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I've been trying to figure out a way forward from mindless wagecucking. I've taken community college stats but it was for psych students so remarkably shallow. Is there a way I could teach myself stats, analysis (I've done calc) and the like, and do projects on my own to demonstrate my expertise, that might allow me to find work doing data analysis or something like that without a degree? I am desperate for something, anything i can teach myself to get a better job. And reliably because while I can network to a degree in not very good at it.

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A thread died for this thread.

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Can someone help with identify the organs of this catfish? It’s for my ichthyology exam.

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29:air bladder

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Thank you

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How about this

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>UwU what's this?

The results show that at this point, and regardless of other potential differences in age, funding, number of children etc., female professors had, on average, lower levels of scholarly achievement than male professors. The result can be an effect of promoting females to professor at an earlier stage in their career. Other variables that might affect productivity, or whether some faculty faced greater challenges or had to work harder than others to obtain the same apparent academic merit, is irrelevant for the conclusion that the publication criteria for becoming a professor were effectively lower for females.


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Why are mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering such sausage fests?

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Hello /sci/,

I will hopefully get my bachelor's in physics this summer, and then go on to get my master's in two years.

I love physics (especially theoretical), and I also love nature and the great outdoors, so my question is: how can I get an /out/ job as a physicist? I'm talking about a job that makes me spend time in remote natural places

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Do autistic people really have no self awareness? I’m on the spectrum and yet I can still realize faults with myself and better them.

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The ones with self-awareness are Aspies/High-functioning autistics

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Its not that they lack self awareness. Lots of "normal" people lack self awareness. Autistic people have weak notion of "others" personhood/mind. I found out myself that I didn't see others as having a mind/personhood for the longest time(until my mid-late 20s). Even now I have to force myself and recall this notion that others have a mind/personhood when I interact with others. Its not a natural/intuitive response from autistic people.

How does this lack of knowledge/familiarity with other's "personhood" affect autistic person's life? Well, for one thing, it can make them seem aloof/distant. What it basically does for me is shuts down the simulation of others/world when I'm not focused on others. I can force myself to imagine what others might imagine/think, but its not a natural response. For the longest time, I was not aware that other people would "hang out" with each other or have social life after school/class. I've gone straight home after school or work, having never understood that people have "lives" outside of their work/school.

So you see, its not that autistic people dont have self-awareness. They do, I do. Its that we have a hard time understanding that OTHERS have self-hood.

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are you the top 5%?

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>3 variables
>1 equation

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answer is Z_2[a]/(a^(n+1)), for those that are curios

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it ask for the cohomolgy ring of RP^n with coefficents in Z_2.

looks up diophantine equations brainlet

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The second you introduce letters belonging to mathematical terms and actual objects it loses its power. Eg projective space.

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What % of the Black-White IQ gap is due to genetic differences?
Please source your response.

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Do you have a %?

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There is no settled answer here. The best you can get is from a recent survey of expert opinions from intelligence researchers.

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In Rushton & Jensen 2005, they suggest that default hypothesis should be 80% genetic, 20% environmental on the grounds that individual differences are explained by this model and that there is no reason to assume it's different between blacks and whites. You'd have to show that there are different sources of variance in one group or you'd have to treat both groups as subsets of the same population

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I'd like to know on what basis they believe in a percentage range

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There is no answer to this question as 'we' do not know nearly enough about genetics or the brain to answer it

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The picture does a good job of summarizing what it is, but I'll go into some more detail.
Glaucoma is a semi-rare eye disease that causes a buildup of pressure behind the eye and damaging the optic nerve; depending on what type of Glaucoma this can take several years, decades, or hours.
There are various treatments if it's bad enough, which begin with just medicine and end with surgeries that carve tunnel through your eye to help with drainage.
I'm twenty and have lived with an extremely severe case for thirteen years. I'm post bypass surgery, but I've started having my migraines again and no longer have insurance; let's have a thread before I lose vision in my left eye!

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Fuck -1/12, refute this

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Congrats on making a mistake in the very first line. a != 1/2, a is a diverging sum that does not converge onto a value, in the same way that there isn't a value for sin(inf).

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My point is not that the sum *actually* has this value, I know that assigning a value to it is nonsensical, just as with 1+2+3+4+5..., but the point is that the -1/12 stuff is pointless because even when starting with the same formula - 1-1+1-1+1... = 1/2, you can arrive at different answers.

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Well yeah, playing around with divergent sums means you can get a lot of fun but incorrect maths. It's like dividing by zero and being surprised when you end up with funky shit.

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Is it true all surface level crude oil has been used so if society ever collapsed we would never again advance beyond the point before the use of crude oil in machinery? Because the only ways of extracting oil would be through machines that need oil in the first place to operate.

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Only if you believe you can only use oil and only that oil for these purposes.

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No, oil wells are regenerated via tectonic pressure so we'd just have to wait at most a few decades.

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You mean pushed to the surface. Only you can regenerate an amount of oil in 100k years or so, it doesn't magically happen.

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Very comfy. Answers everything from basic to advanced. Also says he has a new theory of physics that he's going to put out when the Coronavirus dies down.




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Was it autism that caused him to track everything he's done every day for decades and do data analysis on it?

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*destroys science in your path*

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Chrom or tin coated steel cake mould:

Which are the health risks in using a vintage cake mould made from "weißblech" which is either chrom or tin coated steel, especially when the layers might have been compromised through repeaded harsh cleaning?

Especially when considering acidic condents, would a lemon sponge mixture baked in it be a health risk?

