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Rate my first drawing /ic/ and gimme some advice bros.
I saw a cute head and I just wanted to gave her a body, the body was tiny but she looks cute af for me with her tiny body and big head, 4 days since I started learning how to draw

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this proves that you dont need fundamentals to draw anime.

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hello newfag! Please visit the /beg/ thread next time you think about posting your shitty doodle! Thank you!

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It's pretty good mate.
Her neck is shaped weird and her right (our left) tit is too big
Reminds me of rem from re:zero

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go to /asg/, /beg/ will trick you into reading loomis.

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the head is from a girl from rezero, drawing anime heads is maybe the easiest thing lmao yeah her tit is a little bit big because she's in a weird pose and I'm seeing her from the floor, a very weird pose

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>just draw

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>posts doomer wojak for reasonably straight forward advice
you lazy fucking faggot

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Let's just draw on this thread

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>just draw
>I actually end up enjoying myself
Every time. Why do I always hesitate so much.

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>Why do I always hesitate so much.
Because drawing requires patience. You just sit there and draw lines, have to concentrate and think about what you are doing.

I mostly don't draw because I lack the patience, even though I know it would make me feel better to keep drawing.

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What do you think of it, /ic/?

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Bold, and dare I say brash?

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It’s perfect.
Fuck off, crab.

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Squidward clearly understands anatomy and perspective and is deviating from the laws into his own bold style.

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thoughts on my drawing /ic/?

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I thought this drawing was god tier as a kid.
Now it just looks fine.

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My style.

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>that moment you realize you don't have any finished drawings that represents your own style well.
So this is what failure feels like...

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How come some people just have "it" when it comes to drawing?

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Gonna need source on that for study purposes

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Some people were born with multiple ligaments on the underside of their wrist. This allows for greater dexterity and lessening the disconnect between the hand and brain.

A person without multiple CAN still get really good, it just takes longer. That's why you see some people start drawing and getting jobs within six months while others take years or even decades.

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Ok, it's me again, now I'll try to draw something more difficult.
I'll periodically post progress

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don't make threads like this ever again

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Prove that you can draw beautiful males too. Coomers only draw chicks all day. You're not one of them, are you anon?

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What place? I didn’t give bbcchan any shit.

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oh no, i feel so inferior to him
bbchan is so based
maybe donating to his patreon should fix this

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BBC please reply, my only alternative to getting feedback is hunting you down and wearing your skin

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British Parliamentarian talking about cyber bullying/ online abuse and harassment and the like, I think

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Anyone want to critique this? Feel free to draw over it.

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Its fine aside from bad anatomy and girls looking like chimpanzees

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There's nothing to discuss. Stop making singlular threads for your stupid coomer art. Post in one of the other ones you fucking retard you aren't special.

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Stop shading with black, don't be afraid to use the hard round brush instead of the air/softer brushes to stop pillowshading and fix your values.

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Tracer face is a little bit weird, looks fantastic as fuck, how can I draw this? Im sick of loomis and perspective shit lines are not sexy

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Does anyone here use a VR headset for artistic purposes? I know next to nothing about the things, it seems like they could be valuable tools for drawing and studying three dimensional images, but I only ever hear people talk about VR in the context of video games.

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Redline this, go ahead and see if you can fix this piece.

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>t. crab
snibetty snab

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go back into your cage, bbcchan

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He is better than you though.

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Why are seething this hard?

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Nichijou style is the absolute definition of soulful anime drawing

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that's not Heartcatch Precure

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>Nichijou is the absolute definition of soul
OP is not a fag today

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i see painfully generic characters with symbol-drawn smiley faces. get some taste you child

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>Nichijou style is my favorite
That's basically what you said, but you used buzzwords instead.
Stop being an absolute idiot, please.

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>tfw can't draw a semi complex piece of machinery on 3/4 view

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>AAAAAAAH I hate Proko so much.

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tmz manufactured drama faggots. go draw you women

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You must be very naive to not think that people here are just goofing around. No one cares what Marhsal truly thinks about Proko.

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God I wish I was a woman

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And I'm sure he is devastated.

>> No.4483232

wrong. there's a reason this board has gone to shit. people pretend to be stupid, real fucking morons think they're agreeing with them, suddenly the board is 80% morons

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>learnt how to draw basic 3d objects (box, sphere, cone, etc) in all kinds of perspectives
>learnt how to apply basic shadows and shading to them with basic light source(s)
>learnt gestures
>learnt mannequinization (kind of)
>will start learning human anatomy today
what else do I need to learn and practice to become a pro figure drawer?

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Bait thread. Bye

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which part is the bait you mongoloid imbecile?
that someone started drawing digitally day1?

