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I'm a sucker for stupid quirks and references in mechanics, houserules, systems and settings that don't necessarily make sense, but are fun, funny or both.

For example, I'm always amused by how housecats are more powerful than common humans in some systems. In others, they can see the dead or can use 2 virtual size categories to aid their intimidation checks - because they're cats. And because sabertooth tigers are cats, they are vulnerable to getting distracted by laser pointers.

In one setting I played recently, there's a powered loader exosuit meant for stacking boxes and a race of chitinous hunter aliens. The exosuits are practically useless in combat, having only moderate armour and only being able to slowly pinch things - but if they do "claw" (loader arm) attacks against this otherwise unrelated chitoid race, they'll do a considerable amount of damage, and they're more resistant to attacks from said creatures, purely because the designer decided that there needed to be an Alien reference.

In my setting, there's a powerful artifact described as the "Wand of Creation", said to be the strongest object in existence, utilised by They That Made This All. It's a hexagoncal prism wooden tube with a graphite internal core, and it's capable of forming objects into reality at the whim of the holder. It's my pencil.

And then there's the exploits, like the Peasant Railgun the Black Hole Arrow and the Rat Ghost Singularity. Always entertaining stories.

I love hearing about things like this, and I wish I had more interesting examples under my own belt than the Wand of Creation. What quirks of games do you know of?

Pic related - as far as vidya goes, Metal Gear Solid is choc full of these sorts of quirks and secrets.

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I keep seeing it pop up in threads and I have no idea what it is. Is someone just pushing a shit meme or what.

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> What is NK64?

DC 50 Lore check, newfag

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Forced meme by nogames and migrants, ignore it.

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/v/irgins should be shot on sight

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right, thought so

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>He doesn't know

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Hello /tg/ I am in quarantine and to avoid boredom I started a standard fantasy map, if any of you have suggestions of what I should add (locations, names, points of interest, etc) please share!

Also map thread.

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>Enemy combatant is placed hors de combat by grievous wounds

Your party DOES folllow Geneva Conventions and make sure said combatant be treated humanely,right?

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Why yes, I enjoy Realism in my GNS, how did you know?

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Given that we aren't agents of an army, nor doe Geneva or the conventions of warfare signed their really exist.
Neither the conventions of war, nor the specific pact of Geneva apply.
On a separate note, we should be allowed to torture and if needed execute nogames like you OP.

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>lostbelt spoilers on tg of all places

Oh fuck off

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>playing FGO in the first place

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If they're still fighting then they're still going to be attacked. If they try to surrender then quarter will generally be given but otherwise we're assuming they're fighting to the death.

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Stuck in the depths of quarantine, I realise that I have numerous miniatures that I've never painted or built. I have Imperial Assault, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, some Police Officers from Whitehall Mystery and a box of Chaos Space Marines. I have a few brushes, but I lack paints. What are some good sets that I could order from Amazon (or online in general) that have an endorsement you guys would care to share?

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Why is it that GW, in all the years of it's existence, didn't make an effort to release codex astartes or the book of lorgar as actual books? These two would surely sell and there's probably lots more in universe books that would. What other things does 40k merchandise lack in your opinion?

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Isn’t the Codex Astartes meant to be absolutely fucking massive? Like a printed one is a foot thick or something?

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The same reason they no longer release black letter figures for the stats of their war vehicles. Do you really think anyone at GW is capable of writing even a coherent military organization manual? Or a religious tract? My God, the full title of the latter is the "Book of the Epistles of Lorgar" but what passages we've seen certianly don't seem like they're letters, and I'm reasonably sure that the guys who made the name don't know what an "epistle" is. They wouldn't even be able to write an ordinary human quality manual on either subject, let alone something depicting the thoughts of super-intelligent demihumans.

They know that if they tried to release it, they'd get a short burst of sales, and then a much longer period of backlash as their autistic fans pick all the idiocy out and hold it up in front of the internet. They're afraid of that backlash and don't publish.

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>actually afraid to get things wrong and the backlash from fans for getting important shit wrong
I wish this wasn't so rare.

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>they'd get a short burst of sales, and then a much longer period of backlash as their autistic fans pick all the idiocy out and hold it up in front of the internet.

