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>do very well at game
>don't die at all during the police station, before going underground
>generally only land crit headshots
>get underground
>beat boss, spending lots of ammo on it
>adaptive difficulty kicks in
>suddenly getting a lot less ammo from pickups
>even combining gunpowder to create ammo now creates less ammo

I feel like I'm about to hit a dead end. I only have a few bullets left and a couple of shotgun shells. The adaptive difficulty thing is bullshit, why even give a difficulty selection if you're gonna adjust the difficulty according to how the player does anyway? If I sucked at the game it would be throwing ammo at me, but seeing as I've been doing well and not dying it's decided to starve me of resources. I had a ton of ammo before spending most of it on the underground boss and then on the zombie dogs, which are pretty much unavoidable and now I'm supposed to go back into the station and I have enough ammo for maybe 2 more zombies. This sucks.

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You're bad at the game. I can rip through the game no problem on standard (which you're playing since you're complaining about adaptive difficulty). Maybe don't waste all your ammo? Or make a bunch of magnum ammo for the finale. I had so much handgun bullets on that difficulty it was retarded. I never had less than 100

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youre not supposed to kill every zombie ya scrub. this is a prison of your own making

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You're a complete idiot, wanna know why?
Because even you didn't say it in this post, i already know you're wasting your ammo on the G-Type Adults.
That's why you're short on ammo now.
And i bet you actually wasted your time killing Lickers, and most likely actually unironically bothered to use your shotgun ammo on Birkin G1.

What a fucking faggot.

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haven't seen these webm's in a while, you got BTFO really hard

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Based and redpilled

Cringe and bluepilled

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How are you even being still around after you got BTFO so hard post release?

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>poop emoji
haha, i love this stuff

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>lol u shot the enemies? git gud!

Shitposting aside, what part of "I had tons of ammo before the boss fight and the dogs" don't you guys get? I had zero ammo issues before being forced to spend 50 rounds on the boss fight and then go through the garage/jail section with the dogs, most of which also had to be killed. I only killed the licker that shows up after you detonate the C4. Why was using shotgun ammo on Berkin a mistake? I wasn't supposed to use the most powerful firearm I had on a boss? Is this game that retarded?

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>He plays on standard difficulty

lmao, you got a taste of hardcore mode and you shit your pants. GET GUD NEEEEERD

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Scary stuff

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>make thread trying to have civil discussion
>ultra defensive homosexuals immediately show up to shitpost and defend their precious little perfect flawless remake

every time, like clockwork.

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>be bad at game
>get tons of ammo because of adaptive difficulty
>I'm so good at this game, I have a lot of ammo


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I don't know what it is about Japanese games in particular that attracts literal autists who would sacrifice their lives to defend the honor of their shitty Jap games. Embarrassing.

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It's not shitposting, you're just an idiot. You wasted ammo on dogs? They're the easiest enemy to dodge in the game. You shoot Birkin in the eye and you can down him no problem. Maybe use 4 shells and a grenade then your handgun if you want to end the fight quickly, but he's handgun material. You're not suppose to water your ammo willy nilly, it's a survival horror game, knowing when to use your ammo is apart of the game and the item management. Unironically git gud

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1. Shoot zombie in leg
2. knife zombie
You will have more ammo than you can carry

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>not shitposting

Yeah ok

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He's the one playing on standard, you seriously lack reading comprehension. Come at me when you S+ hardcore.

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>Shoot zombie in leg

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Resident Evil is a survival horror game.
You're meant to keep your ammo and use it only when strictly necessary.
Birkin can be taken down with around 70 normal handgun bullets (bodyshots, not even aiming for the eye).
So you should reach G1 with only handgun bullets, and unload on him.

Then you use the shotgun to clean up zombies from that point onward, and never, ever waste any ammo on G-Adults.

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How do you even kill those bastards?

