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god I wish that was me

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I also wish I was a cute girl with massive tits and a hot, stoic bf.

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She will look so good getting Gobbed.

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Too bad that doesn't get a reaction out of him and even after Priestess massive healing on him, it still does nothing, not even naked.

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how to get a cow girl gf?

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Why is she hugging Archer Shirou?

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this but with priestess

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God I wish she’d bully and insult me

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I also wish to hug GS

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That's the gobbo player

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The boy or the girl?

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Just need to dress up like his sister.

Which is why GG will win, she's the most similar to her.

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the girl

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Doesn't work either, otherwise he would have already jumped into GG.

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I want to marry priestess!

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He didn't go around humping his sister's leg when he was a kid. Once he's done with goblins, he'll do it. He's just preoccupied atm.

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You can't. Servants of the supreme god can't be in a relationship. Sword Maiden even complains about it in the sidestory and wishes that she could just retire so she can pursue GS' dick.

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Poor SM.

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Priestess peeing...

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& Elf getting gobbed...

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Oh yes I can. Fuck Earth Mother.

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Imagine gobbing HEA.

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>tfw Gs mentor telling him he was powerless and couldn’t do anything hit me right in the feels

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How can I achieve this level of anime criticism?

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What's the final verdict on Sword Maiden's body of work?

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Earth mother pleases old men for prayers.

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Fat. Fat!

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Priestess on the other hand is pure.

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They should make an OVA to show us GS' sister getting GOBBE'D as detailed as possible.

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>Servants of the supreme god can't be in a relationship
Well it's a good thing Priestess is a servant of Earth Mother then.

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So is that only for Earth Mother? Female Knight is pretty dead set on becoming a Paladin and even has miracles despite being in a relationship with Heavy Warrior

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Would rape.

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Come on, anon. You can't do that on a blue board.

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>multicultural goblin hordes
I wish I had an appropriate /a/ reaction image for this

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When will she confess to Goblin Slayer?

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She only likes NotGuts. They aren't in a relationship. And not all magic are miracles. You think god would grant witches miracles?

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Well maintained pubic hair.

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>gobbed goods

No thanks

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I’m very happy since marrying priestess, why are you sorry for that?

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thread needs more slaying.

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You know Priestess follows the earth mother and not the supreme god, right?

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They are in a relationship later in the novels, their party members tease them about getting married.

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Needs more priestess.

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You with to hug goblin slayer too?

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Imagine having CG's lewd huge milkers.

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She is the safest girl in town

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haha y-yeah who would want that!

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Cute delayed reaction, but if the stone had been flung at her she could be dead.

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God I can't wait to see Priestess gobbd

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Goblin Slayer has more aggro. He is obviously the tank.

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Will the Goblin Crusher show up?

>Sources close to the Minister have recently disclosed that Fudge’s dearest ambition is to seize control of the goblin gold supplies and that he will not hesitate to use force if need be.
“It wouldn’t be the first time, either,” said a Ministry insider. “Cornelius ‘Goblin-Crusher’ Fudge, that’s what his friends call him. If you could hear him when he thinks no one’s listening, oh, he’s always talking about the goblins he’s had done in; he’s had them drowned, he’s had them dropped off buildings, he’s had them poisoned, he’s had them cooked in pies…”

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It's like she was made for sexual activities...

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I also wish I was an anime girl and was raped silly by monsters, but alas...

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Fuck Goblins

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Does priestess envy sword maiden's utters?

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She is jealous of every girl with big boobs, that's why her best friend is an anvil.

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She’s flat because when she hugs you she’s holding you closer to her heart

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Look at that washboard.

>> No.181071342

DELET this

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Reminder that elf never takes a bath, even after trudging through sewers. She probably smells like fetid mouldy socks and rotting wood.

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why does everybody want this autist's dick holy shit.

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If you were Priestess and went through what she did on her first quest, would you join Goblin Slayer or retire and go back to the church or whatever?