By that time they would've earned so much money from fants who'd gobble up anything 40k related they wouldn't even care.

>They're afraid of that backlash and don't publish.

If they didn't get any backlash from selling horribly overpriced minis, then they wouldn't get it from this..

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TaleSpire released for backers in beta today. Throwing up a quick thread because I wanna build shit and share it.

>What is TaleSpire
TaleSpire is a Digital Role-Playing System trying to capture the feel of tabletop gaming using miniatures and dice, while utilizing some of the benefits of going digital.

Dungeon Masters can build campaigns, set up scenarios and invite players. Taking them through the experience as you would in a Pen & Paper style campaign. We're automating some of the rules and processes, aiming to keep downtime to a minimum while still allowing the DM and Players to make decisions along the way to create whatever narrative they aspire to.

Unity 2020

>Is it moddable
Yes. Think of this as Neverwinter Nights or Tabletop Simulator for p&p RPGs

>Is the ruleset hardcoded?
Not at all. Entirely moddable.

>Can you make your own miniatures and objects?
You can import your own 3D models

>How does building work?
You can build environments solo or collaboratively with a friend.

>How can I get this?
If you backed it on Kickstarter or Backerkit, you're getting it today. Otherwise you gotta wait a month.


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Same, we good

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Does everybody need to own it, or just the GM?

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lol no thanks

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Go out and make some money you poor nigger

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And just like that, this program does in obscurity. They're either greedy or stupid.

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Anyone here run Kult before, and have tips on targeting it toward players more familiar with D&D and the like?

Running it off pic related, so it's a horror campaign set in mid-90s London. The campaign-as-written seems to leave lots of room for deviation, so I'm thinking of adding some stuff on the side that could have more of a focus on combat and more of the usual TTRPG stuff, to ease them into it.

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I'll ask a more focused question: any advice on adding combat to horror-themed games, without shifting the tone right back into adventure-RPG territory?

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>made shitty d&d world as a teenager
>used cc3 to make huge continent by tiling dozens of maps
>run world for dad and brother
>world is shit though
>years later, friends want to try pathfinder
>say ok, make huge world map on paper
>over 300 cities. Multiple mountain ranges (I write small)
>only develop small part of it
>later on I ditch the whole thing and jsut start expanding things how I please to fit the campaign
>a lesson in world building
>past 2 years, get into OSR and hexcrawl as pathfinder game draws to a close
>want new world without retarded garbage I mistakenly allowed
>want to do multiple factions in a points of light setting
>make over 20 different hexmaps
>discard them all because they aren't perfect, keep some region ideas though
>want points of light but also realistic medieval autism simulator
>want this to be evolving world I use over multiple campaigns, like faerun but not for the entire d&d playerbase
>sick of making new world for each campaign
>end up discarding each map I make
>only progress so far is list of names and factions and regions I want to include
>can't even decide if I want to run 3.5 (have all the books, feel I could shortlist some prestige classes and feats to be less broken), 5e (most popular and decently balanced) or OSR (lower powered and fits the gameplay I like best, would be good for GoT tone of game)
What do I even do anymore

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Learn how to GM properly instead of simply masturbating like you are now. Games center around choice. If a feature of your game doesn't impact player choice in some factor (and it should really be some speicalized factor of a sub-set of choices you want the game to be about) you don't need it. Don't make it. Make things that provide scope for those choices instead.

As a corollary of the above, you don't make the world first. You make the game first, decide it's scope first. THEN you make a world to help service that. Making a world first and then trying to jam a game into it is a poor choice.

