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ur mom lol

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Quoted By: >>451200286

Nemesis, no question. Nemesis can sprint at full speed to catch up to you, and can appear at any time. Mr. X is a joke in the original RE2 and in the REMake after you've completed one A/B scenario he becomes more of an annoyance than anything else

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Nemesis would be way more terrifying going after you than Mr. X. In terms of design, Mr. X is just a big dude so it can easily be any criminal. Nemesis has a spooky vagina face. So Nemmy is better.

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Nemesis is based

>> No.451166659

Mr X looks like someone just did a giant fart right above his nose. You can even see the ripples on his skin from the blast zone.

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Currently X, I also greatly enjoy the WOOMBS in the BGM when he Kool aid mans in cutscenes. But Nemesis will benefit from all of X's current tech, so eventually Nemesis.

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How come Mr. X has a relatively human face why Nemesis’ is just stapled together meat?

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>using nu-nemesis design

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different mutations/viruses, that's like asking why zombies look different than hunters or lickers

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He has tentacles and shit in his body, mutated more.

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Mr. X only walks towards you in the hopes that you'll get trapped on a zombie

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>mrs.X captures leon only to hold him down with her legs and brap into his face til unconscious
Big benis mode rn tbqh

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different Tyrants

>> No.451167304

arent lickers just zombies though evolved?
Mr.X has tentacles too

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Right,because he looks fucking insane.
Mr X looks more proffesional and well mannered

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Nemesis looks like the mohel was half asleep when he circumcised his head

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Nemesis has a parasyte that grew within him , Mr X just has the virus

>> No.451167502

They basically just opened him up, stuffed a parasitic tentacle monster in, and then stretched the skin over it and stapled him shut.

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Nigga with a rocket launcher

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I actually think Mr. X looks creepier than Nemesis since he has that uncanny valley feeling going for him whereas Nemmy just looks like some monster. Gameplaywise though, Nemesis is way creepier since he can run and use weapons and shit.

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theyre bioweapons crafted for different purposes. think mrx as a silenced pistol while nemesis is a machine gun.

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Nemesis has no depth perception. EZPK

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Mr. X is just a big guy, while nemesis has surpassed humanity.

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snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff...oh yes my dear....sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff....quite pungent indeed...is that....dare I say....sssssssnniff...eggs I smell?......sniff sniff....hmmm...yes...quite so my darling....sniff....quite pungent eggs yes very much so .....ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff....ah yes...and also....a hint of....sniff....cheese.....quite wet my dear....sniff...but oh yes...this will do nicely....sniff.....please my dear....another if you please....nice a big now....

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X is more intimidating but nemesis is the bigger threat and I think he's pretty creepy when he talks

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Nemesis. X is a mild annoyance at best and the hat almost makes him dorkier than Nemesis' tryhard design.

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none of them, are you 7?

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Mr. X just looks like a tall dude which isn't creepy. His face isn't even really scary when you look at it upclose, and you dont usually get to see it zoomed in when playing. Nemesis isn't creepy either but he's a bigger threat and nigga looks like a deformed human. Later on, Mr. X just looks like a big zombie with claws while Nemesis becomes a spaghetti monster with a beak.

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mr.tough guy over here

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Quoted By: >>451178719

Mr. X doesn't look scary or intimidating in REmake, more like meme guy which he becomes especially with that silly hat.
Thank god Birkin still rocks.
Birkin>Nemesis>Mr Y

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Mr. X looks human enough to be recognizable as one but also not human enough to make him look weird and out of place. His proportions are all of, his face looks weird, but not really overly deformed etc. Even his hat in the remake kinda adds to that uncanny valley feeling. But yeah, once he turns full Tyrant mode he looks less uncanny and more RE monster.

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what's birkin's best form?

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2 is best where he's being mogged in his own body

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These fuckers. At least until the RE3 remake.

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You can also see his original face in the third form. Love how fucked up he is.

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That Nemesis looks like a pissed off Kirby, so I'll go with X this time.