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I'm too much of a sociopath for the deaths of people I literally just met to matter at all, so i'd probably just go along with Goblin Slayer solely because he has his shit together better than I do.

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Based, which we could see what they did to her in flashbacks. I would love to see how they raped her.

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If I were priestess I’d finger myself

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>that look on her eyes

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i dont read the manga.
is that SM?

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I would unironically kill myself if I was a woman in a world with goblins.

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>i dont read the manga.
Kill you're self right now tertiary cuck.

There is nothing wrong with reading manga.

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she's already showed up in the anime, or did you forget already about the elf they found in the ruins before the scroll incident?

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At least goblins didn't clip her ears, so they aren't as much of a bastard as the fucker from Overlord.

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You should seriously warn people before posting best girl. Not everyone is ready for an instant erection.

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Did i say theres something wrong with reading manga?
Guess i forgot or just speedwatched. I skip a few seconds sometimes. Short term memory too. Been busy irl.

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Too bad for CG that he will never see her in a romantic way

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>I skip a few seconds sometimes
Animeonlys are so disgusting.

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GG is love
GG is life

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This one is better.

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GG needs to be punished for sending countless young adventurers to their deaths

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They were weak so it doesn't matter

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>this is the face of a woman with over a thousand kill counts under her name
Let that sink in for a second, /a/

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he's really attractive and masculine

>> No.181074483

When will the girls gang up to rape Goblin Slayer?

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Don't be autistic.

There is a mystery thrill of being the one woman that unmasks him
There is this edgy cold emotionless man attraction that has always been popular with the ladies, the uchiha sasuke syndrome / Edward the vampire from Twilight and shit
Then there is the fact his job is to actively kill fucking rapists, and he refuses to do anything else other than kill rapists.
There is also this certain manliness /chadness about how he doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks and he just does his thing, which shows no one commands him, he is like a fantasy Genghis Khan.

There is plenty to love from that, but please remember most of the girls love him because he slays goblins. The ones that don't love him for that its because of childhood friend and Guild Girl admitted he liked all stoic guys so she is really just a slut.

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>take an interesting concept
>make it into haremshit

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Quoted By: >>181094612

>muh harem
glad this anime has a pleb filter, leave now

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How come wholesome erotica always have shittier quality than rotten porn? I hate this.

>> No.181075135

Is that a period stained robe?

>> No.181075301

It's not as outlandish as it looks at first. Most stories usually champion living together in diversity and that noone is completely bad.
Goblin slayer is different from pretty much everything else at the moment, because goblins are the enemy, coexistance is not possible and need to be eradicated.

>> No.181075479

That's very brave, how do I upvote it?

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Even in-universe nobody likes haremfags.

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Quoted By: >>181076703

Who's thinking there / Talking there?

>> No.181076703
Quoted By: >>181076856

Spearman talks with three girls from an all-female party and Witch giving him a glare.

>> No.181076856

Heh, sounded like Lancer. Wasn't sure though, I thought it could be Rance from an LN I haven't read.

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Quoted By: >>181085459


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Not nearly enough females taking advantage of sleeping males.

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I love her

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God I wish I was Goblin Slayer's blacksmith.

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>brown hair
>looks like he's in his thirties

>> No.181080332

She was made for the BGC

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Quoted By: >>181099222

Dont worry she settles with a much larger much greener.

>> No.181081589

No you autistic retard, SM complains she's stuck doing desk work because that's her job now. GS revived her desire to adventure because of his immense hardon for slaying the gobs. There has been no mention of either SM or Priestess had to take oaths about not having relationships

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I just want an OVA with GS dying and Priestess taking his place. Just imagine
>becoming a bitter girl because of GS getting rekt
>abandoning mother earth to become a Dark Priestess
>luring goblins by peeing inside a goblin nest just to kill them all with dark bolts and mind control

>> No.181082253

Would you still marry Priestess if she happened to be gobbed by gobbos?

>> No.181082292

only if she takes the title of GS and kill every gobbo for the rest of her life.

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Quoted By: >>181084708

Reminder that best girl is the only one with a figure.

