohesive story than the 21-year-old game it's based on
Yeah, how did they do it?

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How I work for Capcom and start shilling a bad RE like this one? Seriously, maybe if I join then I can fix something about their recent lost sight with the franchise and bring back the survival horror like they are promising since RE6 and never delivered. The sad part is that I'm Brazilian and we only make indie/mobile trash

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oh, I never noticed they fucking shrinked her boobs, wtf Capcom.

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Who hurt you?

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Quoted By: >>459495992

>misses by a fucking mile
>gets mauled to death by zombie dog
Literally what is this supposed to prove?

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Pretty amusing watching the poster counter stay the same every time a new shitpost about the game sucking crops up. Get a life dude.

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no it didn't. It was all the others trying to derive from it that ruined it. Zero ruined the series as 4 was what came after it because Zero was so atrocious and Capcom felt they had to do something to get the fans back.

>> No.459476992

Unironically forgot it existed 2 weeks after playing. Gunplay is boring and the gun sounds are goddamn awful. Only the RPD is fun to play. Was hyped for Ghost Survivors but that just turned out to be a 4th survivor clone which I didn't like in the first place since it doesn't add any replay value unless you're some speedrunning autist.

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if you are an avatarfag you might be a retard

>> No.459477096

The police station or main level / starting area for Leon post the intro to the game.

>> No.459477158

When you realize just how much b-roll dialogue it would take to make you feel like new dialogue comes up for every fight and continue.

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>Leon saves the RE franchise
what a surprise

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Got a pirated copy on PC and so far with shit maxed mirrors are still black - could be cause it's not updated though.

>> No.459477464

Nah, only the interrogation room has a functioning mirror. RE fanboys keep claiming the game has working mirrors and then post the interrogation room, but it's just for that room, every other mirror is black.

>> No.459477585

Umbrella Chronicles

>> No.459477646

What you think of the game though?

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Quoted By: >>459477914

I don't what to tell you man. If you want to hate on the game for ludicrous reasons then go right ahead.

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Claire is a wonderful person

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She is the love of my life.

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Literally answering my question and making factual comment.

If that's hate the world might hurt you bud.

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>Even if it's not accurate, it's a great number for exaggeration purposes

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This game is fuxking amazing and I love it. I wish they didnt capitulate to fan demands though with the a/b routing for each character. Would've been better to make the just Leon and Claire routes to blend the story better.

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Leon, promise me we'll make it out together

>> No.459479589

I bet ada's fucked a dog, honestly

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no way fag

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The sewers part is shit, but it was already the case in the original

Lab is pretty great, but way too short, I felt like the sewers are way too long, especially with Ada

>> No.459480712

I don't remember this part.

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>> No.459481041


I don't get why people hate the sewers so much
It's not the best part of the game but I still think it's a great second act for the game and fits into the story very well with all the imperfect g abominations and realizing how the virus spread out into the city

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>> No.459481101

They probably got raped by G Adults

>> No.459481104

they put no effort in the B route, so why blame the fans?

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I wonder how sherry felt being rescued by her

>> No.459481350

yeah its the fans fault they spent all their time and resources on dumb shit like "realistic" graphics instead of a finished game

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not her though, she's hopeless

>> No.459481506

why cant they mod her face to not look fat and squashed like jlaw's face

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Quoted By: >>459481719

No need to mod perfection

>> No.459481614

Man this thread really made me miss Chrisposting

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>I wonder how sherry felt being rescued by her

>> No.459481719

>multiple boyfriends

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Sewer sections just always suck, in every game. RE2's sewers are actually pretty good by sewer level standards

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Jennifer Lawrence is cute and so is Claire

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It's great, I've been having an absolute blast with it after getting some mods to fix Claire. Seriously, what the fuck did they do to her?

I have a few gripes though: I really wish they hadn't rushed it and had taken more time to differ the two routes and the A/B scenarios. Also, I wish there was a bit less cursing: it comes across as a child's attempt to sound mature rather than something natural, though I do really like the little comments they make to themselves when aiming and such. Lastly I wish the enemies were a bit less sandbag-y as far as soaking up damage goes. I'm all for challenge and needing to conserve ammo but it stops being fun and tense and interesting and becomes really fucking tedious instead.

Pic unrelated.