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Knifing does practically nothing but damage the knife. Also those knives seem to be made out of play-doh seeing as it takes about 10 slices for them to break. Also, the fact that you can't stun a zombie with a headshot if it's already in the "attack" animation coming towards you is retarded. There are some pretty bad design choices all around in this game to be honest.

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You haven't play the game, knives are really durable unless you use them to get zombies off you, in case you need to get gud.

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You don't. Apparently taking damage from them from time to time is better than wasting ammo. I have about 15-20 healing items in my inventory and in the crate but am out of ammo. I thought ammo would be more plentiful and healing items less so.

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Any other tips? I'm thinking of pickup this game up but I never played any resident evil titles before.

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Let me tell you what's doing wrong, stop being bad at the game
someone got their ass chewed at babies Resident Evil

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>poor aiming
Game is BAD!

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>I wasn't shitposting!!!

Every single time.

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this thread is shit! here's my wife! I wanna fuck her until she can no longer produce tears!

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The thing is, I haven't been killing all the zombies, I haven't been wasting ammo on lickers, I have been landing nothing but headshots with the dot and it still takes up to 8 shots to take down a single zombie and a lot of the time they're blocking a narrow hallway or doorway and have to be taken down. I mostly shot Birkin in the eye and used 2 grenades on him but it still took most of my ammo to kill him, including the ammo in the actual arena. If I was still getting the same amount of ammo from pickups, it wouldn't be an issue. And if I sucked at the game, it would be giving me even more ammo than before. I just think it's incredibly stupid to punish the player for doing good.

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They have two weakspots: the eye, and the ovopositor.
The eye has a layer of pus on it that will always block your first shot, afterwards the eye becomes exposed and it's the single best target to maximize damage.
The ovopositor will extend from their face during certain animations (getting close, puking out the little facehugger thingies), that's also a pretty decent weakspot.
Fastest way to get rid of them is to get grabbed on purpose and use defensive items such as the Granade, especially, to lower their HP, then going to town on the eye.
Using the Lightning Hawk or whatever strong equivalent you have and aiming for the eye or ovopositor (shatter the pus on the eye with another weapon, else you're wasting ammo).

Generally speaking don't even bother, run around them, plan your route so you can circumvent them entirely.
Only kill as little as necessary.
Run around most enemies you meet.
If you're shooting, take your time aiming, letting the reticle focus fully will give you 1.5 more damage and increased crit %.
The wood planks are really useful at the start of the game, place them at hotspot you notice you're going trough a lot back and forth, if you can place them BEFORE the zombies break trough the window, it'll spare you a fight, and thus, bullets.

If you're playing on Hardcore forget headshots entirely and go for leg shots instead (unless you're using the shotgun, the shotgun is your real zombie cleaning tool, get up close and personal, VERY close, and shoot right in the middle of their face, will split them open every time 100%).

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>knifing does nothing
.t retard that never played REmake2. You can kill every boss fast with the knife than any weapon.

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Go to bed, Birkin.

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Don’t be afraid to play on Standard for your first run if you’re new to the game. Hardcore is challenging, especially if you’re new.
Learn to assess situations and determine whether it’s better to stand and fight, or it’s better to away and save ammo and health.
Some zombies will take a ton of headshots to go down, but kneecapping zombies 2-3 times is a guaranteed stagger or sometimes even knocks them down.
Use the shit out of your map.
The game does have a learning curve, so be patient if you’re new.

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Maybe your knife is more durable because you suck at the game and the adaptive difficulty is making it easier for you?

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birkin is dead! I am just a simple individual of taste! I want to taste sherry!

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Thank god I pirated this shit

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Does the adaptive difficulty even work like that? What does the adaptive difficulty affect?

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Knife durability doesn't change no matter how well or badly you're performing.
A knife will, in general, be durable enough to fully kill about 3 zombies you've downed once with handgun bullets.