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Or you?

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Quoted By: >>181084886

Why did the artist feel it necessary to denote the weight of the doll?

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>the nipples poking out from under the shirt

>> No.181084886

its goblin slayer weighting how much weight those milkers carry, dumbass

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Choose. Used goods need not to apply.

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Quoted By: >>181099278

She bathes in lakes

>> No.181085449

Alright, I'm just going to come out and say it:

>Unabashedly TERRIBLE world-building, relies entirely on one of the most tired crutches in fantasy anime there is, video game tropes; seriously, just ZERO fucking effort here
>Copy+pastes Dragon's Crown, Fate and Sword Art characters left and right
>Actually decent MC armor design is painfully contrasted by the World of Warcraft-tier clownsuits adorning every other secondary character
>Waifu/Harem bullshit, except the girls are truly some of the most uninteresting cardboard-cutouts around, little more than xeroxes of standard anime archetypes
>Self-insert MC whose "intelligence" and "wisdom" is in actuality just the absolute most basic common sense imaginable, made "unique" by the fact he's employing it in a world of complete simpletons

>> No.181085459
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She is NOT a potatoe.

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File: 79KiB, 640x360, 3874EE88-828C-4B10-AEB8-406FE1BDD0D4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Priestess would never get gobbed.

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Quoted By: >>181085871

Babu priestess!

>> No.181085871
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>> No.181086271


>> No.181086347
Quoted By: >>181087417

So Goblin Slayer is the story of a faceless dude surrounded by hot women who want his dick but who's too autistic to fuck them?

>> No.181086388
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Always her

>> No.181086470

She smells like fresh dew on the grass or a field of flowers.

>> No.181086553

aRe YoU a GoBlIn?

>> No.181086701

I'm going to rape the Priestess while Goblin Slayer is forced to watch!

>> No.181086832

Are you a goblin?

>> No.181086897
Quoted By: >>181087048

so how many people have died because of her?

>> No.181086960

I need that image for my research

>> No.181087048
File: 297KiB, 1434x2048, kUNgo2m.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

No one, she is a receptionist not their mother.

>> No.181087055

What's the difference between the light novels and the manga? Also where can I read the LN online and is there anything else to read?

>> No.181087109
File: 404KiB, 655x1000, 71744330_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ogre, stop posting.

>> No.181087182
Quoted By: >>181087253

I wish Priestess was my mom

>> No.181087253

I wish priestess was my dom

>> No.181087271

>lvl 10 vs lvl 50

>> No.181087408

I wish priestess would berate me for bad behaviour!

>> No.181087417
Quoted By: >>181087454

No, it's the author retelling a story of how his friends cured his social autism.

>> No.181087420
Quoted By: >>181087549

>2k years old elf
>not used goods
same goes for GG

>> No.181087454


Are those a new type of goblin?

>> No.181087470
Quoted By: >>181087573

Wow,really just goes to show how deeply this place is infested by normalfags when this shit is still being highly followed.

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At least everyone accept cow girl is pure and perfect.

>> No.181087573

If you use the word normalfag, you’re a normalfag

>> No.181087666
Quoted By: >>181087716

nice try, gob

>> No.181087716

Nice try, Satan.

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Quoted By: >>181087847

If you read the manga, it's far worse. GS's master accuses GS of letting his sister die.

"It's because you CHOSE to do nothing!"

>> No.181087847
Quoted By: >>181087916

Based mentor. Is he a hobbit or somethjing?

>> No.181087916
Quoted By: >>181088184

Technically, he's a rhea, so he's pretty close to a hobbit.

He's also notBilbo, same way we have notGuts and notLancer. His name is "Burglar" and his last riddle makes it really obvious who he's supposed to be.

>> No.181087939

Decided to read the manga after watching 5 episodes and now i get all the rage coming from /a/: the anime is shit, manga is way better

>> No.181088162
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>> No.181088184

Huh. Pretty interesting stuff tbdesu, how did he meet NotBilbo?