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File: 284KiB, 589x579, chris redpilled.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw you must go back in time to beat a man's ass until he fucks your sister in order to save your bloodline:

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>> No.459482453

Same anon here

Yeah, G are annoying as fuck, but the sewers are way too long and except a few things you don't learn that much about the outbreak unlike in the RPD and the labs. Also they're kinda bland and missed opportunity to have some creepy parts with the spiders

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Extreme Battle DLC when?

>> No.459482567



>> No.459482642

Hah! Thanks guys, now sing it with me:
Europe Asia Africa....

>> No.459482659

>Lab is pretty great, but way too short

This. It's absurdly short, it gives you the impression it's something huge, but after the green house the game pretty much ends.

>> No.459482663

because almost the whole sewers is getting the three chess pieces, two of which are in the same room, and the other one is 30 seconds away from the control room

>> No.459482692



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File: 2MiB, 1280x720, hxc zombie juke.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

if you can't do this on-command then you need to git gud

>> No.459483105
Quoted By: >>459484136

>Only the RPD is good, the rest is uninspired trash.
But this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y2xxZNIjng is literally the best part of the game

>> No.459483213
Quoted By: >>459483508

and yet people often say how Mr.X is scary/hard/ oppressing
I just don't get these people.

>> No.459483508

he is at first until you realize his limitations. same with lickers.

>> No.459484136
Quoted By: >>459484247

Nice video anon, I hope your channel works out

>> No.459484247

oh you know, it's more about sharing something rather than becoming famous and making a living out of it

>> No.459484362

does anyone else not like speedrunning the game? it just makes me anxious. way better if you play it as intended imo.

>> No.459484438

i hate it

i bought the $5 dlc to unlock the free weapons because otherwise i got like 90 minutes of play out of the game

shrewd move konamcom

>> No.459484446
Quoted By: >>459485360

i like playing the game instead of seeing how little i can play it

>> No.459484506
Quoted By: >>459484580


If you hate it why would you buy DLC for it?

>> No.459484524

The game is much less interesting with all the weapons imo. You basically paid 5 bucks to ruin the game.

>> No.459484527

It's a horror game, you're supposed to feel anxious

>> No.459484580

you seem to have missed the point

the interest level is 0 without them

because now i can play through the rest of the game casually for fun. it isn't fun at all having to conserve ammo and shit

>> No.459484660

It should be a federal crime to have a horror game where you cannot fight and kill enemies, unless the enemies are metaphysical.

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>> No.459485360
Quoted By: >>459489019

This, first time playing should be slow as fuck.
I have no idea why youd want to rush through it ruin immersion and make the game worse for yourself on your first run.

>> No.459485379

>its already almost may

Goddammit I wanna go back to January

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Quoted By: >>459486062


>> No.459485608

>stay back bitch he's mine to rape

>> No.459485659

False! Sewers are bigger and better than it the original, overall REmake 2 is a much better game if we are talking about level design, but story is more memorable in og.

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>> No.459486090
Quoted By: >>459487627

Aesthetically this over the city tram in the beta looks dull, it's like it belongs to Alan Wake or something, RE2 has it's gritty, urban tone and including this would break the atmosphere.

>> No.459486139

Claire looking really tired of this zombie bitch's shit

>> No.459486637
Quoted By: >>459487182

so was that enormous cavern that NEST was over like a natural cave, or did they excavate it somehow?

>> No.459486963
Quoted By: >>459487076


Game starts quickly with a massive street fight much like RE4, but with far more zombies to compensate for the Ganados' critical thinking. Some of the zombies would be faster than others so the one closest to the player may not necessarily be the most dangerous. The fight takes place amidst tall buildings so you'll have zombies throwing themselves from upper windows to get to you. The player will have to pay attention in all directions to get through. Multiple types of enemies would be present, like zombies and dogs, so the player will have to switch between weapons quickly to effectively dispatch them. Since this is Jill's second encounter with the undead she would be prepared and will be carrying a better loadout than what RE usually starts with. I'm imagining rapid fire pistol + shotgun as a starter pack.

Seamless transition between city streets and buildings. Nearly all buildings can be entered and will either contain pickups for the player or will at least serve as a good opportunity to crowd control by concentrating all enemies in one corridor. Certain buildings are on fire and entering them will keep the zombies out but the doorway would immediately collapse and the player will have to find an alternative route to escape before the building blows up/crumbles.

