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Are you looking forward for the friends of mineral town remake?

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I fgiured Back to Nature, 64 or even the SNES one (I really need to play that) would be more well known.

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BTN has too many competitor, but FoMT is literally on top 5 games in GBA.

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>the new girl drop hints that she's your childhood friend
>no regular heart event with her, instead you get flashback scene with her, with red heart event shows that you promised to marry her in the future
>From her heart events too, you learned that you actually played with all the other girl in town, though not to the extent with your real childhood friend (that's why everyone claimed that they are the girl from back then)
>rival marriage is still in, but if you don't marry her, she will stay alone.

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The snes one is the definition of comfy, I really recommend you anon!

Pic related me and my bitches

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I hate that you could have two kids in the first one then that wasn't brought back for a while.

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Thanks nig.
You need to have sex!

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I never got to play HM64 and BtN because the artstyle compared to the original snes game was off to me and I still have to play SoS.

I loved the first one but the game is way too short for its own good. It was nice seeing your child but suddenly the game ends after that.

The Snes game is the definition of short and sweet. Everything in that game was all around good and I kept wishing it had more things to do.

Star Night Festival had a great music.

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>we needed a 4th version of this game
Isn't back to nature, friends of mineral town, and boy and girl all the same game?

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this cant be real, looks like some shitty deviantart thing.
i know most of you retards fap to shadman but if you cant see how this is trash you might actually be retarded for real

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The first one felt like a demo in a sense. There's a solid game there, but it never reached it's potential which they hit with the 64/BtN/FoMT. Somewhat like a tech demo, or a genre demo.

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is it coming to pc like the anime story of seasons game?

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Blame the zoomers


I personally think the new Karen is cute

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>that doesn't run at 2 fps?
the gamecube version
>went from looking like a slut to looking like a slut

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>designer for every BokuMono game except ToT and AP
Oh, so that's why those ones were good

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>Went from semen slurping drunk to a normal human bean

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I hate remakes like this that change the game from charming pixel art to cheap shitty 3d. For example secret of mana and superstar saga.

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heres my stardew valley review

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>canon girl
Ugh, no thanks

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New Pops is a qt but I'm not digging the new Karen. Not like I'd ever marry Karen though.

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But Karen is cute, CUTE ! Or was at least

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This guy knows what's up

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most people went for karen because she was the easiest one

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"Really, thank you. Lovers should take charge, don't you think?"

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Maybe more context is needed to translate it better? Motsu without context could mean multiple things.

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>natsume makes rip offs with a shitty art style
>/v/ puts it on full blast
>original devs make a remake with a shitty art style
>/v/ eats it up

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>Wake up
>Shove a giant rice ball or dumpling or w/e it was in face and scarf it down in like two bites
>Time to do some farming!

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natume rip'offs play like shit
almost as bad as stardew valley

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thanks i hate it

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At least the game is the same, art style aside. That's the difference

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Looks like a 3DS game from 2012. Sick of this low poly garbage with shitty lighting

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Nobody's forcing you to marry the canon girl, Just look at Mist, Mana and Shara.

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They all fucking sucked, too. A game that takes its romance options seriously shouldn't highlight only one.

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Childhood friend ain't that much advantage these days.

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>Really, thank you.
>It's great to have a sweetheart, isn't it!

Play more eroge, dekinai-san...

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He just "localized" it like all shitter companies do

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Hell yeah man.

Start studying now and if you learn a decent amount of vocab/kanji/grammar, you can use the game to continue learning.

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no because they screwed my girl ann over and she no longer looks like a tomboy with braided her and overalls instead they replaced her with a souless girly girl design so instead i have bought a copy of the original on ebay which i will be playing instead on my gba

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the director doesn't get her character at all and just decided to make her some generic girly girl like there isn't already enough of those in fiction and video game and even in the harvest moon mineral town games.

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True, pretty sure he's never heard the saying ???????? and just guessed.

Honestly though, they eigo version will probably pull some dumb shit exactly like he posted because translation quality control in general has done a full 180 and sucks ass lately. What fucking happened?

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>What the fuck happened
>Implying it hasn't always been shit with large liberties taken
If anything it's gotten better over the years. WD flatout rewrote sections and inserted jokes that didn't belong not have any parallel on the original text and people defend it to this day. Thank fuck they died in the 90s

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no pls no

that's my master plan to marry her

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>100fp /day

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WD had some audacity at least, to put things like pic related in their games.

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I think I'd have liked a less vibrant-coloured artstyle but I don't think it's that bad. The portraits and characters themselves are good but the town and everything looks more cartoon-y than a regular farm. Kind of like comparing Story of Seasons to Rune Factory colours. I could just be remembering the original FoMT wrong though and it was actually pretty bright.

Can't wait to save and reset until I win the chicken fighting competition in the first year.

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Will the remake allow me to marry a grill from FOMT without it being a game over while the girl version don't have this issue?
yes I'm still mad after all these years

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>can't play as dense Harem romcom character
damn it marvelous

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Ann is the only legit loli left is the height ratio here is any indication.

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