>> No.181088434
Quoted By: >>181088714

If you'd like to read it before I tell you in the spoiler, start reading Year One. It's about GS's first year as an adventurer, but it starts with the raid on GS's village.

GS almost didn't make it out of the village alive. The goblins found him while he was trying to escape, but Burglar happened upon him getting his ass beaten by them and decided he was worth the effort to train.

>> No.181088625


Could a goblin's sloppy seconds become your waifu?

>> No.181088714

I didn’t mind the spoiler, i might pick up the manga or is it ln? Where’s the. Eat place to start?

>> No.181088751
File: 118KiB, 500x708, not goblin.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>181090385

That One Ring.

>> No.181088771

Best place. Fuck im drunk

>> No.181088962

There are LNs for both the main series and Year One, but as far as I know only the main series of LNs has official translations.

If you want to pick up the manga right where the anime has left off, start reading at chapter 24, but I sincerely recommend going back to the beginning and reading through the manga up to this point. There are a lot of little things that are done better in the manga, and it really enhances the overall experience.

Year One is a side story about GS's first year adventuring. It's technically optional, but it's still worth reading for both fun and some more development of the world. Additionally, GS is completely fucking insane. There's nobody in his life who can help him heal yet, and by god does it show. You should be good to start reading Year One at pretty much any time if you're caught up with the anime, it's meant to be read more or less concurrently with the main series.

>> No.181089127
Quoted By: >>181089320

I should add - there's an arc that the anime skipped. You'll need to go back and read the main series anyway so that you can read it.

>> No.181089181
Quoted By: >>181089462

Huh. Reading that actually makes me want to check it out and I normally just stick to the anime adaptations of source material.

It’d be nice to check out Gs before we see him in the main story, do you think year one will ever get an Anime adaptation?

I think I’ll chrck out the full story from the start and compare the difference to the anime, I know they’ve either swapped arcs around or skipped farm defence for example.

>> No.181089320

I haven’t read the arc but I’ve heard either farm was skipped or saved for season finale. Which is more likely? Could a big finish help get season 2? Is there enough content for season 2?

>> No.181089381

If you count the main LN series only, there is enough content for 3 seasons more.

>> No.181089462

If Goblin Slayer continues to sell like hotcakes (it already has two spinoff LN series - Year One and Daikatana), we'll probably see an anime adaptation eventually. How long until then, I can't say for sure.

I'm getting off for the night. Have fun reading the manga - it's a wild ride.

>> No.181089465

let's be honest here, most of these people may go days without a bath/shower, add to that all their armor and gear and sweat. No one is going to smell particularly good.

>> No.181089586
Quoted By: >>181090465

I lied, one more post.

It's most likely been saved for the finale. It's the end of the first LN, and it makes for a better season finale than the end of the Water Town arc. The anime is also moving fast enough that they'll certainly have time for it at the end of the season.

There's more than enough content for season 2, perhaps even season 3. If they knock it out of the park with the finale and people buy the shit out of the anime, it'll probably get a season 2.

>> No.181090385

And Sting.

>> No.181090465
Quoted By: >>181090588

Or they skip "The One That Shouldn't be Named" and finish water town next ep. so they can adapt vol.3.

>> No.181090588

If they do that i will sue white fox

>> No.181091838
File: 2MiB, 3576x2552, 1541988159603.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>181091952

>> No.181091952
Quoted By: >>181093118

Priestess x GG when?

>> No.181093118

>SM gobbing GS when?


>> No.181093425
Quoted By: >>181093789

gobins being all male doesn't make a lot of sense
all female would make more sense, because then they can rape a guy and eat him immediately, rather than having to keep a pregnant prisoner around to reproduce

>> No.181093789

>gobins being all male doesn't make a lot of sense
Stopped reading there.

Fuck off retard. They are literally spawned by the gods.

>> No.181094173

This, author can’t even came up his own character and just use excuse “muh TRPG” “muh homage”. It’s fine when it’s still WN but it just disgusting when it become LN later.