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Pyramid Head > both of them

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>his face looks weird
Yeah but not in a scary way. I get what you're saying though, but he just doesn't look creepy. Claire's goblina face is more uncanny and unsettling than Mr. X's, webm related. If they're going for "subtle" horror they completely failed since RE is never about subtlety and adding those bumps on his face goes against that. Nemesis is human shaped but has his lips ripped out, with his soulless eyes. Not creepy, but overall still more effective than Mr. X's design.

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If this was supposed to be a bio weapon, what possible reason would phase 5 have?

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mistakes happen in experiments

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It could evolve even further to become Hedorah from Godzilla movie.

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t. Speedreader

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It's not a planned development, Birkin just kept mutating as response to getting damaged.

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Nemesis by far.

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The way Nemesis utters "S.T.A.R.S." is creepier than any Tyrant.

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Mr. X because he stalks you like a yandere bf you didn't gratulate to his birthday and now he's gonna give it to ya.

>> No.451171859

He lost control at that point, it had no purpose beyond "whoops... still hungry tho".

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literally just start playing the zoomer theme and watch X get btfo'd and if that don't work call pic related

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Is that Mike Patton?

>> No.451172283

Wait a minute does the Nemisis not have eyes?

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He took to much damage which caused his body to lose form, it wasn't intentional

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NuNemmy looks worse than the RE3 cgi model

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His name is just Extra

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that face

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It's just an extra

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NuNemesis? was there a reboot announced already or something???

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What is the extra meme anyway?

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Where is that Nemesis image from?

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He beat all of our top guys first try in the wrestling match last night

>> No.451173184
Quoted By: >>451173494

No I was there for that I mean what was the original /tv/ meme about

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Nemesis is more aggresive but all of RE3 felt incredibly goofy
Not that MrX is any more scarier

Now Birkin, Birkin may be the most freaky thing in any RE

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m-my mucculent broth!

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The one who can run and has a rocket launcher.

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haha o wow

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I mean the model they've been using since Op. RC or MvC.

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>this kills the /v/

>> No.451173881

>He put out the fire?

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Imagine being the fucking guy who has to put clothes on that thing before it gets shipped off. Christ that would be a tense job.

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Quoted By: >>451174776

It's probably smart enough to dress itself

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Playing REmake 2 for the first time, why the fuck won't Mr. X leave me alone? I'm playing on Normal, and fucking anyhwere I go, he's there either first, or gets there, before anyone says "Don't engage in combat" or "Don't run" I don't do either all that often. He still fucking chases me down.

>> No.451174776

There's no way it has enough mobility to do so, especially for some of those straps on its shoulder. It would need at least one guy to help it. Even if it's under mind control or whatever that job would be fucking terrifying.
>accidentally pinch its skin
>lets out a grunt and looks at you
>shit your pants

>> No.451174851

Nemesis is scarier in concept but Mr. X's execution right now is way more terrifying.

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nemesis is too adorable to be scary.

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What is the parasite inside of Nemesis?

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Nemesis, at least for me personally.

>> No.451175724

The Nemesis parasite That's why he's called that.

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Quoted By: >>451176248

he can hear you fire from across the station, and he can hear you run if he's nearby. he can also hear enemies yelling so if you're trying to sneak around while zombies get excited over you, that's why he's showing up.
he patrols around the main hallways of the police station. don't linger in the main hall because he goes through there often. if you hear him coming hide in side rooms that he doesn't check unless he's chasing you.

>> No.451175792

I actually laughed.

>> No.451175992

No one wearing a fedora and trench coat is scary. Mr. X is a brony incel.

>> No.451176248
Quoted By: >>451176832

How is that fair? That he can hear enemies yelling, guns I get, guns are loud as fuck. But Lickers and zombies are loud as hell, and so when I sneak by, they yell when they see me. That's not fair that I also have to deal with him hearing them

>> No.451176294

Nemesis is a lot more scary than Mr X.

Nemesis has a rocket launcher and runs after you while shouting STAAAAARRRS. He don't give a shit and even smashes through walls.

>> No.451176304

Visually, X is more disturbing, because he has an expressionless, vestigial face which is more like a mask made of its own skin. It sells the fact that it's a monster that was then designed to look just a little more human, and it's human features we're just added on top of a monstrous creature.
Nemesis is more threatening though, since it's smarter, stronger, and faster.