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I had a world I used for multiple campaigns but it was just uninspired fantasy that was good enough. The main advantage was that I could reuse maps. I found confining myself to it either limited what I could do with my games based on what was previously established because it was right at the time for old games or was pointless because moving the focus to another region functionally discarded the old continuity anyway.
Unless the story you're telling with your game hinges on geopolitics, any work you put into the setting details beyond the scope your players interact with is effectively wasted; any details the player characters can't discover or have no reason to care about might as well not be there.
Figure out what you want your game to be about. That includes core conflict, themes and tone. gameplay loop and mechanical focus. Your the GM so these should be whatever best holds your interest since that will shine through and impact the quality more than anything else. Even though 5e is more popular, if OSR speaks to you run that and you'll get a better game.
Write the local area first and the surrounding area in broad strokes. The further a place is from the action, the less detail you need because the less it matters and the less the PCs will know about it. If you need to change something later because you have a better idea or need it for a plot you come up with later, that's fine. No one else will notice. Keep things loose at this point. You'll want to bring in players at some point and odds are someone will want to incorporate things for their characters that you didn't include initially but aren't unsuitable. For example, maybe one will want to play a barbarian from the frozen north or an elf from a hidden village. If you accommodate them by adding those things to the map you'll more roleplaying investment from them.
In conclusion, your world should serve your game, not vice versa so don't fall into the trap of world building for its own sake.

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Quoted By: >>71927222 >>71927712

Rank them from best to worst.

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Hearthstone is "balanced" in the way that a Russian Rulet game is balanced. Yeah its fair, but practice doesn't make you better at it.

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Three of the sets have purple in them. This means they are introducing a new color, Purple.

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i really liked eldraine. not really excited for ikora outside of some cards for the new commander decks.

theros 2 was ok.

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Yeah, Chandra is hot as ever.

>> No.71927712

In what regard? Theros has ruined constructed Magic the least. Ikoria is already poised to not only ruin Magic, but change a fundamental aspect of the game by introducing what are effectively just commanders into regular play. Without a commander, your deck will be at a huge disadvantage purely on card advantage alone.

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The Best Legion Edition

>GW's voucher program:

>Warhammer Preview Online 2 Summary:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:


>Book Megas:

>Previous Thread:

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Almost have 2 completed Sentinels. 3rd one I'm working on alongside my first Armiger. Plan is the white will be hazard stripes.

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well fug.

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Probably, they both seem to like wearing quite a lot of guyliner.

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this is such a fucking awesome moment. but ironically the image happens in tallarn: ironclad, not tallarn: executioner.

> iron warriors and alpha legion are travelling in a convoy into the middle of the desert to retrieve an archaetech weapon
> iron warriors leader ( a fucking melee contemptor dreadnaught) knows whats going to happen when they get there ( alpha legion are going to jump them, kill them, take weapon and leave)
> instead the iron warriors jump the alpha legion, with the IW melee dread walking right up to a Alpha Legion superheavy tankhunter tank and ripping out its rear before hey even mnow whata happening, he then proceeds to solo like 2 other tanks, then leaves the AL infantry to die in their ripped open tanks

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Adeptus Custodes are a 40k army, if I wanted to read about the Legiones Custodes I would ask in the 30k thread.

Is that a good Custodes book? I thought ADB was supposedly a shit writer.

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Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
AllSync: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/t6EgW8LqyMknt9d
Previous Thread >>71917602

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>say what they think are the good and bad parts about it

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>I saved it in 2012
Ah, must be a much older version, then.

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Yes. Nobody cares about some dumb chariots. Make a cyoa about a real topic next time.

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Quoted By: >>71926766

Tell me how your system of choice handles the Fastball Special, or it will be forever labelled as shit.

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Haven't run a Supers game in the system yet, but-

>Thrower, tell me your throwing technique
>[DM notes how technique affects power and accuracy]
>Thrower, roll Off-Str.
>[DM notes this in comparison to Throwee's weight, decides distance and raw power]
>Thrower, roll Off-Per.
>[DM rolls for whatever defensive action target is taking, if any - usually dodging, which is mod Def-Agi, but sometimes countering, which is hard Off-Agi, blocking, which is easy Def-Agi followed by Def-Str, or tanking, which is Def-End]
>Throwee, how are you positioning yourself in the air, and what sort of attack are you doing?
>[DM notes cannonball/superman/swandive etc. and accounts for it; same with attack type, weapon, target, aim etc.]
>[If attack hits] Throwee, roll Off-Str.
>[DM rolls target's Def-End and weighs the values]
>Alright, here's what happens/what damage you do.
>Maneuver complete

This process takes up to a minute realtime with decent players, usually less than that.

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Quoted By: >>71926619 >>71927129

A new set's coming around, so it's that time of year again. Let's simulate a draft of Ikoria.