Zombies inside vehicles will be strapped in(safety first) and will be unable to get out. However they will try to grab onto the player if they're close enough, which will allow the on-foot zombies to inch closer. Instead of randomly placed gas barrels, certain crashed cars would be leaking fuel. Shooting the fuel/fueltank would cause an explosion. Doing this may even be necessary to get past certain blockades.

>> No.459487076
Quoted By: >>459487172


The fight would only end when the player successfully escapes from the opening area, for which there could be multiple routes out. Player can traverse the streets, or try to jump across rooftops or attempt to go through the underground train network. The subways should be especially interesting since the darkness and claustrophobic effect would give a great atmosphere. The player is quite likely to encounter different enemies in the underground section, eg. spiders, insect like enemies in the factory in OG RE3(can't remember the name) and other non-human creatures. The player will also inevitably have to jump out of the way of a flaming train piloted by incompetent zombies.

Certain areas of the city would be completely silent since the lickers would have cleared out the area of any movement. The said lickers would be perched at the top of buildings like gargoyles, waiting to ambush the survivors who pass through the area. The player either needs to carefully navigate around the debris/broken glass etc to get past without being detected. However, if the player is detected, the player can shoot certain parked cars(not crashed ones) to trigger the alarm which would briefly disorient the lickers.

Some areas of the city would be engulfed in thick smoke which will not only reduce visibility and lead to some great jump scares, but will also have reduce the player's health if they hang around there for too long. Alternatively the player can perform the usual fetch quest to find a gas mask, after which the area can be traversed casually.

>> No.459487172
Quoted By: >>459487282


Since this is a few days earlier in the outbreak, there would still be survivors in the city screaming for help etc. The player could choose to rescue these survivors who may be trapped in a flaming building, cornered by zombies, etc. Once rescued the NPC would run to the nearest basement to take shelter(before the whole place is nuked, lol) Some rescues could have a classic twist at the end where the NPC waving for help would just turn out to be a zombie flailing around(Dawn of the dead reference?).

There would also be situations where the player will encounter a group of survivors who will need to be escorted to location X, but before they can even set off, one of the NPC will turn out to be infected, and will turn into a zombie immediately. The player has to take him/her out before he/she infects another and they in turn infect even more and so on. This could be more complex if certain NPCs try to protect the infected person from the player's fire since he/she is a loved one.

There could also be "fortress" type situations where the player, upon entering a building, will trigger an event where multiple waves of zombies would try to the enter the building, the player will have to clear the entire swath or hold off for a certain amount of time. I reckon these concepts could be teased here before being implemented in a full blown Outbreak remake.

>> No.459487182

It was a bit much, that thing was fucking huge.

>> No.459487282
Quoted By: >>459487376


That's just the general city related stuff, let's talk about the best aspect of RE3 now, Nemesis himself. Nem would be the leaner and faster version of Mr. X. However, due to the realism of the RE engine, even though he's faster than the player, he will still take a few moments to get upto full speed due to this bulk. This means he won't be able to run at full speed inside buildings, or in fact run at all. Unless the corridor is long enough or if he's on the city streets, only then can he truly sprint. The player will still have a recourse in the city streets though, the player will be able to bounce off the hoods of cars and other things, whereas Nem will try to literally ram his way through any obstacle which will slow him down.

Ducking into nearby buildings will be the best recourse during Nem encounters. He will lose you momentarily and get into scouting mode, but if player starts firing on zombies within that building then Nem would follow into the building as well. But as mentioned, he wouldn't be able to sprint inside buildings, but to compensate he will be able to burst through walls to give himself a shortcut to the player. Overall, it should be a very even match up between the player and Nem.

As in OG RE3, the player will be rewarded for defeating Nem during optional/random encounters. But instead of weapon upgrades(which will instead be scattered throughout the city), the player will instead receive a collectible/souvenir. Defeating Nem will cause him to drop a random lady victim's torn off face which he collects for his fellow Nem-virus infectee and BFF, Lisa Trevor. ;)

>> No.459487356

>Even if it's not accurate, it's a great number
Game journalism

>> No.459487376
Quoted By: >>459487531


I also think RE3make could easily slot in another playable character due to the sheer vastness of it. My wishlist includes:

Rebecca - great chemistry possibilities where Jill treats her like a stars rookie but Becs has actually has survived the most encounters by this point making her the pro. "No Jill, YOU are small time"

Barry - Jill's natural sidekick and part of OG3 also. He could be give a full scenario here. Naturally he would be tank-mode, so he'd be slower but more hardy. He'd be the weapon specialist as well, so he'd get more upgrades for his weapons than Jill.