>> No.181094581
File: 270KiB, 870x1305, goblin_slayer_10_32.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You know they are gonna end up together.

>> No.181094612

>muh plebfilter
haremshitter excuse

>> No.181094811
File: 2MiB, 1920x1080, _[HorribleSubs] Goblin Slayer - 07 [1080p]_00:23:22.381_01.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what did they mean by this?

>> No.181094822

If she asked him, he would obey, but she would feel terrible.

>> No.181095239

GS death fake out

>> No.181095242

Her tits are level 100 in the manga.

>> No.181095322

I'll take that brunette that always teases GG.

>> No.181095350

accidental kino

>> No.181095397

It was suppose to be kino but they fucked up and now its garbage.

>> No.181095437
File: 223KiB, 1000x1413, 1542431579495.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

you have to follow nip invented religions like they follow the same nip religion rules

mikos can marry to whom ever

>> No.181095449

GS will work out a deal with a chaos god to be turned into a goblin/hob which will increase his physical stats and allow better infiltrations and stealth and probably make him insane

>> No.181095637
Quoted By: >>181095876

So, why couldn't Berserk be at least this well animated?

>> No.181095876

Berserk is suffering in every way possible.

>> No.181096017
File: 205KiB, 526x1013, 1537318339670.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

She realize her position as childhood friend with peasant stats.

>> No.181096490
File: 1MiB, 1200x2030, fbea3de.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Best girl

>> No.181096604 [SPOILER]
File: 680KiB, 1400x1228, 4958a631b6d2ce04fe5d41b379495a3a98702e6fbe21470e7fd57678ca0affcf.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Honestly I had actually hoped this series would be Dark with a capital D, instead I got a mediocre harem fantasy with darkish themes where not only is everyone besides the MC fucking retarded but, like actual handicapped children, are amazed at the slightest and most basic things he does. He's literally a special ed teacher that everyone has to listen to or follow the example of so they can avoid shitting themselves or getting caught by dick midgets. Worst part is that none of this world or story feels remotely uncomfortable, you could even say its "comfy". I did not come here for comfy, I came here to be made disturbed and uncomfortable, or at the very least experience a world which contains at least a modicum of oppressive hopelessness.

>> No.181096682


>> No.181096949
Quoted By: >>181098540

The others too busy studying magic/how to swing sword properly. Something that GS unable to do.
GS still the leader, he call the shot. When Priestess become leader, she's the one that come up with the tactic & everyone including GS follow her command like a dog.
The world is bleak since the creation, dragon can randomly woke up on the wrong side of the lair & send hurricane at your village, people there get used to it, those who depressed already got noose treatment long time ago.

>> No.181097513
Quoted By: >>181099836


I have no idea why a near demigod legend has to be turned into a cum dumpster for le epic gobo slayer to conquer.

At least the other people immediately familiar with GS have a relationship developed and look up to him. Its offputting for every woman to flick the bean to GS in every panel

>> No.181098296
File: 884KiB, 2868x2048, 44OWoFb.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>181099346

>> No.181098540
File: 124KiB, 800x537, 1445109366226.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>The world is bleak since the creation, dragon can randomly woke up on the wrong side of the lair & send hurricane at your village, people there get used to it, those who depressed already got noose treatment long time ago.
My problem with this is that at least in this scenario people would treat the world as overly dangerous and take the proper precautions. Instead of being overprepared or even just prepared though, everyone is just woefully underprepared and inept. A people who got hit by a dragon originating hurricane would recognize the danger of dragon originating hurricanes and construct their village to prepare for such things in the future. Not only that, but the next generations/surviving generations culture would be built around being more cautious and prepared. An overly dangerous world doesn't cause people to become complacent, it causes them to be proactive or die. Medieval towns and villages, especially on the outskirts of the kingdom, were prone to raids or attacks. So what was done? People built walls or fortifications or even just simple defensive perimeters and ditches. They kept at the the most simple, but effective, weapons and trained garrisons in defense. They became proficient in the use of bows, many practicing weekly. They learned how to properly fight the enemy they most frequently encountered and wore whatever armor, even simple garments with maybe some form fashioned metal plates, they could find . Everyone in Goblin Slayer should be at some standard of competency and cautiousness, but everyone is just idiots who either run into battle like they're invincible or piss themselves over encounters. Its like goblin slayer was the only one to learn anything in all of the assumably long history of this world even though a world like goblin slayers would breed a hardy but wary people and culture, not an overly complacent and foolhardy one. I know this sounds autistic, but this actually bothers me