What should the first pick be?

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Probably kaheera because of how easy it is to splash in many colored decks and how much synergy it has with the set.

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Quoted By: >>71927583

Kaheera, the Orphanguard it is.

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Bonder's enclave. It's perfect and fits in any deck

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Krunker cheats, faggots. How do you do them?

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Now that everything has been revealed: What's the best Mutate card and why is it the Octopus?

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I didn't notice the golden horn, now I wish I could kill it and take it's horn.

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And the rest of the chaff

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Quoted By: >>71927699

convolute again. not gonna let them play those mutants

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Quoted By: >>71927733

We'll get them.
This went slower than I predicted, so you can open a different pack if you want. What an unexciting first pack, right?

>> No.71927733


Voracious Greatshark, easy.

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Are the Jedi supposed to be Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Lawful Neutral?

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As an institution they're Lawful Good but you'll obviously find individuals within who run the gamut and they don't always live up to their ideals.

>> No.71926497

Probably this

Not yet, Sidious

>> No.71926642

They are supposed to be good, to restrain themselves like any monastic order and to not do illegal things like any official part of the government.

A few of them like the temple guards are lawful good, many of them like Obi-Wan and Yoda are neutral good, and some like Anakin and Luke are chaotic good.

But in general, I think they gravitate towards neutral good more often than not. They don't hate the law, but it is not the center of their belief.

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>> No.71927582

Depends on the era. One of the greatest crime of prequels is making the jedi uncool. KOTOR proceeded to make them not simply uncool, but downright terrible.

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So I want to preface this with the fact that I'm not very fond of min maxing characters, and instead favor interesting RP. I also haven't had much luck finding campaigns lately, but I found one.

The DM has a policy that if you have a stat low enough, you are actually hindered. He's also a madman that makes you roll a d20 and those are your stats. I managed to get some sick stats, but my character has a 3 in wisdom which fits with her hidden lore, but that's besides the point.

The character is so stupid and can't sense danger, and it was a fun and wild night.

I also somehow managed to fuck up a secret my character had by posting my entire character sheet, but alas she has plenty of secrets.

Buckle up, this is the most fun I've had playing DND. I guess this is a multi post green text story because I have so many reaction images, and as a weeb I'll be using a lot of anime pictures and maybe drawing some of my own if I feel compelled to?

First picture is my character I guess?

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>our party is a rag tag group of people in a sci fi world
>we have to get a ship and a captain's license to be a proper squad
>if we fail we are conscripted to the army forcefully which is basically a death sentence
>Party immediately looks up where to get some work and we got 2 nat 20s
>Meanwhile we have a dog in the party named Johnny Sheen who bought some astro turf
>Johnny Sheen finds a crippled old woman in an alley way
>"You wanna buy some grass?"
>DM - Roll deception
>Fat roll.
>The lady is convinced you are selling real grass
>Everyone in the party who went with the dog in the alley way is really uncomfortable
>You can't take advantage of the crippled
>"Lady don't buy it, It's not real grass"
>Roll Persuasion
>Nat 1
>The lady is pissed off at you. "I know real grass when i see it"
>I'll pay you TRIPLE for the grass!!!!!
>Lady hands him a stack of credits
>It's actually 3000 credits, and not 300
>"I can't see very well. Is this the right change."
>Yes!!! the dog's tail wags.
>My character is meanwhile fidgeting with her phone
>Never seen a phone before
>Shrugs and fails, and makes a fool of herself for money and fails.
>Glances in the alleyway and sees a crippled half blind old lady rubbing her face against astro turf with tears of joy in her eyes
>Wow she's really happy!!!!
>Anyways the group splits up betweeen a mercenary job and a very high profile seedy bar called "Vlad's Paradise"
>Our half of the party shows up.