Using the knife as a defensive tool will use about 40% to 50% of it's durability (haven't tested this enough, it's a rough estimate).
Finishing off zombies with the knife is an ok beginner strategy but disposing of them with 1 shotgun shell or simply shooting them in the leg and then moving on is far more efficient.
Knives are MUCH more valuable as defensive tools for the second half of the game, they'll allow you to run scott free out of situations that would eat trough your ammo instead, when used with a little strategy.

Additional information: inconsistency about knife damage isn't tied to difficulty, rather it's specifically about the PC version.
Knife damage is tied to frames, and on PC, the higher your framerate, the more damage the knife will do on anything.
On PC you can literally kill birkin 1 using only your knife and the correct angle to clip your arm trough his model and hit him trough the entire swiping animation.

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Two things that are affected for sure are zombie count and ammo amount. So if you don't die at all, the game will simultaneously drastically up the zombie count and lower the amount of ammo. I think this is absolutely horrid level design, as it's practically forcing me to intentionally die many times now so the game starts throwing ammo at me.

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sounds like you're overexaggerating the effect in order to shitpost.

>> No.456650191

>level design

Mean game design. The level design is actually pretty great.

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>generally only land crit headshots

Calling bullshit. Even if you pace your shots you won't crit even half the time.

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Quoted By: >>456650892

What I meant by that is I only shot when I got the crit dot to appear in the reticle, because a lot of faggots here automatically assume everyone who complains about the number of bullets needed to down zombies is just spraying bullets without waiting for the dot to show up.

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>taking a clip of DSP as proof
thanks for confirming that your IQ is a 1 digit number

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Quoted By: >>456651047

>adaptive difficulty kicks in
it doesn't do that much.

>> No.456650892

lmao let me guess you were too stupid to pick up the shotgun?

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Quoted By: >>456652112

It does a lot, but only specific things trigger it. For example, if you use a lot of healing items often it will know you're not doing very well. If you keep dying and pressing "continue" it will lower the difficulty. I haven't died once so far and I have only used a healing item 2 times, causing the game to give me very little ammo in a time where a lot of it is needed because there are a lot of unavoidable encounters.

How about you actually read the OP you fucking illiterate ultra nigger?

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What does the shotgun have to do with the number of bullets needed to take down a zombie?

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How is this even a fucking thing? I counted 16 headshots, more or less..

And this is DSP we're talking about here; no way the AD had to kick it up that much to balance out any good performance.

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You'd know if you played or weren't garbage at the game.

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Quoted By: >>456651505

So, you're just shitposting? Wow, what a shocker.

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Quoted By: >>456651650


What could've been a great game gets knocked down over silly nonsense like this

>> No.456651505

I was giving you the benefit of the doubt

>> No.456651565

Are you implying he should waste shotgun ammo on basic zombies? Fucking lmao, and you're calling anyone else garbage at the game.

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Quoted By: >>456652013

Not sure that's the adaptive difficulty, maybe you just aren't using good strategies for the new enemies starting to show up? Maybe just try changing it up. Had a mountain of ammo left I was disappointed I never got to use.

Knife zombies when they are on the ground, avoid bullet sponges swimming around in the sewers, you don't need to kill them, burn plant based enemies, etc.

Even if the game starts going all out against you, you can still end up sitting on a stockpiles of ammo in the finale.

>> No.456651650

What are you talking about this is one of the best things about the game

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Quoted By: >>456652153

>aim gun for 2 seconds
>congratulations, your bullets now do more damage than usual!

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Quoted By: >>456651891

Yet I beat it without posting a whiny cringepost on vee, curious.

>> No.456651891
Quoted By: >>456652395

Yet you're still an illiterate ultra nigger, curious.

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Quoted By: >>456655263

Oh yes... the social engineer I take it?

How’s the medication that your psychiatrist has been giving you for the past 2 months after this game released and everyone liked it? Are you still in shock?

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Quoted By: >>456657375

>light yagami swimming lessons.webm

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Quoted By: >>456654083

I fucked up the same, too used to hand-holdy games these days. Gonna restart and play it properly.