>> No.451176367

I love the way Nemesis walks where he drags his feet.

>> No.451176472

Mr. X is too dapper to look creepy. What makes him creepy is his stomping.

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Quoted By: >>451176725

Mr.X (Game)
>Slow, clunky, hazard that forces you to move quicker, punishes you for taking your time
Mr.X (Movie)
>Intimidating giant motherfucker that does not give you breathing room at fucking all
Nemesis (Game)
>Intimidating presence that warrants pants shitting because he's a big fucking threat
Nemesis (Movie)
>Beauty and the Beast: Resident Evil version

Mr.X is cool in his movie but shit in the game, while it's the opposite for Nemesis. A balance needs to be struck that ends with both vidya and movie versions being good.

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3 for me
2 is the scariest design but 3 is a really cool design

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I am, because my game's being remade!

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Quoted By: >>451177118

>Mr.X (Movie)
which movie?

>> No.451176737

Mister Bog mod when ?

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>guns I get, guns are loud as fuck.
>But Lickers and zombies are loud as hell

>> No.451176916

3 looks like a clown from hell, and that's scary as fuck.

>> No.451176967
Quoted By: >>451177178

I'm not the one intiating their loudness, I am with gunshots. It shouldn't be fair that he hears the enemies.

>> No.451177038 [SPOILER]
File: 2MiB, 1136x642, MR X (MODO DE DOBLE SOMBRERO).webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This was kinda scary

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Quoted By: >>451177232

I'm pretty sure birkin wasn't a proper match for the virus.

>> No.451177118

I think Damnation. Leon's in some Slavic country, and he fights one Mr.X with the help of a horde of Lickers and a tank, just barely winning. It was a great movie, you should look into the three animated movies when you can. Third one is especially good because it's B-movie at its finest.

>> No.451177178
Quoted By: >>451177725

Why should it matter? X is intelligent enough to know that the zombies are only going to react to a non-infected human.

>> No.451177214


>> No.451177232

Nah bro G-Virus just fucks shit up. Up to form 3 it was going pretty well but then he got dabbed on repeatedly and couldn't regenerate properly.

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>be you
>survived the first three days of the RC incident
>found a way to get out of the city
>Just a few more meters ahead and you will be free
>Hears a low "SSTAAAAARS" right behind you

I'm not a faggot but I would be scared af

>be you
>survived the first three days of the RC incident
>found a way to get out of the city
>Just a few more meters ahead and you will be free
>Hears footsteps right behind you
>Its just an well-dressed tall gentleman


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Quoted By: >>451188856

as dumb as it sounds, i always thought 1 looked really cool carrying that pipe around, wearing the old remains of birkin's clothes

>> No.451177393

bro i ain't in stars the fuck do i care i'd just point him to where jill is hiding

>> No.451177397
Quoted By: >>451177973

Huh, I never knew about the animated ones. I only thought they did that godawful live action series.

>> No.451177479
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Mr. X in REmake 2 always reminded me of this

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>> No.451177585

Turns out that well-dressed, tall gentleman is an avid fan of the knockout game.

>> No.451177590
Quoted By: >>451177775

>with the help of a horde of Lickers
wait what? lickers can be controlled like hunters?

>> No.451177603
Quoted By: >>451189096

Nemesis provided additional challenge if you try to take him down for weapon parts.
X is just an annoying immortal dummy who completely destroys the exploration aspect of the game.

>> No.451177608
Quoted By: >>451177821

Nemesis only hunts down STARS. You
Have nothing to worry about.

>> No.451177642

Nemesis is for Jill

>> No.451177692

he would ignore you if the saw Jill. Maybe just push you but nothing more unless you attacked him.
But you would be damned if you were to meet him alone. He was looking for the STARS but also killing everything on his path

>> No.451177725
Quoted By: >>451177851

Because it makes me die, and have to start fucking over. It's not fair that he can hear them.

>> No.451177738


Mr. X is a mass produced basic bitch in a fedora.
Nemesis is stronger, faster, more versatile, and infinitely more intelligent. Never mind the mutations.