Ada - A possible unique and unrelated scenario where she starts out of town and has to work her way in(into umbrella?). This can give a precursor to event happening before RE2.

>> No.459487531
Quoted By: >>459487638


And most importantly in my wishlist: Mega B scenario! Obviously OG3 didn't have one, but I just couldn't help myself with this one. Read on:

The main characters would get separated during a Nemesis encounter(possibly during the train sequence) and will be forced to take separate routes out of the city. One of the characters will be forced to take the route into Arklay mountains to get to [another] one of umbrella's secret lab trains. The lab would be hidden underneath say, an observatory in the small Arklay township/tourist stop. But the player will first have to traverse the forest terrain. The same one that we've been running away from since RE1/0.

A small funicular would take you to the top, but will of course break down on the way forcing you to traverse the forest section by foot. Naturally the forest section would have a lot more zombie fauna including possibly a zombie ram/reindeer(ramming instinct preserved, and head reinforced so headshots do nothing) and perhaps even zombie bears? This would also be a natural habitat(and perfect camouflage) for the Hunters and for the first time they would actually stalk and hunt you through the forest setting. They would lie in wait in certain random sections of the forest rather than just mindless charging at you. The forest section will look particularly good in the RE engine considering how good the vegetation in NEST looked.

>> No.459487627

I concur.

>> No.459487638
Quoted By: >>459487918


Nemesis would not pursue the character in this scenario since he's part of the Sce.A route. Instead a new enemy is introduced to make life difficult here: Yawn infected with NEM-virus. This giant snake would have been developed alongside the original Yawn, but it would have come in contact with Lisa at some point in the mansion due to which it would be infected with the NEM type virus. It would then have escape from the mansion(already blown up by this point) and found shelter in the forest. The NEM virus would characterize itself in Yawn via a long tentacle like tongue, which it can use to attack you from a slightly longer range.

The new Yawn would be significantly bigger and longer than the original. This Yawn would hit similar speeds as Nem but again, only in open areas. To make matters worse, where Nem runs in straight line towards the player, the snake will slither rapidly towards the player, so head shots would be nearly impossible to connect. Heavy/explosive ammo would be the only recourse to the player, along with shooting it in the mouth when it Yawns of course. Hiding in the vegetation would sort of work, but no elaborate mechanics like crouching in bushes/covering behind trees etc. This is not MGS3. Tiny caves/rows of trees too narrow for Yawn to fit through would be a good place to hide briefly and get a few rounds in, but Yawn would try to grab you with its tongue or it will quickly retreat and try to ambush you elsewhere.

>> No.459487726

>RPD Was good
If anything RPD was the worst part for "Remake" standards.
I loved it but the Sewers were 9/10 and easily better than the original (sadly no spider des)

The Laboratory was vastly more interesting typically speaking and had way better design and puzzle and was just generally speaking more engaging.

The RPD on the other hand was watered down completely puzzle and exploration wise.

>> No.459487918
Quoted By: >>459488060


Upper elevations of the mountain would show dynamic weather change as the fog starts getting intense. The thick fog + vegetation would cause all sorts of false alarms since the natural sounds of the forest will be merged with actual sounds of enemies approaching you.

Reaching the Arklay township, should give a very Silent Hill-esque vibe with the small town + heavy fog. The fog would have an orange tint due to the fire ranging on raccoon city below. The zombies here would be bigger and need more bullets since they're tourists. The occasional lightning in the distance would show silhouettes of enemies in front of you, but will also reveal you to the enemies. Naturally there would be jump scares aplently in this fog. The tone would shift from action oriented to more horror like in this area.

The wooden architecture here would contrast to the brick and mortar in raccoon city, with the wood of course being partially destructible. The zombies will have no trouble randomly sticking their hands through the walls. Similarly, Yawn's approach would be hinted at by creaks in the wood and shadows seen through the cracks in the wood.

Reaching the Aklay observatory would trigger a proper boss fight with Yawn and the player will have to take it out to progress into the "secret lab" underneath which will contain a train of somekind out of the city.