>> No.456652013

Well, thank you for not being a complete faggot with your advice. Evidently it's extremely difficult for fans of this game to discuss it without being absolute insufferable retarded children. I'll follow your tips if I manage to power through the segment I'm in right now.

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>It does a lot
pretty much the only thing that really makes a difference is the damage you take from one hit and the ammo you get on pickups. and even with that you can kill each boss going in with no ammo and just using pick ups in the area.
anons posted spreadsheets with the damage shots do and the health with the adaptive difficulty kicking in. it was pretty negligible, using the shotgun will one shot regular zombies no matter what if you're aiming right and are close enough even on HC with full AD.
the game also gives you a ton of gunpowder so you can make up for the AD ammo drops.
webm related is from a B scenario and is only missing 3 or 4 that I ran out of room for and was too lazy to run back and get.

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Not even, just an increased chance they will. Which is even more obnoxious. It's not a fucking rpg where the system needs to be rolling dice for crits. Shots to exactly where the brain is on the head should just do consistent damage.

>> No.456652353

This is a console game, aiming for one specific part of a moving enemy's head would be next to impossible so they went with this stupid approach instead. Precision isn't rewarded in the slightest.

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Quoted By: >>456653314

>Not even
no, it does. iirc the dmg increase is ~10% though which compared to the health is nothing.
crits have also been a mechanic in the series for ages.

>> No.456652385

It's on purpose, people datamining the game found out that zombie right there has the most hp in the entire game, most likely due the fact that there is a key in that room that requires you to waste a bit of time pulling the morgue bins out

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Quoted By: >>456652752

>I know I'll call him a nigger


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Quoted By: >>456653361

It gives you gunpowder but reduces the amount of ammo you get from combining it. Also, the number of zombies increases due to the adaptive difficulty. A lot of the bodies that would otherwise remain dead will rise instead if the game thinks you're doing really well. I feel like they should have looked at more factors than just number of deaths and healing items used for the AD.

>> No.456652638

Yeah most of those G virus fucks can just be avoided by hauling ass. There's really only one spot where you're pretty much guaranteed to get grabbed and I usually just knife or grenade counter in my speedruns and keep going.

>> No.456652695

I dunno how much ammo you're wasting, anon, but you really shouldn't be too hard up for ammo. On Hardcore which starts at one away from max AD level and hits cap pretty soon, I have more than enough ammo to get through the game with S+. That's with me not even bothering with the magnum.

Don't kill everything, run past what you can, stun and move. First Birkin fight for example you can get in a good 15 slashes with a knife at the start when his body is convulsing which works well even on console. The lab area can be finished in half an hour if you know what you're doing. There's not too many zombies you'd even need to kill there.

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Quoted By: >>456653013

>fails to refute the point

Yes, you're a fucking double nigger in fact because you don't even read the posts that you try to smugly reply to. Kill yourself, fag.

>> No.456653013
Quoted By: >>456653101

what point? It's not my fault you're this assblastingly bad at the game

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>Evidently it's extremely difficult for fans of this game to discuss it
the thread started out as a shitshow, what did you expect?
to add to the other anons advice. don't pump handgun rounds into zombies unless you have plenty of room to maneuver and plenty of ammo. if you don't have to kill them then take off a leg or stumble them with a headshot and run past while they're recovering. if you have to disable them then taking out limbs with claires smg or one shotgun shell to head as leon will do the job.
knifes are more valuable when not used as an escape from a grab.
you can kill ivies with one flame shot before they even spawn if you can spot them and torch them ahead of time.
every licker (aside from one) are able to be snuck past

>> No.456653101

>I have the shotgun

Fuck off, double nigger retard.

>> No.456653132

This game is overrated. It's got a lackluster story, and that's my main problem with it. RE7 was a camp masterpiece with over-the-top situations. You get your hand cut off with a chainsaw by your estranged lover after which you find a gun that you stun her with.She croaks out that she loves you and then a looney hillbilly knocks you over the head and says, welcome to the family, son," as if you're just another crazy person he's letting in on a joke.