Nemesis is what happens when you combine a tyrant with Birkin, and then give the amalgamation human levels of intellect that allow it to improvise, use tools, formulate ambushes, taunt it's prey, prioritize targets, and even hold a grudge.

>> No.451177775
Quoted By: >>451178291

Lickers were controlled via plagas. Leon befriended a Slav who was planning a rebellion using plagas with himself as the host of the control-type.

>> No.451177821

there was a clerical error at the RPD and you are now listed as a stars member.
good luck.

>> No.451177851
Quoted By: >>451178109

Well, you are playing a SURVIVAL horror.

>> No.451177868

nah he wouldn't bother fucking with me he'd think i look too cool to kill and just give me a high five

>> No.451177875
Quoted By: >>451192872

I don't get it

>> No.451177973

Nope. There's three movies; Degeneration, Damnation, and Vendetta.

>Leon rescuing Claire and a faggot senator from an airport
>Leon isn't RE4 wisecracking Leon, but the rest of the cast makes up for his lack of humor
>Also DSL SWAT member, god damn bitch had thick lips
>Leon is Devil May Cry tier (the good DMC)
>Plagas are back
>Ada Wong being Ada Wong
>The most nonsensical villain motivation
>Leon being an asshole with one-liners
>Hilarious as fuck action scenes that are simultaneously bad and good at the same time
>Don't take this seriously or else you're watching incorrectly

All three movies are good. They have their faults, especially Vendetta, but they are by no means bad like the live action ones.

>> No.451178030
Quoted By: >>451178416

>also killing everything on his path

I don’t remember that. Then again that was when I was 14 years old in 99.

>> No.451178109

In the original, Mr. X was pefect. He only came at certain times in the B scenario, and while he was no pushover to knock down, he was way fucking easier there than here.

>> No.451178114
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he doesn't stand a chance

>> No.451178116
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fpbp i actually laughed

>> No.451178138

He is an annoying piece of shit who obviously cheats to know your position instead of using actual visual or detection.

>> No.451178151

I hope he can’t read the updated list.

>> No.451178197
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>> No.451178291
Quoted By: >>451178462

I didn't even know plaga and t virus were compatible, but I guess I never really considered it either.

>> No.451178408
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>> No.451178416
Quoted By: >>451193974

To tell you the truth, I also don't remember it. But it did attack Carlos and I think Nicolai ran away from it once

>> No.451178462

Plaga can live in pretty much anything human-like, so I assume you can just shove them into most BOWs.

>> No.451178662
Quoted By: >>451178793

CHADmesis runs at full speed towards you while Virgin X just walks

>> No.451178719

They went full on edge with Nemesis. He's practically wearing bondage gear while having a big spooky monster face.

I like how Nemesis looks when he starts to break down, but OG Mr. X looks great. They changed his coat to make it look more generic and it really bums me out, plus the hat is dumb.

The new Birkin also looks amazing, all of his transformations were fantastic.

>> No.451178750


>> No.451178793

He speed walks if you piss him off.

>> No.451179024

It's called uncanny valley. It's a popular tactic used in the horror genre. Mr X is more human than Nemesis, just with minor alterations that look "off" when you get close to see him.

Nemesis just looks like a monster. I think it's where the series kind of went wrong, they were more concerned with creating abominations than humanoids. Humanoid monsters just scare me more, I guess.

>> No.451179028
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>> No.451179354

What is the live action movie where there are a whole bunch of STARS members holding out in some building and there's one civilian with them and Nemesis mows them all down with a minigun without touching the civilian?

>> No.451179609


>> No.451179768
Quoted By: >>451179983

A piece of garbage.

>> No.451179932
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Quoted By: >>451184253

the same one that made jill a smoker.

>> No.451179983

This. The first movie was the best and that's saying alot since it was average at best

>> No.451180071

Closer to the games than the first RE movie, I'll give it that much.

>> No.451180593

based and hightestpilled

>> No.451181310
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>> No.451182082

Phase 1 is great, but phase 3 is peak Birkin.