>> No.459488060
Quoted By: >>459488195


Meanwhile in the A scenario:

Towards the end of the game, after the brief Carlos/hospital section, the player will find that 2 of the 5 Mr. X tyrants have survived the drop from the chopper(in RE2) and are now in pursuit. The player will simply have no method of defeating these things since downing one will take long enough by which time the other one would wake up/catch up. The player will simply have to keep running to stay out of reach of the tyrant doom-team. Fortunately, they are slower than Nem so this should be relatively easier.

The Xs will display some serious teamwork to hunt the player if they ever lose track. They would split up to cover more ground and also anticipate the player's route and try to ambush the player. If one of them spots the player, he will knock on the walls in a certain pattern to alert the other X. The sounds of the footsteps would also be confusing since there's multiple Xs. If the player is caught when both Xs are nearby they will perform tag team kills, like maybe tearing the player in two.

>> No.459488195
Quoted By: >>459488348


Eventually Nem will also track down the player and player will soon be faced with a choice of being killed by Nem or the tyrants following behind. Naturally, Nem with his tentacle will have a much longer reach and will attack the player first, except the tentacle will completely miss the player and is instead meant for the Xs. Turns out the Stars extermination contract is strictly exclusive! That and the fact that differences in their virii strains will cause them to see each other as enemies.

The player will be able to escape while they fight, during which Nemesis(more like Chumesis now) would obviously lose due to being outnumbered. And it's here that the Xs would accidentally tear off Nem's restraining jacket(not during the clock tower fight) and leave him for "dead".

>> No.459488315

Based Rebecca chad poster putting 4fags in their place.

Burn 4fag.

>> No.459488348
Quoted By: >>459495141


The player would continue onward towards the factory, where the player would encounter the more tougher common enemies of the game. In addition to the common insect enemy, the infamous man-spiders could finally be implemented here as upgraded version of normal zombies. The universe is finally ready for that level of disgusting-ness.

Anyway, instead of facing Nem in the factory "acid" boss room, the player will instead have a showdown with one of the Xs here. Naturally as the fight goes on and the X is hit enough with the acid, his jacket would be eaten away and he'll be in super tyrant mode. The player will have to handle the entire fight solo with no help from the sidekick characters at this point.

The remaining X will be fought in the final railgun room, but once the player inflicts sufficient damage on X, Nem(slithering by this point) would drop down from the roof and devour Mr. X. At this point it's the same as OG3, Nem grows to huge proportions and the player will have to use the railgun to finish him off.

>> No.459488431
File: 137KiB, 310x310, 1530103117293.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He's got a good point though.

>> No.459488580
File: 161KiB, 607x608, 1549662323777.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

RE2 Remake is among the best games in the series
they just handled everything perfectly

>> No.459488697

It needs more monsters, more locations that got cut, and accurate classic costumes not half baked ones

>> No.459488738


>> No.459488765

I'm not a fan of there being so little ammo, honestly
doesn't really feel like resident evil if I'm constantly out of ammo

>> No.459488817
Quoted By: >>459489510

Don't play on Hardcore then

>> No.459488909

>they just handled everything perfectly
I don't understand this way of thinking. RE2make is a pretty flawed game.

>> No.459489019

Playing fast IS intended imo. You want to minimize time spent moving to avoid any possibility of encountering zambies and dying. The bulk of the time I spent was just charting routes.

>> No.459489161
Quoted By: >>459489510

that's what the old RE games were like man
that's where the genre comes from
don't tell me finally being forced into a corner and having to burn through some precious magnum ammo wasn't satisfying

>> No.459489190
Quoted By: >>459489606


anyone got a link for an item box/inventory editor for the pirated vers. ? I want Claire to have leon's shotgun

>> No.459489510

nah man, once you started to ration your ammo you had a surplus of ammo throughout most of the game
by the end of RE1 I could've killed 10 tyrants with my magnum ammo alone
the shotguns were massively effective at aoe in the older games too, which provided a surplus of shotgun shells
I didn't, anon
the game gave you just enough rounds to kill a few zombies each time, which it then threw in your path so now you're at square one with a magazine of 4 and a half rounds again

>> No.459489606
File: 318KiB, 1920x1080, big shotgun.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>459490376

you can use the "highlighted item" feature in cheat engine for this game to change any item that you are picking up into a specified weapon. For some reason it never works to just put a new weapon in your inventory, you have to pick it up

>> No.459489647
Quoted By: >>459489757

>killing zombies
See, that's your problem right there.