>> No.181098651
File: 21KiB, 250x251, 1542516152531.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.181098674
Quoted By: >>181101132

>anon can't differentiate between video games and DnD

>> No.181098912
Quoted By: >>181099996

Except none of what you wrote actually happened, ever, irl. The most that society did was learn survival/coping strategies for their food which basically was to fuck until they were miserable and then some calamity hit. Any long term strategy was always the result of great men leading countries such as Hungary under their king to create the black army a modernized miliary and series of fortifications to deal with the roaches.

>> No.181099051
Quoted By: >>181099153

Alright, I'm just going to come out and say why I disagree:
>Unabashedly TERRIBLE world-building, relies on, video game tropes
That ain't world building, that's setting. The setting is uninspired as is not the classic videogame tropes, >>>/v/, but the classic D&D trope, yet, as it tells a contained story with not so large in scale adventures, it manages to transmit the same trope through another perspective, wich keeps the entretaining as you learn slowly by other characters what sets this world appart. And that's world building done in an acceptable manner
>Copy+pastes characters left and right
It copy paste Lord of the Rings, you should read more fantasy kid, this tropes goes before television was a thing
>decent MC armor design contrasted by World of Warcraft-tier clownsuits adorning secondary characters
Opinion not fact, as the colorfull design of the other characters enhance the idea of how isolated the Slayer is from the world, and WoW again, go away /v/ isn't the inspiration from most of them, but in-your-face references to other fantasy characters.
>Waifu/Harem bullshit, girls are uninteresting standard archetypes
Wut? The only girls who follow the Slayer are the Priestess and High Elf. The other girls just have the hots for him. And honestly, how can you not love this autistic man.
>Self-insert MC whose intelligence and wisdom is common sense in a world of complete simpletons
But it's been stated he has average intelligence and wisdom, and the only thing that separates him from the other simpletons is that he asks how other people do what they do and remembers how it can be applied to combat.
Also, I when did having your family and friends killed and raped while you watched giving you PTSD to the point you can only express yourself in short sentences became a self insert thing?
Having fun watching a cool guy kill pests is not mature Anon, you're the one who thinks violence=mature

>> No.181099153

if the goblins have proven anything, its that theyre a damn sight more dangerous than your average pest.

>> No.181099222
File: 81KiB, 718x503, 1492215366600.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.181099278
Quoted By: >>181099356

But wouldn't that make the water undrinkable?

>> No.181099279
Quoted By: >>181100234

If it actually makes it to season 2, and I have no idea how popular it is in nipponland but I heard rumors it was tanking, it will get darker when the Gods start to actively work against him for daring to teach people not to trust fate and ignore their main plot to save the villages instead.

>> No.181099346
Quoted By: >>181099689

Elf camel toe.

>> No.181099356
File: 478KiB, 750x1081, DA2298EC-17D2-4FC7-89CB-9AE6359D11EC.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>181100409

>not wanting to drink elf’s bath water

Perhaps you were looking for the zombieland general with the other LGBTs?

>> No.181099661
Quoted By: >>181100234

You just compare real world situation with fantasy. The reality is, nothing a village can do against months of hurricane or eternal winter, your wall is useless, the only thing you can do is pray for luck & get drunk. Which are what people there do.
GS over prepared because that is the only way he can survive. Comparable adventurer at his rank good enough with a shield, she can tank multiple attack from champion & even counter it.

>> No.181099689

A millennia of puffy vulva.

