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>Generic TPS #134213141
>/v/ loves it for some reason
Explain yourselves.

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Why not?

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im finding it pretty boring so far. i can barely get into it without shutting it off

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>/v/ loves it

Take a fucking hint then: the problem is YOU.

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Stay mad switch fag

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Go back to Fortnite then

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Confirmed for not playing it.
It's basically perfect. Took the original and improved upon every aspect.

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This. /v/ usually hates EVERYTHING but LOVES RE2. Like EVERYWHERE loves RE2. If you hate it that's your opinion but it is the contrarian opinion to have.

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How are Leon, Claire, the zombies and the RPD so massive and floating over the city? Huh?

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scaredy cat

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>Generic TPS #134213141
then name another 134213140 games like re2 (2019)

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>Took the original and improved upon every aspect.
It really didnt at all. It's a prime example of a generic 8th gen 3rd-person action game, made artificially more challenging by turning every foe you come across into an unpredictable block of cement.

It's all made worse by the near complete lack of actual music and the washed-out, pointlessly dark visuals, that make every section feel exactly the same. The environments in general feel less majestic and interesting, because they seriously are now just liveless, static props, that you cannot examine for more info, nor can you interact with anything either. The labs were just silly RE-movie ripoffs.

What comes to plot and characters, the new version seriously lacks build-up and introduction phases. There's a whooping ONE (1) mention of the Mansion incident in the whole game, that in a single random note, but besides that the game really wants to act like it'd be a standalone game.
Besides the MC and their momentary avecs, the rest of the cast are given even less of screen time and fleshing.

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>if you didnt enjoy this game you must love fortnite

no im just not having fun with it when i played

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ok anon, then thats your opinion. Just know that most do not care or agree with you.

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>i can barley get into it
>without shutting it off

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It's so basic in terms of gameplay.
The game is essentially carried by its metroidvania-esque design but gutting everything that was good about RE4 and TEW combat systems was a pretty bad idea in hindsight, even if it's done for the sake of nostalgia.
At the very least they could've made the environment interactive.

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>drops you on a map with key items scattered around
>have to backtrack every time you find an item to see if it fits with the thing you find earlier
now this is peak gameplay

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Shit opinions

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>but gutting everything that was good about RE4 and TEW combat systems

RE2 is neither of those games. Start again.

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Fuck off Michael.

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i guess it's all the shit games pushed out nowadays and re2 is at least somewhat okayish so it gets some attention. but i gotta say it's bit over hyped for what it is. objectively it's a 7/10 game max. it's basically you know one of those wet and over sweet cakes with just a fancy dressing that's about to break in to just an big pile of mush.
ignore the attention hungry shitposters and shills saying it's the new coming of horror games, because it's not. it also doesn't improve on the original, only thing it improves is higher polycount and higher res textures.
also friendly consumer advice, you've seen everything of the game after completing the a and b scenario. that's about 4 or 5 hours of playing time. so if the moneys tight i'd suggest finding some other entertainment that's better worth it.

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Yes, it's just a boring shit, i do agree with you, anon.

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Most people disagree with you. Call some other well recieved popular games boring too, see where it gets you i guess.

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Most people like the Outlast brand of braindead horror games, too
Enjoy eating shit, i guess.

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That's how we know you haven't played. GG NO RE fag.

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kys retard

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>it also doesn't improve on the original, only thing it improves is higher polycount and higher res textures.
>there are people unironically delusional enough to think graphics were the only improvement
>my personal 7/10 rating of the game is objective fact

Yep, opinion discarded.

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>shoot the wooden door
>bullets don't pierce through
>run to open the door
>get instagrabbed by a zombie because there's no way to kick the fucking door
>knife was "nerfed", still rapes entire hordes of zombies before breaking so the most boring strat from re4 is still present
I don't get it.
They took all the worst from RE4 and none of the best.

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we got the perfect genre for you

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>its only good if no one likes it

I can make absurd logical fallacies too anon.

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>generic [any single genre] #1847372
>practically every single video game released
imagine gating yourself out of great video game experiences due to retarded preconceptions and/or bias about genres. O i am laffin.

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anon, do you note how the entire thread is replying to you as if you are either shitposting or bait? Its REAAAAAAALY just you. Flies on shit wont work here.

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Well, you're in that game alone so enjoy the special olympics reward

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>loses initial argument
>resorts to “game is boring because I said so”

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It's done because Leon and Claire shouldn't be zombie killing machines in the RPD, not because of nostalgia

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You can stop samefagging now, anon.
If you think that RE2R is not built around the extremely gutted version of resident evil 4 mechanics you may as well be blind.

