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*saves the gaming industry*

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>kills Mega Man
>makes the worst Street Fighter since 2
>botches Marvel
>makes a soulless RE FPS and then an equally soulless remake
>makes DMC pay2win
yeah, no

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RE7 has more SOUL than any of the RE4 clones they put out

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What's with this weird influx of "yeah, I'm thinking Capcom's back" threads? Normally I'd just assume someone believes they're getting better, but I've seen the same thread every two days or so for a while now.

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They're going to have nothing to show once DMC5 comes out

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2nd this

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It's been happening for months. It's likely Capcom stealth marketing.

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>kills Mega Man
Megaman 10 and 11 are both success and loved by fans
>makes the worst Street Fighter since 2
2 was bad? lol
>makes a soulless RE FPS and then an equally soulless remake
retarded confirmed
>makes DMC pay2win
it's a singleplayer game, stupid

stay mad and seethe in your mom's basement while we all enjoy their latest games MHW, RE2make, RE7 and MM11

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this is such a capcom employee its not even funny.

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>Megamn 11 just sold 900k units
>Street Fighter V is definitely the worst
>Marvel was because of Disney
>RE2make might not has as much soul as OG RE2 but it's a pretty good game
>DMC5 punishes you for using revives and getting more moves doesn't make you better at the game.

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"Worst since 2" doesn't necessarily mean 2 was bad, just that SF5 is the worst one in the nearly 30 years it's been since SF2 put the franchise on the map.

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look at sales and (user) reviews, faggot

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sales don’t mean shit, it just shows how big the demographic is. its not a show of quality its quantity over quality.

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I want megaman legends 3 for more brown lolis and a new Darkstalkers.
Otherwise...fuck Capcom.

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I wouldn't go that far. They turned their shit around though, I remember during the late PS3 days and Inafune's big "western push" I swore I would never buy a game from them again.

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>hurr durr everything that disprove my whiny ass doesn't mean shit
you have a sad life anon, but if being a whiny seething kid pleases you, then more power to you.

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>re7 was bad
>REmake 2 is terrible
>megaman fucked
>street fighter fucked
>mvc DEAD
>deep down fucking dead
>no new IPs

*kills their own IPs*

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>Mexican Hat Dance starts playing

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We just had this thread like an hour ago.
This is an infinitely-reposted shill thread, ignore and move on.

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They’ve made some of my favorite games of all time: RE5, Dragon’s Dogma, MH4U, and Haunting Ground are in my top 10.

MHW is one of my most played games and it’s not even the best Monster Hunter. I don’t plan on playing RE2 but I can see myself getting the next one they do with a cute female protag. Capcom’s alright

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>Haunting Ground
Great taste sir

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Not until they fix their fighting division

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>I constantly need new games from a third party publisher

theyve put out 3 bangers in the past 12 months, why do you constantly need new shit? Youre gonna shit all over it anyway.

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>Releases an 8 hour game that is barely passable by 1998 standards

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that Capcom is dead anon....

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The only way they can save anything is with Dragon's Dogma 2

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SF5 is not the worse SF game in anyway.

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They are listening to their fans and putting actual good games out, that makes them like what?, one of the top five studios actually getting shit done.

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Why are there three Classic Rolls? This seems like a bad sushi platter.

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>the transparent background isn't transparent
OP what the fuck man come on

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>makes the worst Street Fighter since 2

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>RE2R sold massively and over expectations
>DMC5 topping pre-orders and on top 10 on steam
>already talks of RE3 remake and RE8
>Rumors of remaking MvC:I
>DD2 confirmed to be next in production after DMC5 according to Itsuno
>MHW is the best in the series and no longer gimped by low budget and handheld devices
>DMC and RE threads are the height of /v/
and no shitposters can do anything about that. feels good

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Now if only they can unfuck Dead Rising and MvC.

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TJ Rotolo is the VA of Birkin in RE2R so he's back in good terms with them. Let's hope for the best

to add to the list. I want a fucking Lost Planet sequel dammit

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Megaman 1-7 Roll/ Megaman 8 Roll and Megaman powered up Roll.
Hideki Ishikawa really likes her...I mean just look at all the Roll porn he did.

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Even if they literally revived every single IP and made 10/10 games for 50 years, /v/ will still seethe over Capcom and never believe in change.

The second this board started shitposting on Ace Combat threads was the second I knew TORtanic did more damage than good

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they're essentially a slightly better version of modern sega, they have a handful of competent main franchises but completely abandoned their legacy titles and have zero creativity compared to the ps2/gc gen

they should be commended for salvaging a large part of their core business and they're definitely in a better spot than 5 years ago but they're still a shadow of their former selves

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Post the one from the game's release, the one where the guy gets a fucking haymaker for trying that shit.

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Ahh yes, Cap "Everytime you see a nigger, don't forget to pull the trigger" com
Capcom sure hates black people.

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Capcom has been knocking it out of the park recently. All it would take is a gnarly Strider reboot, and I'd officially declare them dev of devs.

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