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Biggest thing you can do to become a pro-figure artist is to actually draw from figures. All the other exercises, mannequinization, robo-bean, are all extras to do on the side.

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not op but why's that? why is it irl that much better?

>> No.4482959

because you learn to problem-solve

copying a photo means your solution is right there, the values and forms are fixed; drawing from life means you have to make those decisions yourself

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Please post the most beautiful gondola themed art that you have.

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cute looking teddy gondola

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Sorry for the chromatic aberration

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there’s a gondola drawn for more or less every enemy or character in bloodborne

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>tfw finally starting to like my own art
There is no better feel than loving yourself

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Keep trying bro

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Just let me make fun of you and insult your artwork already!!!! It's not fair that you're enjoying your hobby/profession!!!! I'll kill you!!!!

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Let me make a useless thread and treat it like my personal blog.

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Wrong person, bub.

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More like this from sketch to finished so I can practice?

Only female characters

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what is the best example you've seen from someone who went zero to hero skillwise?i've heard the legend of algenpfleger

what about art related social media?the guy who made bowsette his following blow up.

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Based. I've been drawing 6 hours a day for a week and I already can see my improvements. Thing is that you have to use your brain and not draw randomly.

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This is freaking inspiring anons. Motivates me to draw more.

>> No.4483453

Aw shit it's blurry af hang on a sec anons

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These people all started off pretty well on the left

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Draw cats, paint cats, post paintings of cats.

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File: 1MiB, 2570x3300, GD-108-Gerrit_Dou-Cat_Crouching_on_the_Ledge.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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I think I have a feel for the cat now.

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I remember some time ago anon posted about a tool that lets you do something like pic related, a type of wooden ruler with a stick that guides your hand with a brush. Does anyone know the name of that tool?

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Turner's acrylic gouache comes with a grooved ruler and rod.

>> No.4482871

is called hands lmao

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Quoted By: >>4483063

>grooved ruler and rod
this is what I was looking for! On its own tho it can only be bought from shady chinese website it seems. I don't get why

>> No.4483063


>> No.4483385

Hi, OP, it's me, the anon who made that original thread you referenced. It seems that acquiring one of those tools outside Japan is very tricky. The Turner set posted in this thread I didn't know about, but it seems a bit much to buy a whole paint set for one tool.

Honestly after looking into it, it seems your best bet is to just get a grooved ruler of some kind, and use the back of a paintbrush, or maybe a chopstick, to guide your hand along the groove.

Unless of course you want to send your credit card info to some sketchy Chinese retailer.

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I quit all my meds. They were all downers and holding me back. I'm going to neuroplasticity all over you bitches and learn faster than ever.

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Who's this loomis guy?

>> No.4482444

kys retard

>> No.4482448

This shitty meme has sold me on Hogarth

>> No.4483305
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are these muscles made of metal?

>> No.4483421

another brainlet
there is a reason hogarth shaded them that way think about it why

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Anybody else working hard? I know I am.

It's a tough slog but I'm improving everyday.

Post whatever you're working on here.

We have a discord for aspiring Mangaka if you want to join:


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A lot of anime designs look the same, if anything Tony's style looks more like toriyama/ dragon ball

>> No.4482872

No, I mean the way some of the faces are drawn. There’s two characters especially that look exactly like characters in MHA. I haven’t read more than the 1st chapter of Radiant, but some look awfully familiar to MHA. And again, what I’m suggesting is that the MHA dude copied Tony, not the other way around.

That’s my suspicion too.

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Im reading Homunculus. Its pretty interesting.

>> No.4482982

Yeah it's certainly memorable

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File: 156KiB, 1080x1080, humanmgn_91497544_205380290883918_731026873004930141_n.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


Also "humanmgn" from Chile has been pumping out some pretty good art.

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Why not ruin all this, along with your self esteem? Just draw!

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File: 748KiB, 1161x2064, Kidz dont try This at Home or School.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

So what you're having a good day? How does that gives you a reason not to draw? Don't answer, I don't want to hear excuses. Excuse is for suckers. Excuses are for people who are broke. You wake up in da morning and you feel like nah, nah, wake up, it's a commitment, you feel me dog? You're mentally weak. Let's go champ, yeah, give me more champ. If you don't work hard for it, you will never see success, you ain't gonna see no result. Let's go champ. We represent something, stand for something, if you don't stand for something you gonna fall for anything, let me see the dog in you bro. Fuck you feeling happy and nice, anybody could doodle and dream for one hour, but there's 24 hours a day. Oh yeah, drawing everyday for 10 years, sleeping 2 hours a day, no excuse. Positivity is key, everybody grinds, everybody shines man.

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