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>my character who has never seen a stripper or heard club music before is mesmerized.
>Immediately walks up to a dancer
>the actual strippers are in the back
>I'm good at dancing
>Bouncers show up
>"You have to pay to touch!"
> I want to work here
>"Okay we'll take you to the back. Vlad will give you work"
>A concerned party member is like UHH
>Maybe don't do that!!!
>The music is too loud
>The job is too fun
>I love dancing!!
>Arrives in a seedy back lit room.
>The other party member is thrown in the room too
>Spooky man with robot arm is like "You want to join the family"
>My dumb character thinks this isn't an organized crime ring
>Wow this person is being very nice
>Other party member is texting help

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File: 73KiB, 600x445, mememe_c6294a9de545cbf2c64053a6cdf5568d-1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>What kind of work are you looking for asks seedy mob boss
>I want to make a lot of money very quickly|
>Okay I have the gig for you
>He whips out some contracts with biometric scanners
>"No need to read!"
>Got it!
>My character slaps that shit
>The party member with her is forced to sign it

I want to preface this with the DM has a strict policy against sexual content in RP so it's a fade to black policy, but that's not how this plays out actually???

>Anyways my character and her party member sign a sex slave contract without reading it

>> No.71926412

>We now have work appointments and our only goal is to make our client happy
>"Wow I better do a good job at my first day of work"
>Anyways the mortified party member is telling the rest of the party what happened
>Dog is there
>I forgot my wallet @ a robot waiter
>Roll Deception
>Giant roll
>normally we have protocol for this but you are such a good boy
>Comes back with something that is obviously the dog's
>Is this yours
>Thank you, please leave me a good review on spoogle
>Waiter I will order a drink says my character
>What would you like
>Surprise me
>The sound of the DM rolling a dice is heard
>A light groan
>The robot comes back with a waiver.
>That'll be 50 credits, which is more than half of what my character has on her
>She's about to drink a black hole
>"You have to drink it fast"
>Got it
>Shoves a blackhole in her mouth
>"Roll a con save"
>Fails the con save
>Your character loses vision and then consciousness
>party, it looks like that idiot's eyes have gone black and her skin is purple
>She's having a seizure
>Roll treat injury and medical knowledge
>Everyone rolls
>no one does amazingly well
>The doctor gets a nat 1
>everyone is like UHHHHHHHHHHHH
>party is to rendezvous with the mercenary party
>They drag her body along like weekend at bernie's
>The dog tries to talk to her unconscious body and convince her to wake up
>Fat roll
>Roll treat injury but add your charisma
>Her body twitches a little more vigorously
>We arrive at the mercenary mission which is to invade a noodle restaurant and get their secret recipe
>Party is scooby dooing around
>They find a vat of rotten moldy noodle water with soggy noodles
>This is like smelling salts right?
>They waterboard my character with this nasty shit
>Finally succeed a con save
>Wake up
>Throw up black hole juice
>Holy shit that was rad
>Check's phone
>I'll be late for work!!!!
>Armed guards show up
>She tries to parkour over them, but fails

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>Combat initiates
>Everyone does combat thigns
>Combat ends when my character scores a critical success
>It results in a one shot decapitation execution on the last guard
>Checks time
>OH man I'll be late for work
>DM asks the other party member who signed the contract if they are too heading to work
>Everyone OOC for a minute
>Are you really going to let her go to a sex slave job after we just kille three cops?
>Everyone IC shrugs and continues the other mission
>She shows up
>They lead you to a room
>Are you sure you go in there?
>Yup my character can't sense danger so it would be OOC to back out now
>Roll for client
>Nat 20
>You walk in, and it's basically the commander of this city
>He just wants to talk to someone
>Makes a powerful ally
>Doesn't sell her body
>Somehow gets the mafia to forgive the other party member's contract
>Had an amazing day at work
>Somehow everything worked out???

Hi meet Esteralia, escort of the rich and powerful and deverourer of black holes

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On Offer You Can't Refuse Edition

Previously: >>71912280

>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.

>Official search site.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface and syntax

>Thread Topic
Do you tend to run iconic cards associated with colors or color combinations? Or do you find that they get in the way or don't play out as well as one might hope? Between charms, ultimatums, ascendancies, commands, and so on, we've seen a few high-profile cycles at this point.
Secret question: Best and worst from each set of cycles?

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>> No.71927625
Quoted By: >>71927723

>So I put it in Meren
Everybody knew as soon as it was spoiled it was going to be a meme Meren companion. That shit was obvious as fuck.