>> No.451182240

Probably Nemesis if you're going into the series blindly

Without a dodge I feel like Nemesis will be scarier
If RE3RE has a dodge move I think Mr. X is scarier since killing monsters is a struggle on hardcore and having to deal with lickers+X is a bitch. I think RE3RE will be much easier if they add a dodge move.

>> No.451182470

man, I really enjoyed the RE movies when I was a teenager and the only RE game I played was 4 on my wii

even back then I could tell they were trash though

>> No.451183073

fpbp my dude

>> No.451184253

Cigarettes are sexy unless you're an /r9k/ loser that's hates tattoos too

>> No.451184651
Quoted By: >>451184939

>cancer and smelling like shit is sexy
Kindly grab the nearest belt and hang yourself subhuman.

>> No.451184659


Cancer phase

>> No.451184939

>not wanting Jill to use your chest as an ashtray

>> No.451185151

2, whatever human shape remaining is getting quickly taken over and replaced by an abomination.

>> No.451185163

In general, working for Umbrella must be some nasty shit. You’re constantly surrounded by lethal bio-organic weapons and viruses, only waiting for some terrible accident to happen, or for some company boss deciding that you’re gonna be the next test subject. Fuck that shit, I’d rather be working for any other pharma/bio research company.

>> No.451185435



>> No.451185436


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>> No.451186030

Context matters. X faces you with narrow corridors and turret controls. Nemesis fights you in a game with dodging where you can literally take him out with nothing but a knife and never get touched.

So while Nemesis is faster with a more impressive arsenal, X is far scarier.

>> No.451186089
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So why did they kill off Umbrella off-screen without us ever getting to see the real HQ in Europe? That's where Nemesis was made, and I imagine that's where the nastiest stuff was developed too.

I just wish we went back to 1-2-3 style of bioabominations instead of the weird las plagas shit we've gotten since 4. Even 7 had this more fungal/parasite feel to stuff.

>> No.451186324

It better fucking pay well, that's for sure, or they had the interns do it.
I don't think the majority of people working for Umbrella had any idea of that, otherwise they'd have jumped ship.

>> No.451186502

REmake X > Nemesis >>> OG X

>> No.451186690

"...sorry big guy. Almost done, hey John do you still have that big dumb green fedora you got jimmy as a joke? ...oh wow, they really used it on the 103? Tell me you got a picture of that. Annnd we are done, Ok T-type, you are stylin and profilin. Good luck off you go."

>> No.451187538
File: 1MiB, 480x336, 1544380094877.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Pretty sure the next original RE game will be a return of the 'real' RE vibe from 1,2,3.

The devs and Capcom realized that the losers that loved 4,5,6 aren't profitable in any way.

>> No.451187670
Quoted By: >>451201272



>> No.451187697

>silenced pistol

>> No.451188168
Quoted By: >>451191124

tattoos usually do suck though, but it's usually because the person just has bad taste.

>> No.451188263
Quoted By: >>451191124

>faggot who smokes AND has tatoos
End your life loser.

>> No.451188692
Quoted By: >>451191124

>Loan an item to a non-smoker
>Item is returned in same condition.
>Loan an item to a smoker.
>Item is either returned in poor condition (holes; smells like smoke), or not returned at all.
Really makes you think.

>> No.451188856

I think so to. 2 and 3 look great but I always liked 1 the best.

>> No.451188983
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>> No.451189083

>New RE game comes out
>It stars Chris commanding a bunch of soldiers that go and raid the last Umbrella branch in Europe
>There are no scripted deaths for your soldiers. You could beat the entire game and have your entire squad survive
>Different endings depending on who's alive and not by the end of the game

>> No.451189096

Negro you already explored the RPD, if you didn't learn the layout well enough that's your problem.

>> No.451189385
File: 281KiB, 981x1558, 5390573980759832.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Move aside, gays.

>> No.451190207
Quoted By: >>451190680

1 is the coolest in its own way. Still somewhat human looking with a beefed up mutant arm / half

2 is the scariest

3 is the best BOW

>> No.451190270

>Hard mode is you taking Hunk along

>> No.451190356

new Mr X looks like a joke

>> No.451190420


>> No.451190680

>2 is the scariest
Get fucked #1 is scary as shit #2 feels more like an action game and no I'm not talking about the remakes

>> No.451190737

>Nu-Nemesis looks like and old man and he wears fedora
Terrible. Awful.