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Chrom or in coated steel cake mould:

Which are the health risks in using a vintage cake mould made from "weißblech" which is either chrom or tin coated steel, especially when the layers might have been compromied through repeaded harsh cleaning?

Especially when considering acidic condents, would.

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>muh 0.999... != 1
>muh Pythagorean theorem in complex plane is wrong so imaginary numbers don't real
>muh 0 / 0
>muh highschooler who never did analysis or algebra
I know the rona is keeping us all inside but surely there's a less rote way to get (You)'s. I feel like it's the same 2-3 people making these threads.

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Is there a functional use for octonions, sedenions ect.

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Yes. Or by functional do you mean physical? I think octonions are used in theoretical physics.

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The octonions are occasionally useful in group theory. All the exceptional Lie groups are automorphisms of (stuff related to) the octonions, and octonions can be used in some alternative constructions of finite simple groups.
I've never heard of anyone using sedenions for anything.

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They do have applications in theoretical physics (see >>11551395). I think I once saw a nice picture of each division algebra, their corresponding Lie group and an application in physics; maybe in Wikipedia or something but I can't find it anymore.

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There's one professor who tries to introduce them as a possible GUT, but it seems they are way too tedious to use to be useful in the grand scheme of things. At least for now.
They also seem to contain particle modes which we haven't observed yet, so they are testable.

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I have a massive urge to get high on Diphenhydramine. I know it's hellish but I kind of want to experience it once. Talking to people that aren't there, smoking phantom cigarettes, seeing fucked up monsters and shit. The only thing holding me back is the chance of a seizure/heart attack/stroke and also I hate insects. Any tips?

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do it and enjoy your heart attack due to spiders that arent real

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How are they different to psychedelics like LSD/shrooms?

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DPH is neurotoxic and lsyergamides/tryptamines aren't, you can start there for instance

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Is it true that coronavirus never leaves your body? Is it true that coronavirus gives you permanent lung damage? Is it true that all the "recovered" are gonna drop dead in a few months?

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Yes, you have a 1000% chance to die. You already have it. Best kill yourself.

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>Is it true that coronavirus never leaves your body?
We don't know, but it's probably false based on how our body reacts to other coronaviruses.
>Is it true that coronavirus gives you permanent lung damage?
Yes, but only in severe cases. I don't remember the fraction, so you probably shouldn't be afraid of it.
>Is it true that all the "recovered" are gonna drop dead in a few months?
Most probably not.

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Yes. Once you have it you either die in the first month or later. If you recover and don't die, you will die the second time you get it/when it reactivates. This virus is God/s/Allah's/The Great Ancient One's punishment for our ignorance and sins. The best option for humanity is to an hero collectively.

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Yes. My advice is for you to kill yourself to avoid letting the virus kill you. At least you can go down on your terms.
Now run along and die. Don't let the virus win.

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Why does /sci/ not ever make a list of math textbook curriculum? kind of boring to see an outdated wiki guide

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They do.

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>Why does /sci/ not ever make a list of math textbook curriculum?

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Quoted By: >>11551518

Are these specific textbooks or just general topics to study? I've seen this list everywhere but it is never detailed.

>> No.11551518

Topics, plus specific textbooks for almost all the material

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The wikia is fine

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and then on test day mark the answer sheet bubbles wrong by skipping a bubble so you get almost none of the answers correct

could i have done that? i know i have a bad habit of incorrectly doubting myself and my memory of it is very hazy but if i did, it would be horrible. i would probably kill myself because this test dictates whether or not i get into med school

i have pure-o ocd and this one is really killing me because i don't know if i did or i didn't. i've never felt as suicidal

it was a high-stakes test held once a year by an organization that makes no concessions,

the answer sheet is scanned by computers, they would recheck your sheet for "detection" errors, like if you didn't shade in dark enough, but there is no way in hell that they're gonna adjust your answers because you were one off

it's been 2 months and i'm still dwelling on this

what makes it even worse is that this is my second time taking it, i might've wasted an entire year of my life

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maybe i do
it's just a shitty fucking situation i'm so god damn unlucky

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Quoted By: >>11551734

i already took it twice, taking it a third time? ah man

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Quoted By: >>11551750

nobody gives a shit when you are a doctor how many times you had to take the exam
i took it 3 times myself and im about to finish my studies soon so just keep going bro
trust me, nobody likes the people who care about shit like this

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you already made this thread fuckhead

>> No.11551750

all my peers who i was in highschool with are gonna be 2 years ahead of me, they're already a year ahead, it's going to fucking blow
not to mention the stress of studying again, all over again
not because i didn't study properly
not because i didn't know my stuff
but because i may have made this stupid fucking mistake of messing up the bubbles

i hope it turns out ok and i hope i didn't make the mistake, because that's gonna be the final straw

i can't stop thinking about it

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Is it scientifically possible for an image on a normal screen/paper to give someone actual brain damage? Pic related

>> No.11551346

How are these images created? Deep Generative Network failures?

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Holy shit we close to BLIT now

I don't dare to look at that picture a second time

>> No.11551763

SCP gonna come in to delete this thread.

>> No.11551776

I feel as if looking at this picture for too long will create flawed neural pathways and induce schizo of some sort. We've never evolved the guard against stuff like this because it's impossible to find it anywhere, not even in extreme abstract art

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What are you working on right now senpai?

I am creating a weighted analysis overlay to find out where boomers should build their next mcmansion

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so you're stupid

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