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Do you ever get the feeling that a large portion of /v/ just deems whatever games they can't afford shit? Or that they argue that a platform exclusive and the platform itself are shit just because they can't afford it?
I feel bad for the people who want to read recommendations and get answers from anons who have never played a game for reason than it being out of their budget. I feel like seeing it spread so widely leads people to believe that all games are bad currently since all recent games aren't as easily pirated as the abandonware from years ago.

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>ever listening to /v/
I come here for memes and nothing else

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It's between lack of money and too much free time. When I started posting on /v/ I was unemployed and finishing school so I had a ton of time to play, but not much money. If I bought a game it needed replayability, I remember getting gmod and dropping thousands of hours into it.

I cant see myself dropping any more than a hundred hours on most games nowadays, which means I dont run out of content to do as quickly. This is partly because of life obligations and partly because I have 2-4 games I'm playing at any given time.

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>games they can't afford

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>literally proving op right

Nibba the past 5 games /v/ have lost their shit over have been online games you can't pirate. You played yourself.

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It's just retarded faggots who feel the need to be loyal to one corporations plastic budget PC box. Saying someone can afford a console is retarded if you can afford one console you can afford them all the exception being underage toddlers who only have whatever console mommy and daddy bought them. Even more retarded is people who act like a PC gamer with a good PC can't afford consoles which can be much more expensive than any console.

Also if you want a real answer it's just falseflag shitposting because it's so easy to farm (You)'s.

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>playing on assisted mode
Mr X does not go that slow on the other modes, especially on Hardcore.

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cept he does, he only jogs to catch up to like 10 feet from you in hc

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>prove OP right
>because everyone can afford those games by pirating it
>last 5 games /v/ have lost their shit over have been mostly FREE TO PLAY online games
Wow, what a great point you're making.

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/v/ is split between the shills and the TORtanic crowd. Anyone with a nuanced or reasonable opinion is drowned out by the shitposting from both sides.

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A ton of people people think bittorrent is magic and don't know how to pirate, even on this highly intellectual board. More still just don't ever pirate because they only have a PS4 or Switch and a Macbook w/ no games or something

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the "shills" sometimes have nuanced / reasonable opinions. They are arguing for a game for free because they like it and are just trying to tell you why so they can have more people to talk to about it in their threads

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