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I just popped a tab of acid and I’m about to play REEEEEEEEmake2.
How fucked I am?

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waste of acid desu
go on a hike instead

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Don’t put the headphones on and play it on LSD, you’ll go crazy and possibly get paranoid for weeks, if you don’t kill yourself, be careful.

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>1 TAB
probably just a mild body high and and enjoyable gaming experiance.
Lol maybe if you have latent schizophrenia, i listen to music all the time with headphones during trips

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this. Go listen to some tunes and chill out.
Vidya and TV are fucking boring as shit.

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That doesn't sound that fun desu. The gore system is pretty good, I feel like looking at that would make you think about your mortality and shit.

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I’m not talking about music, I’m talking about footsteps, zombie sounds, scary music etc, while playing a scary game under the influence, it’s likely the person will “forget the boundaries” once in a while and that can be dangerous

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maybe if youre extremely inexperienced. i play games on mushrooms/lsd all the time with headphones

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horror games? other genres are fine, but horror not so much

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>How fucked I am?

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God I miss the pre-release shitposting

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I played soma on mushrooms, its not a super scary horror game but IMO neither is RE2

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>How fucked I am?

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Soma was really tense though

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>How fucked I am?

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>How fucked I am?

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>How fucked I am?

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put those headphones on with bass and surround sound. Let the licker tickle your ear clit.

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>How fucked I am?

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Oh absolutely, i loved it and mushrooms made it much more engrossing for me. Thats part of why i play vidya tripping

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>How fucked I am?

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>How I fucked am?

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You'll be fine until you get into the sewers or the underground lab.

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>Stephen go to sleep?

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>it's a Michael thread

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>How fucked I am?

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Ok wtf, I'm cancelling my pre-order now

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