>> No.71927638

I see what you're going for, but people have a real hatred of Meren so i don't think you're going to get the reactions you hoped for.

>> No.71927723
Quoted By: >>71927744

I considered taking the time to write out some detailed response about how insufferable of a person you must be but i don't actually care enough so i'll just say go fuck yourself instead

>> No.71927731
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How hard is it to draw my whole deck and play Thassa's Oracle/Lab Man without infinites/curiosity combo?

>> No.71927744

You are the cancer that is killing this format.

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Why is there no video-gaming board?

Trying to find some faggots who play Krunker so they can tell me how everyone cheats. Fun game but impossible to be competitive without autoaim. How do those faggots do it? No scripts seem to work.

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Quoted By: >>71927259 >>71927624

>Player/GM makes a female character perform roles that are traditionally done by men

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>> No.71926999


>> No.71927170

Unironically why would you even want a girlfriend? Especially in CURRENT YEAR the pros don't outweigh the cons.

>> No.71927259

>Player/GM is a historical accuracy autist who likely makes unironic local Lord threads.

>> No.71927372

fag thread

>> No.71927624

>Player/GM makes a female character perform roles that are traditionally done by men
>Other player spergs out at this

kys incel

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What are your amazons like? If they are they're own race, what sort of things set them apart? What's their culture and society like? Are they based on anything specifically? What level of technology do they have access to and use? What sort of things do they do for fun? What is Amazonian art like? How's their religion work, and whose in charge of it?

What sort of weapons or fighting styles do they prefer? What sort of magic do they have if any, and how do they use it? How do they structure their armies, or other military branches?

What are Amazonian men like?

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>> No.71925745

>What are Amazonian men like?
petite but resilient

>> No.71925883
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You know, maybe this is a decent enough place to talk about this. I've been workshopping in my head a cyberpunk setting based on the classical world-

The idea being the gods and myths were all real, but the equivalent of Ragnarok happened for all of them, now most of the gods are dead, but those classical states have reached a cyberpunk, level of technology.

The Vikings are in separate loosely allied kingdoms caught in a constant forever war in North America, the Romans only control Italy and are a form of Military Democracy.

The Amazons are a part of a Greek federation, and I thought it'd be funny if they formed a voter block with Lesbos, the Gargareans, and Sparta. I figure they'd be one of a number of a race of giants- being about 7-9 foot tall, but they'd accept any women of other races so long as they can prove their worth. There'd be elves and dwarves from Scandinavian mythology, lamia and minotaurs from greek mythology in Greece, and I was thinking the Egyptians are genetically engineering animal folk, including Amazonian crocodile women (and also men).


>> No.71925913


When I used them, Amazons were a fantasy race of their own rather than just a specific culture of humans. They were created as the servants of Ama the goddess of war. I the great big fuckoff war of the gods that wrecked much of the world, Ama is one of the few gods that survived or didn't flee creation, but she was so badly wounded by her battles that she has been sleeping it off and recovering under the valley that the Amazons call home.

All Amazons are female, 7ft tall or bigger, and frankly an unrealistic combination of muscular form and feminine attributes. They are downright superhuman, to the point that they commonly carry around and use bows that fire 'arrows' that a normal human would call a spear without much effort. Their culture is heavily geared towards war and combat and venerating their mother goddess. The only good news is that they simply don't give a shit about gaining territory and instead just guard their sleeping goddess as an isolationist state. A few nearby kingdoms have occasionally made the mistake of picking fights with the Amazons during periods of expansion, but the Amazons have made bloody examples out of those that tried.

The Amazons are ruled over by a witch queen that was the first creation of Ama and wields a portion of the goddess's power. She is older than humanity, and capricious and alien. While the rest of the Amazons deal with humans and other races enough to be more or less friendly or capable of diplomacy, the witch queen spent thousands of years only surrounded by other women. She is physically disgusted by men on a visceral level, seeing them as sick parodies of "real people" and refusing to deal with them or even tolerate their presence.

New Amazons are not born, they are only made. In the past they were hand-crafted by Ama, but during her rest it is the duty of the Witch Queen to keep up amazon numbers. The greatest Amazons aspire to be sacrificed to Ama, to feed her their strength and hasten her return.