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thread full of capcom shills

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Guess how i know you never played it

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>views don't fit with mine
>call them bad without putting anything on the table
why don't you go ahead and explain yourself you dumb cunt. i'm also genuinely interested how you think they improved it not just graphics wise.

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It seems to be one guy with the same passive aggressive posting style, seen him in multiple threads now.

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>easy to get around
>mr x removal is the most requested game mode
I don't get it

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>It's done because Leon and Claire shouldn't be zombie killing machines in the RPD

Stupid implementation to solve a stupid problem.

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It's almost like

That people enjoy


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The G-virus enhances everything and makes it floaty too

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>Explain yourselves.
Retards love things with the same name even if they are shit

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He adds nothing but pointless, repetitive tedium. He is not scary. He is not hard. He just forces you to stop exploration, pretty much the strongest point of the game, and shake him off again.
Even the first Evil Within did the same mistake but there it was only for one chapter out of 15.

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>forces you to stop exploration
you're bad at this game

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Whats your point though anon? everyone INCLUDING /v/ is telling you its good so it must be really shit? What then is your special persepective that shows how EVERYONE ELSE is being a shit muncher about it? At what poont are you just contrarian and which point not?

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tyrant is barely in the game whatsoever, the fuck are you on about

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Sorry for not speedrunning content like your autistic ass.

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Quoted By: >>450577482

You samefagging for half of the thread is not "everyone" anon.
Go back to shipping Leon and Claire

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It's fun.

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>no arguments
wew lad

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>universally accepted good games is "shilling"?

How big and overwhelming does the praise and copies sold need to be before you cannot use "shill"? 4 million? 7 million? 10 million? Or do you then just fall back on the "POPULAR = BAD" meme when you get absolutely btfo by it's success? This isn't about defending RE2 at this point anon, its about mocking attention seeking retards who think making pointless contrarian threads like these is in anyway good for the board.

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Hes in like half of the game in the 2nd run

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>you've seen everything of the game after completing the a and b scenario. that's about 4 or 5 hours of playing time. so if the moneys tight i'd suggest finding some other entertainment that's better worth it.

This right here is why I can’t take anything you said seriously. The average player isn’t going to beat BOTH scenarios is just a few hours, especially first-time players. Most people aren’t speedrunning autists. Stop making up bullshit.

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>muh RE4


>> No.450577403

It's not and will never be on the Switch

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I wish we had a quality thread somewhere. I'm so bored of these baits and "guaranteed replies" posts

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>its autistic to have an IQ above 50

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There are 29 posters and all but 2 people disagree with you, end ypur victim and conspiracy complex now anon. Sometimes you are simply in the wrong.

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Quoted By: >>450577684

you mean all 30 seconds of him from stars office to fountain?

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Quoted By: >>450577760

Micheal stop it.You have already lost

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The only objective criticism in that post was lack of music.

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Quoted By: >>450579927

Not everyone knows that he doesn't spawn until the stars office on their first playthrough.

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RE2Make is a generic TPS on the surface but the small nuances to the controls, ways it creates situations and gets the player to play and feel a certain way is what sets it apart from something like the RE Revolutions games.

>> No.450577731

You can open a door without going through it, and keep shooting zombies from the other side, it's not the games' fault you run straight into the room and get grabbed

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Have you SEEN his latest video where he anticipates REmake 3? The man is a cartoon character, this is almost a different human being here:


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RE7 was a fantastic game in its own right. That's not the point. The point is that they made a game using an utterly gutted version of RE4 mechanics stripped from so much of its mechanics it's essentially barebones.

>> No.450577991

anon, it's not speedrunning if you complete re2's campaign in 2-3 hours. it's a 50min campaign.
also stop diverting this conversation elsewhere, instead prove your points and stop being such an bitch.

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Quoted By: >>450578586

Jesus christ why does he always call it the all new edition of resident evil 2 it feels like listening to a broken record

>> No.450578098

Were RE4 fags always this cancerous?

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Quoted By: >>450578432

His channel is obviously a parody. Don't know exactly who he is parodying though. Hes almost like the human equivalent of /v/

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Jesus you are fucking retarded.

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Quoted By: >>450578449

>The point is that they made a game using an utterly gutted version of RE4 mechanics
What RE4 mechanics? Being able to aim? I don't think that counts as an RE4 mechanic.