RE7 is 10/10, REmake 2 is 8/10 and RE4 is 9/10

REmake 2 had no such amazing moments as 7 did, except for the runing music at the end of the game before the Super Tyrant. That was one of the most epic moments and music al scores in gaming, but REmake 2 is still an 8/10 if an average game is 5.5

>> No.456653176

By the time I get to the final fight with the Tyrant I have like 20 or so shotgun shells left because I just don't bother mixing magnum ammo at all. There's more than enough for your needs laying around. Shotgun deals reduced damage to bosses. It's most effective for taking out zombies in one shot. I still use the shotgun on bosses but to tell someone not to use it on zombies? Just ridiculous. There are some zombies that have crazy high hp where more than a magazine of ammo from a handgun, or almost a whole knife, would be required to kill it. Instead you can just blow their head clean off with one shotty blast.

>> No.456653314

Letting the reticle shrink increases damage by 50%. Because, you know, you're planting your feet and keeping your cool in against a human abomination so you're being sure to get a clean well placed shot.

>> No.456653351
Quoted By: >>456653607

Wow then you really are bad at the game, my condolences.

>> No.456653361

>A lot of the bodies that would otherwise remain dead will rise instead if the game thinks you're doing really well
it can't just revive zombies that haven't had their head popped. I've tested this because that got thrown around a lot on release. you do enough damage to a zombie it will stay dead no matter what.
and I've found the ammo count generally is consistent regardless of AD, but I haven't tested that; it's just something I kept a little mental note of while playing.

>> No.456653607
Quoted By: >>456653969

>have shotgun
>don't get ammo for it because of AD

I guess I'm supposed to swing the shotgun around like a bat and use it against zombies? Just fuck off, retard.

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>I have the shotgun
you did. shotgun is one hit kills to regular zombies. regardless of difficulty and how well you've been playing. it will one shot even the morgue zombie.

>> No.456653969
Quoted By: >>456654139

How am I retarded if I had no trouble with the game??? where does that leave you?

>> No.456654005

Christ, here comes another literally illiterate double nigger retard. Wow. Is this game specifically aimed at idiots?

>> No.456654009

Does hardcore mode have any kind of adaptive feature?

>didn't even try Standard difficulty
>given that only Hardcore had the limited Ink Ribbons feature it seemed obvious that was the only mode to play a remake
>beat the 4 campaigns/scenarios
>in most boss battles I'd deal the finishing blow with just a handful of ammo available across all weapons.

It just felt like I was either threading the needle of how the difficulty was designed to be tackled, or the game was artificially extending bosses' healths to make sure they'd function as a sectioned drain of resources before the next chunk of exploration.

>> No.456654083
Quoted By: >>456654627

Have either of you actually hit a dead end yet? Just keep trucking until you actually can't progress anymore (if that is even possible). It's making it through the parts where you barely have any resources on you that are the most satisfying and memorable. These games would be bland if you always had plenty of ammo to go on.

>> No.456654090
Quoted By: >>456654791

Just another day at UMBRELLA CAFETERIA(TM)

>> No.456654139

>be terrible at game
>AD feels sorry for you
>gives you lots of ammo

See, this is the whole point of the thread you incredibly dense brainlet fuck. The game rewards bad players and punishes good ones.

>> No.456654203

>I can't figure out how to conserve my ammo but people who can must be the stupids

lol the cope

>> No.456654327

but apparently not as OP is so bad at the game that he can't cope

>> No.456654582

I'm just responding to what you said I'm not going to read through a dozen posts of shitposting. the game gives you plenty of ammo regardless of AD.