>> No.71927206

Nomads horsemen that chop their left breasts off so they can fire their bows without needing to breast bind. The physical trauma of lopping off a boob lowers their average lifespan and they usually have some fertility issues so they usually enslave virile men as sex fodder to ensure pregnancy.

>> No.71927742
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Ancient servitor race left over from before the apocalypse. The ancient races were decadent fuckers that made a race of super-resilient female slaves that they could enjoy punting around without breaking. The reason you have gorgeous, naked, arrow-proof warrior women is because somebody long ago wanted a waifu they could fight, easily overpower, be rough with and don't worry about permanently damaging her.
Long after they were dead and forgotten by history, the descendants of their creations remain as the legendary, nigh-invulnerable savages of the eastern swamp, extremely valued as mercenaries and slaves.

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Quoted By: >>71925668 >>71925836

>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below).

For mechanics of the old edition that literally no-one plays, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group? Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

>Resources for Older Editions

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

Errata for Third Edition

>Other Ex3 Resources

Hundred Devils Night Parade https://pastebin.com/iA1DYbpB
Adversaries of the Righteous https://pastebin.com/KR7zTrpe
Eclipse Charms https://pastebin.com/jF86vUPw

Previous thread: >>71859964

The Realm download link

>Which is your favorite canon female Exalt, and why? What about favorite canon female character in general?

>What kind of DB would make the best wife and why? What about other kinds of Exalts, especially assuming that you are one yourself, particularly a Solar?

>What are some interesting Exigent concepts that you have come up with?

>What’s the piece of upcoming content that you are most anxious for and why?

>> No.71925668
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Confucius say: OP with four thread questions, get none answered.

>> No.71925836
File: 809KiB, 735x1146, 1565499814893.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Most questions are really boring, but

>What’s the piece of upcoming content that you are most anxious for and why?

Exalted Essence hands down. 3e is a shit smear and Essence is going to fix Exalted once and for all and make it into a finally viable series.

>> No.71927154

>Translate the various exaltations into xianxia realms.
Doesn't really work, because Xianxia power levels are generally either degrees of raw power (lift 100kg, lift 1000kg, lift 100,000 kg), different areas of physical augmentation (skin, tendons, bones, etc), or types of ki manipulation (sensing it, starting to pulse it, focusing it, emitting it, emitting+shaping it, illusionary constructs, real constructs).
Often one type then leads to the next, and specific cultivation techniques might pursue totally different forms of each level. And those broader realms themselves are really just "can smash a boulder, a city, a nation, a planet, ten planets, infinity planets, ten dimensions, infinity dimensions, can get laid, can get infinity laid"

They're probably closer to a Charm tree than an exaltation, with progress down any tree providing passive buffs to all your stats. So your Main Character type stumbles across Glorious Solar Brawl Technique, and uses it to dick on the locals who only possess pathetic Wood Aspect cultivation techniques.

Exalts themselves just don't translate well, because Perfects are pretty unusual - Xianxia makes a *big* deal out of anything that can cross power levels in effect, and Perfects cross *all of them*. So it doesn't matter too much that Solars are obviously better, because even a lowly DB breaks Xianxia logic.

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Quoted By: >>71925600 >>71925601

This is a bit of a weird one. Quarantine has me searching for all sorts of ways to pass the time. I came across the wikipedia page for this game, which I'd played the original version of in my teenage years, and after a bit of research, discovered the company put out an updated version of the game, in anticipation of making a computer game adaptation. The adaptation is still mentioned on Omega Games' website, but I have found no further info. Most likely, it just never came out, which is fine, but if it did, I'd love some pointers on where I could find it (by whatever means).

>> No.71925600
Quoted By: >>71925638

Why are normalfags struggling to cope with just being by themselves? Do you actually spend that much time socializing with others?

>> No.71925601
Quoted By: >>71925747

Ask the share thread, which is where you should have started instead of making a new one.

>> No.71925638


We're social apes. Not everyone is equally equipped to handle isolation, especially the sudden, disruptive kind that the current situation has caused.

>> No.71925747

I thought the sharethreads were for pdfs. I'll check it out later, but I was specifically looking for the computer adaptation of the game if it exists.

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