>> No.450578218

>muh evil fans

>> No.450578236

>it's not speedrunning if you complete re2's campaign in 2-3 hours. it's a 50min campaign.
Like the other anon said people are not going to complete each campaign in 50 minutes unless they already know everything

>> No.450578290

it literally takes about 10 - 15 mins to reach G1 on 2nd Run and tyrant won't even be about for 100% of that time, again, the fuck are you on about

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Quoted By: >>450578938

The only RE4 thing in this game is a slight camera perspective. That's it.
>no melee
>no QTE
>no vaulting
>no stat managment upgrades for guns
>no sniper
>no big open spaces
>no ammunition from enemies
>no rewards from enemies

The only thing tethering you to the idea of RE4 is a camera perspective. Thats it. Take out OTS and you wouldn't accuse it of not being RE4. You wouldn't accuse REVII of being a stripped down RE4 and REmake 2 has more in common with VII than it does with 4.

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Quoted By: >>450579113

>it's a 50min campaign.

Yeah, if you stick to the absolute bare minimum and only focus on the primary objectives.

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Quoted By: >>450580698

Well there you have it, he is parodying /v/. My real wonder as anon American is this bizzare hate he has fpr the southern accent as if "southern = retarded"

>> No.450578449

>What RE4 mechanics
Contextual melee at least in some form (nobody expects Leon to be a fucking commando but he should at the very least be able to kick the disoriented foes away)?
Ability to bash doors open and shoot through them?
Ability to create barricades using the elements of environment?
Stage hazards you can use to harm foes?
Non-shit inventory with actual management?

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w-why does he use a microphone now??

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The problem I mainly have with the game is that it's basically scooby doo, I don't actually care about each room and running from one side of the station to the other is almost instant instead of the long drawn out struggle it was in original RE2. Plus we've got missing enemies, less story, less character development, there are large chunks of the game missing. The player will eventually just ignore the story outright too, barging into rooms, giving them a quick sweep for items before running back outside when they see no arrows.

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Quoted By: >>450579148

Die cancer. Go play some RE6 or something. People like you are why this franchise went to shit for so many years.

>> No.450578657

use an explosive; they go through walls. I'm glad it doesn't play like 4, because it was way too damn easy.

>> No.450578685
Quoted By: >>450579038

None of those are in REmake 2 though, what the fuck are you on about? Why would they be in REmake 2? They aren't in REVII either. Did you call REVII a stripped down RE4? What the fuck is your damage?

>> No.450578730

It has zombies.
Zombies that are dangerous and not one hit kill annoyances like most games.
It's >fun<

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I refunded it after about an hour. Just couldn't get into it. Ran so amazing on my older hardware too.

>> No.450578938
Quoted By: >>450579221

>The only RE4 thing in this game is a slight camera perspective
As well as the general pacing of combat and feel of the weapons, enemy abilities and tactics, even the same fucking broken cheese tactics like knifing fallen zombies to death, you're not tricking anyone anon, if they wanted to make it play differently they could've done so, instead it just plays as a stripped out pile of garbage.

>> No.450578963

>Contextual melee at least in some form (nobody expects Leon to be a fucking commando but he should at the very least be able to kick the disoriented foes away)?
>Stage hazards you can use to harm foes?
these seem reasonable, but I've got to imagine that they decided to use the premise of 'rookie cop'/'college chick' as to excuse the lack of this sort of stuff; if Jill, given her being special forces, were to be as incapable in REmake 3, then I'd be a little miffed
>Ability to bash doors open and shoot through them?
this is just something that you have to ignore in a RE title, they are door unlocking simulators, with backtracking to unlock even more doors; having a mechanic that circumvents it for some doors, but not for others, i.e. locked doors, would just be even more jarring than not having the mechanic at all

>> No.450579038

>Did you call REVII a stripped down RE4
As i already said, i loved RE7 exactly because it was actually doing its own thing. Unlike RE2R.

>> No.450579086

>less character development


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Quoted By: >>450579204

holy shit. is it still american posting time? fuck i can just feel the braincells escaping when reading dumb shit like you guys spout out.
point was about 50mins is the speedrun time, but the campaign itself is a 2-3hours long. it can be 5 hour campaign if you're an literal toddler and never played a video game before.
SO WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU RETARDS ON ABOUT? go ask new shilling script from your supervisors because i think you guys are broken.