>> No.451190768

If they do R3Make and give Nemesis the current vibe and design of X then most likely Nemesis.

Basically a bigger scarier X on steroids who can actually run, has a rocket launcher, and screams STAAAAAAAAARS at you on top of stomping around hunting your ass.

like for example the underground prison bit in RE2 what would feel scarier

>X sees you at the end of a hall that should be safe when the other hall is swarmed with zombies and just starts walking over to you

>Nemesis sees you just as you make the turn to the safe hall to avoid the zombie hall and goes "STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS!" and starts barreling down that hall immediately

>> No.451190952

No I think they just realised that the audience for 5 and 6 were fickle. Most RE fans loved 4 when it was released despite being different, when it became clear with 5 and practically status quo with 6 that they wanted the gears of war audience people were rightly jaded and the game despite selling well wasn't really much of a fan favourite. To this day RE6 is the only game i've returned on the same day as buying the game. It's a shame too cause the Leon campaign started with promise.

>> No.451191124

Virgins have dumb standards
Maybe if you dated a smoker she wouldn't mind your rancid gamer breath

>> No.451191429
Quoted By: >>451192330

Only good with roided out Chris and not the RE7 one.

>> No.451191431

look at him and laugh fellow gamers

>> No.451191719

t.degenerate tattood smoker
Anyone else noticed how faggot losers with tattoos always get really angry and defensive when tattoos are brought into question? Almost always accuse everyone else of being losers and not "getting pussy".

>> No.451191808
Quoted By: >>451199713

>8 foot tall monstrosity that punches through concrete walls
>Silenced pistol
Maybe in the context of a modern AAA stealth game

>> No.451192164

mr. x looks scarier but hes also "next gen"

i think they could potentially make tyrant much scarier and i honestly cant wait for them to do so

>> No.451192330

Depressed roids Chris is best Chris

>> No.451192391

T-003 is the scariest. There's something unsettling about a deadpan looking giant chasing you around just to beat you to a pulp.
>ywn be stalked by a 8'6" BOW waifu

>> No.451192872
Quoted By: >>451195369

look at the dude in orange

>> No.451193360

Nemesis shows up literally everywhere except for the hospital (you play as Carlos at this point and fight a bunch of lesser BOWs). Once you trigger Brad's death he's all over Jill and RE3 made sure to have you go everywhere for those train parts with Nemesis up your ass.

Then you reach the cathedral, thinking you lost Nemesis. NOPE he shows up there too just to cuck everyone of a ride home.

Post-vaccine Jill I don't remember encountering Nemesis again until I've reached the disposal plant, I could be wrong but I only remember encountering regular zombies, dogs and spiders in the park leading to the sewers and disposal plant.

>> No.451193389

fair's fair.

>> No.451193974

Nemesis observed the three Umbrella mercs before determining that once they were in cahoots with Jill it decided they were secondary targets.

That's why Nikolai faked his death and staked out on his own.

Unlike Mr. X who would attack Hunk, Nemesis would have ignored Hunk and probably helped him escape.

>> No.451194269

>this movie shows Umbrella sealing off the entire city in less than a day
>no US military involvement, just le ebil Umbrella private military
>the 'last stand' scene shows Umbrella mercs, STARS, regular cops standing there getting eaten by zombies
>even though STARS and the Umbrella mercs had helicopters they all went down instead of shooting on top of helicopters

>> No.451194387

This site is officially dead.

>> No.451194749


>> No.451194997


>> No.451195369
Quoted By: >>451200793

But what's the context?

>> No.451195701

>Well dressed man proceeds to knock you out and smash your skull

>STAAAARS guy just wants to kill stars and not you.


>> No.451195782
File: 32KiB, 405x607, wildcard.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

ayy lmao gottem

>> No.451196101
File: 198KiB, 898x1995, carlos oliveira.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Carlos will never ever be relevant again

Hold me bros

>> No.451196186


>> No.451197043

Nemesis literally killed Mr. X and the tyrant from RE1. You see their dead bodies in the end fight against him.

