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Why do you think I'm translating it, obviously I don't know Japanese.

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if you're playing any FE game translated then you really can't pretend any of their stories are good in the first place

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You can listen to subs all day but you'll never learn japanese.

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Just spend 2 years of your life AJATTing and you'll never have to wait for a translation ever again.

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>Judging works written in foreign languages exclusively by their translations, which as everyone with an ounce of cultural wisdom already knows amount to nothing more than fanfiction tier butchering of characters, rhyme, themes and more

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Just learn Kanji

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The point is to have a stealth Japanese thread on /v/ where all 10 N5s crawl out of the woodwork to show off their dekinai skillz

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>Really, thank you.
>It's great to have a sweetheart, isn't it!

Play more eroge, dekinai-san...

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>Weekly software+hardware sales
>Super Mario Maker 2 sells 196k, the best launch of the series!
>Switch consoles also up double at 59184 sold!
>6/24 - 6/30

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You can't see the cringe in the japanese dub because you'll never speak japanese.

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That exact same joke exists in English media, too. It's nice to see commonalities like that.
paid off*

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Asian women look worse, you arn't going to find your waifu

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I'm working on a fan translation for a semi-obscure game, which is known for having a lot of clever wordplay and humorous dialogue.

I figure for the main dialogue, keeping the translation as direct as reasonably possible is safe. However, most of the puzzle "hints" read like shit even in Japanese.

Here's what I wanna run by you. It's a hint telling you the order you need to make some jumps by picking the correct colors (between Red and Blue).

The original hint reads like
>in order to pass this treasure course, after you make the first jump...
>deeper than the ocean
>higher than the sky
>take a burning leap
>go! (in Japanese, a "green" traffic signal uses the same word as "blue")

At risk of being reddit/tumblr/shitty translator tier, I've gone ahead and re-written it easter-egg style (with tweaks to make it actually work)

>Take the first leap, and then you must be...
>Swift as the coursing river
>Forceful as a great typhoon
>Strong as a raging fire
>Mysterious as the pale moon
>Never content to stop until the end

In both versions, the key word relating to the color is in bold text to sort of nudge you in the right direction.

Is this cringe, or should I leave it in?

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The only thing of value in the Touhou community is Japanese anyway.

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