>> No.450579148
Quoted By: >>450579793

>asks for a list of mechanics
>gets it
>immediately goes into the autistic screech mode
Never change, /v/

>> No.450579171

>i loved RE7 exactly because it was actually doing its own thing
Its own thing being a subpar Resident Evil game that's bogged down by a shitty second half, boring enemies and constant unskippable cutscenes.

>> No.450579204
Quoted By: >>450579387

average completion time is ~07:00:00, seethe more, mong

>> No.450579221


Right back at you, you're deluded, there is more REVII here than RE4. 14 years. Let it the fuck go.

>> No.450579250
Quoted By: >>450579410

>Its own thing
Glad you agree with me sunshine

>> No.450579297

Mia's boat section was fantastic, both the tape where you learn some backstory to the events and what set them in motion, and the actual free reign part thereafter; salt mines were shit, though

>> No.450579309

Retarded. You comparing it to muh RE4 is on you.

>> No.450579324

RE4 is RE for people who hate RE and play shit like CoD and Fortnite.

>> No.450579387

so.. the majority of people who praise the game and think it's the best thing ever are literal toddlers that never played any video games before. yup checks out.

>> No.450579410

>its original (for the series) so its good

>> No.450579430
Quoted By: >>450579643

>it's generic because you have a gun and can shoot things
Is that how your underdeveloped brain functions OP?

>> No.450579434
Quoted By: >>450579584


>> No.450579472

Then go play another thing, prick. Not every game is made for you.

>> No.450579480
Quoted By: >>450579584

You are getting desperate, mate.

>> No.450579584
Quoted By: >>450582778

why so?

>> No.450579643

>Third person shooter that controls like every other shooter made in the past 10 years
>fucking zombies
>casual garbage that asks nothing of the player
Yeah I'd say thats pretty generic

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THANKS GOD there's no Adafags here

>> No.450579703

it was open mic nite last weekend.

>> No.450579743

>the best way to play the game is to stun and ran past and/or avoid the enemies
yep, totally like the majority of third person shooters

>> No.450579793

Wrong retard, he wanted to know what mechanics REmake 2 shares with RE4 for you to be making such comparisons, you listed a bunch of mechanics not in nor required in REmake 2.

>> No.450579856

I can't argue with opinions.

>> No.450579894
Quoted By: >>450580207

>Ability to create barricades using the elements of environment?
>Stage hazards you can use to harm foes?
>Non-shit inventory with actual management?
these are in the remake though.

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File: 54KiB, 406x480, 25B0EC2A-1135-49CB-95E4-3B7BAB77843B.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.450579927

again, doesn't really matter cause you should have most things by that point, only thing missing is perhaps 3rd gun and 1 medallion

>> No.450579957
File: 818KiB, 638x779, COMPED.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what the fuck

>> No.450579986


>> No.450580030

>fucking zombies

Wow, it’s almost like it’s a remake of a 20 year-old game about zombies!

Fucking retard.

>> No.450580080

>To my bestest S.T.A.R.S buds,

>How are you all doing in that drab old station? Hanging in there against old Irons?
>Me? I just got back from a date with a hot chick. Bet you can guess what we got up to under her extra-large Umbrella.

>Europe is amazing. One month is in no way to even scratch the surface. Maybe I'll extend my vacation for another six months.

>Barry, don't even think of coming to join me. Wouldn't want to make all the cute girls cry, yeah? So you just leave the babes to me.

>Jill, if Claire tries to contact you, please let her know that I'm ok.

>Chris Redfield, August 29th

Why does Chris talk like a retarded dudebro? Shit is fucking stupid. It's a demake alright. Can't even get characters right.

>> No.450580207
Quoted By: >>450580982

>Stage hazards you can use to harm foes?
not him, but apart from G2, which is a scripted boss sequence, what other examples of this are there?

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File: 74KiB, 625x626, 1543412172683.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.450580280
Quoted By: >>450589893

>He adds nothing but pointless, repetitive tedium.
He's barely even in the game long enough to get to that point.
>He is not scary.
Not when he's the only threat around.
>He is not hard.
He's not supposed to be a huge threat on his own
>He just forces you to stop exploration, pretty much the strongest point of the game, and shake him off again.
I don't understand how you're getting this riled up over an enemy that's gone before you realize it.
Did you just suddenly decide to backtrack and make sure you got every last item available in the police station while he was there and extend his visit?
You don't even have to "stop exploring" he just forces you to keep moving while doing so, and that gets complicated when most previous areas now have more zombies and lickers running around.
I understand that "moving death wall" stages annoy some people, but they make it sound like the entire game is like this.