>> No.456654607
Quoted By: >>456657187

Hardcore starts you at one away from max AD. When it maxes I don't think it's by much at all so you're pretty much chugging along as you should be. Once you know what you're doing well enough you should start having some ammo reserves. My condolences if you're playing as Claire B though. Fuck her six shooter. I recommend grabbing the laser sighted handgun and the magazine upgrade just so you have 26 normal bullets to work with. I dump her six shooter into the box when I grab it and just hoard the heavy handgun ammo I grab for the six shooter whenever the JMB runs out.

>> No.456654627

Nah I haven't died yet, just had my first encounter with Mr X. Guess I'll keep going and see what happens.

>> No.456654791

we get free meatloaf on wednesdays but I've never seen them get a single shipment of beef. oh well.

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Quoted By: >>456655119

The shotgun is SPECIFICALLY for zombies, actually.
Aiming at a zombie head, with no crits, you can waste up to 10 bullets, or more, before downing it for good.

Using the shotgun, up close (basically bite reach pre-stock, at a reasonable arm reach post-stock upgrade), aiming at a zombie head, the head will split open and the zombie will be dead absolutely 100% of the time, every time.
1 shotgun shell vs more than 10+ handgun bullet.
The shotgun is such an efficient zombie disposal tool, by the time you reach the sewers skilled players will literally box the handgun and all handgun ammo entirely, and only whip out the handgun and use it for extremely situational uses (baiting out embryo from the water, running past them as they're performing the resurfacing animation, shooting the Ivy's weakspots when you want to safe up on flamethrower ammo).
The shotgun absolutely SHOULD be used to dispose of zombies from choke points you're going back and forth multiple times.
Always mix up gunpower to greate more shotgun shells, never ever use any gunpowder to make handgun ammo (you're allowed to do that once at the very start of the game, it gives you an extra edge at the start, but that's it).

>> No.456654840
Quoted By: >>456656101

I don't take it as punishing good players. It's making the game more tense which is important in a horror game. If you're already at a certain level of "good" at the game you'd breeze through anyway. Having it be a bit tougher just means you're doing pretty damn well. I consider it a reward it being a survival horror game. You can always set it to assisted if it bothers you that much.

>> No.456655119
File: 3MiB, 994x560, WITH THA NON STOP POP POP AND STAINLESS STEEL.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>100% of the time, every time.
yup. I've played through the game roughly 12 times including fun runs, and this has been the case every time with the shotgun.

>> No.456655263
Quoted By: >>456656078

I'm late to the party because I wanted to avoid spoilers pre-release. What did Shitlord here do before the game came out that everyone's mocking them for?

>> No.456655264

I completed the game and I fully admit that every webm that shows faults with the game is pretty much spot on.

>> No.456655365
File: 267KiB, 600x450, 71a.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456655702


>> No.456655702
File: 126KiB, 522x522, 2005.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456655993

yes, and?

>> No.456655851
File: 926KiB, 3840x2160, 25.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456656120

Any reports of the shotgun not killing zombies in 1 shot (i've seen a lot of them on /v/ especially for some reason) are all born from people not understanding how the shotgun itself works.

1-They graze the target head to the sides so the full shot doesn't register
2-They aren't close enough pre-stock so the damage isn't enough for the true headshot
3-They try to do that old RE trick where you bunch up more than one zombie and try to decapitate more than one of them in one shot, wich doesn't work in this game and just turns into grazing, see 1.

>> No.456655993
File: 29KiB, 480x360, hqdefault (12).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456656213

holy christ the cope

>> No.456656078

Shilling his Youtube videos and being a huge spaz while saying the game was going to be terrible and to PLEASE not spend money on it so it would fail financially instead of being a huge hit like it actually wound up being.

>> No.456656101
Quoted By: >>456656396

I think the inclusion of a difficulty selection is redundant if you're gonna fuck around with the difficulty anyway. At the very least, they should have included an option to turn AD off and just choose a difficulty and that's it.

>> No.456656120
File: 3MiB, 746x420, dismemberment.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456661056

>They try to do that old RE trick where you bunch up more than one zombie and try to decapitate more than one of them in one shot
I did like that in the original. gibbing them in general was a lot of fun.