>> No.459489757
Quoted By: >>459490582

I've been playing the games like this since 1999, man
and it's worked so far

>> No.459489962

Takes 7 head shots to kill zombies, they don't want you to kill zombies. Just run around like an idiot avoiding them. Everything was good, except the actual gameplay. Why bother having a gun at all if they just want you to run away. The Mr. X mechanic was even worse not do to his threat, but running into a zombie that has the reach of half your screen. It's total shit. I say this even having beat the original. No good, I can understand the sacrifices for the ps1 game, not for a title in 2019, especially if it's not going the purist route.

>> No.459490143


>> No.459490163
File: 3MiB, 1280x720, clotheslined.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

When I did my original run of the game on standard, I killed almost every zombie in the game and had ammo to spare. You are doing something wrong

>> No.459490376
Quoted By: >>459490769


idk how to use cheat engine do you have a link for a good tutorial? I tried downloading a cheat table for remake2 but it was the wrong version im using the first cracked .exe from codex

>> No.459490475

Cry moar bitch.

>> No.459490506

shoot their legs off and knife them. You can perma-kill like 5 separate zombies with one knife and ~15 handgun bullets. Just aim for the same kneecap and make your knife cuts as long as possible.
You can also do stuff like kill 5 zombies in the same room instantly with one hand grenade, instead of using it for a defense item or some shit

>> No.459490582
Quoted By: >>459490763

I remember being able to kill everything in RE4 without running out, but RE2 just doesn't work like that. Don't blame the game just because it expects you to handle enemies differently. It works perfectly well once you've figured it out.
>Why bother having a gun at all if they just want you to run away.
How do you avoid enemies in narrow corridors, let alone lickers? Running away won't help. The game definitely wants you to kill zombies, just not all of them. Playing smart requires you to use all of your weapons and abilities (only kill zombies who block the way, shoot their legs when in larger rooms, kill bigger enemies, save ammo for potential boss encounters). I feel like you didn't really understand the game.

>> No.459490763
Quoted By: >>459490813

I could damn well kill everything and still have ammo leftover in the original RE2
it just feels weird to be constantly low on ammo

>> No.459490769
Quoted By: >>459491479

I dunno, maybe you could find an old version.
Actually I have an old version of the cheat table, here:

save that in notepad as a .CT file and try it

>> No.459490813

It's not the same game dude.

>> No.459491080
Quoted By: >>459494569

This concept art looks like western trash. Glad they didn't go this route.

>> No.459491479


thanks will do I also found this but it I think it requires some mod manager

residentevilmodding DOTboards DOT net /thread /10976 /shotgun-claire

>> No.459491537

Seeing the concept art makes me wish they just made a new game instead of being awkwardly chained to something that already exists while wanting to make something different.
Why the fuck do people want more remakes?

>> No.459492439
Quoted By: >>459492662

Should i conserve a knife for countering zombie grabs or is it better to just hack away at downed zombies?

>> No.459492662

You want to stagger a zombie and then run past them, unless you're going to come back that way a lot. Save knives for counters and knifing bosses.

>> No.459492713

*done shranked

>> No.459492926
Quoted By: >>459500474

>S...stop using the no no words.

>> No.459493130

how the FUCK do I deal with mister X
fucking nigger is everywhere I go

>> No.459493354
File: 211KiB, 1920x1080, x gon giv it to ya.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>459493409

prepare your anus

>> No.459493409
Quoted By: >>459493470

Mr. X mod when?

>> No.459493470
File: 296KiB, 1920x1080, target acquired.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>459493578

that's what that is

>> No.459493578

No I meant where he's the playable character.

>> No.459493705
File: 70KiB, 698x641, Gon Giv it To Ya.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.459494238
Quoted By: >>459494361

I planned on getting the first 3 RE games on the PSVita, but now that there's a remake for RE2 I'm hesitating. Should I still do it and and play the remake later once I get a console for it, or should I wait until I can play the remake soon after? How different are the original game and the remake, beside the camera and graphics?

>> No.459494303

someone post aqua running away from mr. x

>> No.459494361
Quoted By: >>459495902

They're basically different games with generally the same story and characters.

>> No.459494456


no one is forcing you to play them.