>> No.450580378
Quoted By: >>450580695

Best parts of the game are its first half and when you're getting chased by Jack, and his sections don't last that long. Game's second half is considerably weaker than its first.

Best parts of the game are its first half and when you're getting chased by Mr. X, and his sections don't last that long. Game's second half is considerably weaker than its first.

Why did Capcom learn NOTHING from RE7?

>> No.450580695

why would they release REmake 2 with an entirely active tyrant throughout when REmake 3 will do near enough just that? Not gonna want to bore people of a good thing

>> No.450580698
Quoted By: >>450581298

May have started that way but look how long he's been doing it and only recently got renewed attention. I think he had a little flash in the pan moment with Spiderman here but there's some serious autism going into this parody.

>> No.450580883

jesus christ, he looks so fucking disgusting

>> No.450580890
File: 27KiB, 645x730, 1511254872187.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>look i'm outsmarting AI!

>> No.450580982
Quoted By: >>450581230

you can use the water in the sewers to drown crawler zombies.

>> No.450581230
Quoted By: >>450582187

you can? I've seen them get up from the water again after supposedly being "dead" for a while. Still, I guess that's neat if that is actually the case.

>> No.450581298

To be honest, maybe it just gets him paid.

>> No.450582187

>you can? I've seen them get up from the water again after supposedly being "dead" for a while.
if you take out at least one leg then I've never seen them ever get back up once they're in the water like that. there are "whole" zombies that can spawn or get up from the water and they can follow you in too, but they essentially drown if you cut them down to size.
you can even cripple them and then wait near a water edge and they'll crawl to their death.

>> No.450582778

Whenever you get proven wrong you just resort to insulting people because you have no argument to stand on.

>> No.450583258

it's gud.

case closed, detective

>> No.450583342

I was surprised just how easy the Tyrant is to avoid, i did the whole moving bookshelves puzzle in the library with him and 3 zombies in the room and only got hit once. By a zombie

>> No.450583458

>literal toddlers
>yup checks out.
you type like a faggot

>> No.450583587
Quoted By: >>450583784

What should I be more conservative of on Claire?
Fire or acid grenades?

>> No.450583784

what's your bigger problem?
>regular enemies; mostly lickers and tight zombie groups
>bosses; mostly G fights
acid, they give you a ton of breathing room for getting out of tight corners without getting hit, or just some free time to unload on his eyeballs.

>> No.450583890

Anon he's playing on the easiest difficulty. Of COURSE he only thinks it's a 50 minute campaign, he doesn't know any better.

>> No.450584032

Nice blog posts! How do I upvote?

>> No.450584317
Quoted By: >>450585131

If you find that note as Clair she literally says "this does NOT sound like Chris" implying something is off and he probably didn't write it.

>> No.450584452
Quoted By: >>450584763

attention seeking (you) whores. you can spot them with the twisted facts and implies on things no one ever did or said. bunch of word twisting cunts. they don't take interest in taking a part in conversation, they just want to shitpost and provoke others. arguing with them is pointless since they will keep coming up with new word twisting, always ignoring the point on posts.

>> No.450584494

So for lickers I should use fire?

>> No.450584591

100%. As other anon said poison should be saved for G or maybe the monsters in the sewer.

>> No.450584679
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Quoted By: >>450585195

This never happens in the remake because the places where you need items are marked on the map. If that was actually your problem with the old ones then I would recommend playing this.

>> No.450584763


Fucking newfags...

>> No.450584808
Quoted By: >>450585131

Play Claire

>> No.450584858

I've found it does more damage, but only if they're on the ground since the fire seems to do a lot more damage due to DoT.
I've seen some people say acid will damage them quite a bit, but it might depend on where you hit them. I haven't had the same experience.
if they survive a flame round just put a couple regular rounds in them and they almost always die.

>> No.450585131

stop replying to him

>> No.450585195

You actually have to click on locked doors and whatnot for the door to appear on the map with the item needed. For people literally running straight through and just picking up what catches their eye and not checking the enviroment, most items won't show up and all doors won't show what they need.

>> No.450585319
File: 54KiB, 514x536, 1535229524468.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.450585483

Jesus christ... the pure weaponized autism

>> No.450586076

RE4 was the worst thing to happen to this series. Just look at the idiots in this thread using it as a comparison point to a game that's wildly different in tone and style.