>> No.456656213
File: 81KiB, 1391x569, what's up you meme loving fuck.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456656512

what are you even trying to say retard?

>> No.456656305
Quoted By: >>456657187


Honestly, I felt the game was designed without ink ribbons in mind. Especially when you straight up pick up 6 at a time in darkroom saferoom in the RPD.

>> No.456656396

Fair enough. The AD does have limits though. On assisted it doesn't go very high. On Normal I think it can almost get to Hardcore levels if you're really kicking ass. Hardcore is nigh maxed from the get go.

>> No.456656512
File: 15KiB, 329x406, 1551706501360.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456656929

you disgust me

>> No.456656537
File: 140KiB, 379x440, 1466717040820.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456657196

What the shit, did the game rape his mother or something?

>> No.456656929
File: 518KiB, 1205x817, how disgusting are you.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456657001

no one cares about your console flamewars.

>> No.456657001

this has nothing to do with consolewars kiddo

>> No.456657187
File: 393KiB, 1200x1600, Birkin_1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Hardcore does not, in any way, use AD in any other way than maxing it right off the bat.
Then it just stays fixed and that's it.
Overall the game seems designed around hardcore rather than standard.
The game gives you tons of ribbons because they essentially "lock" what you're actually supposed to achieve, aka S+, behind a hard limit of 3 saves max, so the ribbons are there to help people just clear hardcore in general before they get serious with the game and aim for the real goal, S+ Hardcore.

The bosses on Hardcore have a lot of HP because you're meant to basically spend the absolute minimum amount of ammo as possible during the campaign, and pump it all exclusively into them.
Even then, there's 2 bosses that are "fake".
Birkin G1 is meant to be knifed a lot and then downed used exclusively handgun bullets, the game tricks you into thinking you also need to use shotgun shells but it's just stealing bullets from you.
And Birkin G2 doesn't require ammo at all.
When he's slamming his talon down you can just run around, or even better there's a specific spot next to some junk to the left of the main door (he smashes open later) you can stand, and his hand will never, ever reach you.
Then afterwards you can just bait him around the platform and hit the button 2 times, zero bullets used (there's an alternative way using all your flamethrower ammo only but if it's your first time going for S+ you can just lame it out).

The game, in general, is full of situations where you THINK you're supposed to use your entire arsenal, but more often than not there's alternative ways to solve the situation.

>> No.456657196
File: 13KiB, 1855x96, 1526996522255.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

just autism and meth.

>> No.456657207
Quoted By: >>456657436

Then speak the fuck up, you stupid nigger. What does it have to do with?

>> No.456657315
File: 20KiB, 676x584, GP..jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456657436

lol okay fag.

>> No.456657375
File: 13KiB, 750x528, 1553534156206.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thanks for the nostalgic laugh anon

>> No.456657389

I love how people are now using this screencap to defend literally any game, even though RE2 was never targeted by the guy referenced in that post. It was a completely different autist.

>> No.456657436
File: 36KiB, 567x567, D0SkNQ1X0AE87Qd.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456657585



>> No.456657493
Quoted By: >>456657657

Link his videos, I wanna see one or two and laugh at them. With adblock enabled, of course :^)

>> No.456657585


I love instantly winning arguments like this too. You BTFO those faggots bro

>> No.456657657


>> No.456657731
File: 1MiB, 720x1280, 1551495922391.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>This sucks
I agree

>> No.456657861
File: 29KiB, 170x172, 1435975593505.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456658115

>that energy of his
holy shit I figured the meth comment was just bantz, but maybe he is on some coke or something

Shitlord, if you're reading this, are you alright? You seem like you need help.

>> No.456658047
File: 16KiB, 424x417, 1335441467288.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456658512

Holy fucking christ, this entire channel is the definition of clickbait.
There's not a single genuine video here, just clickbait upon clickbait, dozens of videos, just pure clickbait and trying to cash in "controversy" on each new big release.
What is happening to this person's life.