>> No.451197580

>Artikel von Simon Krätschmer

>> No.451197820
Quoted By: >>451199173

While the concept of Nemesis in the game is well done and was highly praised, you can tell most times when he's going to appear, since A, they're giving you ammo refill on the way or B, just because it's been right enough time since the last one.

Plus you hardly face any other bosses throughout the game.

It would be apocalyptic if they could somehow merge the two, a good linear game like DS, whist at the same time a designed Nemesis is harassing you left and right unpredictably when you try to progress toward the end (ala clock tower).

>> No.451197921

even his grandmother felt that sick burn.

>> No.451198103

Mr. X is intimidating in the sense of a T1000 just walking towards you, an being an unstoppable force

Nemesis is more scary at the thought he can kill far more easily.

>> No.451198165

I just don’t understand why his arm grows back for the third stage. It’s very clear his original right arm mutated while his left was left limp. 2nd form he just grows a new mutant limb while his original left is still there although it looks dead

>> No.451198251

op might as well kill himself now

>> No.451198659

>not shooting the rocket launcher
i wish i could forget resident evil movies exists

>> No.451199070

I'd say Mr X because I desperately want to be fucked by Nemesis

>> No.451199102

Why isn’t there a version of a virus that has sperm and eggs that a parasite can create and inject into a make or female host and make that host give birth to more parasites? It’s kinky and smart.

>> No.451199173
Quoted By: >>451200452

>be a negative piece of shit like always
lets be optimistic about RE2
>well if they make Mr.X able to appear anywhere and in any posible way (destroying doors/walls/windows/ceiling/ground the game could be fun even if everything else is shit
>slow walking don't walk through things
what a good remake

>> No.451199597

why do you call him Mr X?

>> No.451199713

He's supposed to be used as a solid snake style shock troop bioweapon. Drop them off behind enemy lines and have them blend i from a distance before they storm a stronghold and cut off the head when someone gets close and realises that big hulking form isn't just a man in the distance.

That's part of why they made him less bulky for REmake2.

>> No.451199807

holy rekt

>> No.451200091

For nemesis just dont be a s.t.a.r.s member and dont try to help any s.t.a.r.s on the other hand Mr.x is sent to kill literraly anyone. So ontop of zombies, lickers, hunters, cerberi etc. You need to worry about Mr.X crushing your fucking skull.

>> No.451200209
Quoted By: >>451200735

Nemesis looks so fucking stupid.

>> No.451200238

I read some magazine in the 90s calling him that, ever since he is Mr. X

>> No.451200286

>after you've completed one A/B scenario he becomes more of an annoyance than anything else

He never gave me a problem, not even in my first playthrough. Just wait for him to do the punch animation, sprint past him and he'll never catch you if you've opened the map to orient yourself.

>> No.451200329

T- whatever always made more sense to me

>> No.451200452
Quoted By: >>451200735

I walk talking about RE:3, my bad for not being clear I guess.

>> No.451200661
File: 3MiB, 3500x3042, NO! WAY! FAAAAAAAAAAG!.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.451200693

>never involved with city/world threatening conspiracies again
good for him

>> No.451200735
File: 3MiB, 1280x720, remake2 quality.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>451201395

unlike a old retard with a fedora right?
i know,i just mentioned that because is what happened with RE2

>> No.451200793
Quoted By: >>451201453

Look at him from start to finish, if you don't realize what's the problem then you're retarded.

>> No.451200976
File: 165KiB, 640x645, cartel_kids_instagram_13.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

gay t

>> No.451201184

I'd let her capture me.

>> No.451201272
File: 714KiB, 651x798, 1548462125698.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Based and survival horror pilled

>> No.451201334

REmake 3 will most likely happen though with the success of REmake 2. He'll definitely be relevant again. Though, I'm not looking forward to their mocap redesigns.

>> No.451201395

Oh well, I haven't been playing the remakes. Just my two cents after a full play-through of RE:3. Nice quality webm tho.

>> No.451201453

I see that but why is this posted here?

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