>> No.450586276
Quoted By: >>450586809

>playing tofu
>literally impossible to knife break a grab on stairs

>> No.450586809
Quoted By: >>450587427

you either have to take the hit or bait him down to the flat area on the stairs. it's bullshit, but it is what it is.

>> No.450586997

guess i'll ignore it now lol holy shit

>> No.450587427

yeah, there's that one above you after the licker
but there's also the one who starts walking up the steps that lead to the brad corpse are
that's two guaranteed hits, unless speedrunners have figured something out, I almost considered slashing at the first one in case I'd get lucky and chop off a leg

>> No.450587792

Level design and item management put it above some standard 3rd person shooter, if it didn't have those, nobody would talk about it.
Basically, the game is greater than the sum of it's parts.

>> No.450587987
Quoted By: >>450588349


They capitalized on my nostalgia then finished me by making it a new game. Then they added a gentlemanly Space Marine that stalks you and ends you, adding a sense of urgency and emergency to a genre you could previously "pause and think your way out". I played the game and the game played me, well done.

>> No.450588086
File: 32KiB, 800x625, resident_evil_2_remake_mr__x_screenshot_1_by_xgamergreaserx_dce76ni-fullview.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]



> This is the only needed explanation.

>> No.450588349

>press m to open the map which pauses the game and shows you location of items and points of interests
so you actually didn't play the game

>> No.450588457

I 100% it and can firm the original is still better, the remake is re5 style set in re2 but shitter, cunts like you are the reason we get poor remake's that dont respect the source material.

Re2 remake and poor pacing, missing monsters, rushed areas, felt short af, lore breaking shit, a and B didnt match up.

So many issues.

>> No.450588725

This is exactly how i feel about the remake, can't examine shit, complete shityy re movie rip off pissed me off, the original was iconic the remake just felt like a run and gun and areas go pretty much unnoticed. Felt like trash.

>> No.450588741
File: 87KiB, 623x720, XGONGIVETOYA2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He's one very serious motherfucker who will give it to ya without a tip from his fedora if you don 't watch your fucking mouth.

> Go back to shipping Leon and Claire

Claire is 6/10 imo, Ada 7/10 because squishy face. Leon deserves better.

>> No.450588868

No he's on point, the only decent one among a sea of pleb dick heads with no taste like you.

>> No.450588945
Quoted By: >>450589716

>cunts like you are the reason we get poor remake's that dont respect the source material
>felt short af
the game is longer than the og, newfriend.

>> No.450589257


>> No.450589716
Quoted By: >>450590757

that is bullshit site. it also doesn't take note on the difficulty, original re2 didn't have hard mode on the psx versions which that seems to be entirely formed and for the newer one those seem to be hardcore run times and dated ones as well.
both are doable in under an hour, especially the remake since there's fuckton of bugs that lets you skip half of the game.
also for the remakes
>Main Story: rushed - 5h 40m
LMAO, literally in no fucking way. only idiots sends their time on that website proving it's fucking bullshit.

>> No.450589893


fuck that room on the 3rd floor with the c4 my first time running from mr. x i ran head first into a licker

>> No.450590023

This. Fags seem to misunderstand that people have different tastes.

>> No.450590274


this is some good bait right here.

>> No.450590517
File: 653KiB, 622x418, sod.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>450590954

mr. x has me basically trapped in the clock tower. i wait for his footsteps to disappear completely so i can go to the east storage room for whatever it is I need in there, but I barely make it round the corner before he comes through the door again. so i said fuck it and just ran to the room, not enough time to look around properly before he bursts in, so I run out to the balcony, loop aall the way back around to the clock tower and now he's just seemingly waiting at that door in the library again. this sucks. up to this point he was scaring the crap out of me and it was awesome but now its just infuriating that he can't give me even 30 seconds to just have a look that one fucking room.

>> No.450590757
Quoted By: >>450592795

Stay mad fag

>> No.450590954

flash him/knock him

>> No.450591060

(You) for effort

>> No.450591136


The fact that you’re bitching about muh crows and spiders just proves how much of a nitpicky fag you are, never mind your other vauge complaints about pacing and it “being short”. Many fans of the original love this remake and you’re just mad it’s not just literally the original game with a graphical upgrade.

>> No.450591287

I wish there was 'hardcore+' and item usage/inventory etc. was all real time, like in RE7

>> No.450591409
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>> No.450592638

Its basically the most unique tps buddy
Every tps compared to this looks generic in comparisom

>> No.450592719
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>> No.450592795

haha ur a fag XD

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