>> No.456658115

not bantz, didn't even look like he changed his for a month up to the games release when he was putting out videos.

>> No.456658178

Is he wrong?

>> No.456658270
Quoted By: >>456659092

Sauce pls

>> No.456658324

I like how vague it is
>some, not all
>doesn't mention game
>one person, using proxies
>same person but different games
This is can literally apply to anything, any game, any person. It's so vague and pointless.

>> No.456658450
Quoted By: >>456658779

Please get help.
Seriously we're not memeing here, you have a legit mental illness.

>> No.456658512
File: 11KiB, 450x355, 1436936698418.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>456658818

>all those 'yikes!' thumbnails
Jesus fuck, is this parody? If we were in 2015-2017 would it just be 'cringe' instead? What a fucking bandwagoning memeshitter.

>> No.456658568

he was wrong about the game being a failure, and he kept using any nitpicks he could to act like the game was going to be a massive flop.

>> No.456658779

>comment on image being vague and pointless
>omg you are that one person!
Yeah, aside from being vague, it enables people like you to pretend everybody is one mentally ill person.
When in reality you are the one who needs help.

>> No.456658818

>Jesus fuck, is this parody?
In the vid he talks about "unreal engine" and "unity" even tho it makes no sense when talking about REmake 2 at all.
He starts spouting random shit and just acting like he's retarded.
I think he's just making random ass vids with vague shitposting to get views but considering the views he gets per vid in his channel it really isn't worth all this.

>> No.456658870

>2 months later
>same webms

Some things never change.

>> No.456659029

I've seen people post this image in response to criticism of the following games:
>Doom Eternal
>Cyberpunk 2077
>Outer Worlds

I think I'm missing a few. The point is, it's become a meaningless picture to use in any thread where criticism of a game you like shows up. We have no idea if the original autist was even here and few people know what the games he actually shitposted about were. RE2 had its own super dedicated shitposter but this image is just retarded.

>> No.456659092

I don't have it, anon.

>> No.456659175
Quoted By: >>456659574

>one autist directs rage at a bunch of different games
>hurr why is this posted everywhere


>> No.456659257


>> No.456659321

NOOOO you are playing right into (((HIS))) hands!
Thats just what he wants us to beleive.
I'm not crazy YOU are crazy

>> No.456659574
Quoted By: >>456660338

So now whenever there's shitposting about literally any game, we should assume it's that one guy? Great logic right there, friendo.

>> No.456660009
File: 200KiB, 701x601, sherry and claire after a big meal.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

this thread is still shit! amazing!
I'll spice this thread up by saying that I want to use sherry's butthole as a urinal time and time again until you can hear the bodily fluids in her belly sloshing around when she moves!

>> No.456660278

Threads about shit games are also shit? Hardly surprising.

>> No.456660338
Quoted By: >>456660705

nice strawman

>> No.456660363
Quoted By: >>456660930

How the fuck do you weebs even find these obscure artists on pixv.
Seriously you really had to go dig for this one.

>> No.456660705
Quoted By: >>456660898

Well maybe you should actually get to the point in your posts instead of just going "hmmm" like a retard. Just a thought.

>> No.456660898


>> No.456660930

figuring out what names are in japanese is always a help

>> No.456661056

Do not need to finish off the cut in half ones, just go out the door and come back in . . GONE!

>> No.456661348
Quoted By: >>456661475

Original game is so much better.

>> No.456661432


The proof that he's all contrarianism for clicks is that he defends Fallout 76.

>> No.456661475
Quoted By: >>456661738


>> No.456661609

>a lot of the time they're blocking a narrow hallway or doorway and have to be taken down
only if you're going to be using that door a lot. a couple shots is enough to stagger them and run past. you can also kneecap them with less ammo.

>> No.456661738

New isn't bad, but the original does it better.

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