>> No.459494569

>looks like western trash

What does that even mean, you damn weeb?

>> No.459494648

It is actual a horror game.

>> No.459495141
File: 36KiB, 110x132, 13335262-ECFC-47B8-A129-89C3E635AEDF.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>459495273

Get a load of this faggot

>> No.459495273
Quoted By: >>459495501

Why are we getting a load of that faggot mobilefag-kun?

>> No.459495436
Quoted By: >>459495701

If resurrecting the genre means to make an almost 10/10 remake of 2, so be it! RE7 was great though and I'm really expecting RE8.

>> No.459495501

Posted his diary pages like we would read them

>> No.459495520
Quoted By: >>459495712

I really don't get it. It's an okay game, but the amount of hype around it was incredible and I expected a lot more. I guess that's the power of nostalgiafags for you. I completed the A campaign for both Leon and Claire and lost interest. It's way too short and all the extra campaigns are just a way to artificially extend the duration of the game when you're actually doing the same shit over and over again 90% of the time. The core mechanics aren't even anything to write home about. They were competently implemented but it wasn't much more than your regular old third person over the shoulder shooter

>> No.459495562
Quoted By: >>459495668

Just like the original RE2

>> No.459495668
Quoted By: >>459495791

If the sewers and lab were actually good, someone would be complaining how it's not true to the original

>> No.459495701

>almost 10/10
Look, it's a quite good game especially since Resident Evil has mostly been trash, but really? Are your standards below sea level?

>> No.459495712

>Remake of a short game is short
Wow, what a surprise. Gtfo, RE4 zoomer.

>> No.459495791

The sewers part is much better in the remake than it was in the original. The lab is about the same.

>> No.459495895
Quoted By: >>459496121

Yeah the original RE2 was short but the remake is even shorter because they forgot to remake a third of the game.

>> No.459495902

Ok then I'll play both the original and the remake then. Thanks.

>> No.459495992

Not that guy and DSP is an idiot, but that animation on the dog is janky as fuck.

>> No.459496053
Quoted By: >>459496195

>the original is shit so this one was supposed to be shit too!

top kek

>> No.459496121
Quoted By: >>459496529

Confirmed for never having played the original. Just stop, you're embarassing yourself.

>> No.459496195
Quoted By: >>459496484

>Brainlet doesn't know what the word "remake" means

>> No.459496484
Quoted By: >>459498292

It's a remake, not a re-release you absolute retard. Maybe you haven't noticed but there are significant changes to the map, especially in the sewers area. Why was it like that if they were trying to stay true to the original? You are braindead and so is your argument. The original was limited by the hardware of its time. There's no excuse for this game to have the same exact flaws 3 generations later.

>> No.459496529
Quoted By: >>459496889

>two scenarios with variations based on character
>one scenario with variations based on character
yeah nah the remake is the same you're right

>> No.459496889
Quoted By: >>459497163

>Not knowing that the differences between scenarios A and B were minimal
Yes, keep showing that you didn't play the game. You just read the article on RE2 and think you're allowed to have an "opinion".

>> No.459497163
Quoted By: >>459497478

yea new areas, different bosses and the tyrant are minimal
but slightly different enemy placements and puzzle answers are completely different experiences!!

>> No.459497409
File: 116KiB, 1024x873, 0CB879D1-C859-4204-9858-6A6E7E377AD4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


REmake 3 is coming next and you are going to like it.

>> No.459497478
Quoted By: >>459498031

>90% of similarity
Completely different scenarios
>95% of similarity

>> No.459498031

Well this is pointless if you're just going to keep posting shit like this.

>> No.459498292

Zoomer scum like you cannot possibly appreciate old-school level design. Keep away from my games and stick to yours, your shit tastes already did way too much damage to gaming.

>> No.459500214

I don't get it

>> No.459500365


It added nothing and only ruined the immersion.

>> No.459500474

>I enjoy games with super mature curse words for super mature games, such as myself.

>> No.459500779

Fuck off Michael.

>> No.459501056

You don't like CoD? What's wrong with CoD. Sure they pump out a new game every 9 months but they are pretty dam enjoyable even for the story mode. Shame bo4 stopped doing that but the rest of the game is nice. Shout out to bo3 and infinite warfare for being some solid campaigns.

>> No.459501130
File: 127KiB, 1280x720, residente evil no fg.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>image not complete

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