>> No.181099836

It's just the way to show that despite getting gobbed she still went on to become a legendary hero but the gobbing left permanent scars on her psyche that only got worse after she didn't have that whole dark lord thing to distract her and someone started bringing goblins into her city and nobody gives a shit about goblins because first of all they're just trash to seasoned adventurers with enchanted gear but also why would anyone worry about weak monsters when there is a legendary hero in the city? Surely they will be safe. So when she hears about a silver ranked adventurer that is obsessed with killing goblins she gets wet and wants to make him just protect her from goblins forever.

>> No.181099996
File: 30KiB, 1048x536, 114w-19.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>181100688

>Except none of what you wrote actually happened, ever, irl. The most that society did was learn survival/coping strategies for their food which basically was to fuck until they were miserable and then some calamity hit.
Open a history textbook anytime, towns and villages who did not have large walls or garrisons always still did the bare minimum like ditch digging/basic walls, small garrison formations, and/or basic weapon training. They didn't always direct guidance of the royalty or generals either, most of the time they were put in positions where they simply had to given their location. The English peasants are recorded to have trained with the longbow weekly as well, so it isn't everyone just fucked till miserable then calamity. Even the fucking Scots built wooden walls. This is a Hollywood interpretation of the medieval period.
>Any long term strategy
This isn't even long term, this is just basic reaction to having been invaded at least once or receiving news of other people having been invaded.
>countries such as Hungary under their king to create the black army a modernized miliary and series of fortifications to deal with the roaches.
That still doesn't refute anything I said, in fact it backs it up. If a kingdom had to deal with invasions, then the rulers will prepare for invasions. They won't become complacent, they'll militarize and call for arming even peasants where trained militia cannot be dispatched. They'll send warnings to all the villages and towns in their domain to prepare and be wary. Hell, in this setting they don't even have to go by horse, they can just gate to the town or just send the message by magic.
I'm not saying this series is horrible btw, but to me its not anything more then mediocre, if that.

>> No.181100234
Quoted By: >>181101063

If it does actually do this, it could be interesting.
Even if this were the case and temporary or simply built shelter is not an option, they can still arm themselves and train for what they will most likely encounter most often, which will be goblins and have probably been goblins for most of this worlds history. Unless they only appeared like a few years ago, which I have had no hint to.

>> No.181100409

elf's boobs are a size smaller than that, at the very least

>> No.181100595
File: 66KiB, 540x306, your home is gone.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Just what the fuck kind of degenerate non-goblin related discussion is going on in here?

>> No.181100655

I thought that was Emiya Shirou from the thumbnail.

>> No.181100688
Quoted By: >>181102122

The English on their island had no natural threats or calamaties that weren't man-made such as king going to war if you were from the south. Scotland to the north did raids across the border but so did the English back. The English longbow training was because a king outlawed all other form of sport and required people practice on Sunday. There was no militia training ever because peasants are unruly and shit at their job. I am not sure what you are even arguing I am just pointing out how misinformed you are.

>> No.181101063

Sure they can & they did, but during years of your life one, one bad roll happen & a manticore spawn near your village.
You might as well just increase your farming skill & hire adventurers. Remember, you just need to pay once.

>> No.181101132

Yeah, Goblin Slayer is overrated. What's sad is that it's still better than most recent Japanese fantasy stories.

A lot of the stuff in it is taken from JRPGs, such as having an adventurer guild.

>> No.181101669

I get what you mean like how the marvel universe still does not have civilian evacuation bunkers for next week's monster attack.
But you forget we build city's, towns and villages because of access to resources.
That's why are so many city's built on hurricane, flood and earthquake zones.

>> No.181101839
Quoted By: >>181102398

Why does the guild not implement a buddy system where to even go on a quest as the lowest rank you need to go with a experience adventure to show you the ropes and he gets paid by the guild just to make it worth his time.
Like 2 experience to 4-6 new for everything till they rank up once.
This would save so many fucking new cunts.

>> No.181102122

>The English on their island had no natural threats or calamaties that weren't man-made such as king going to war if you were from the south.
I was only speaking of raid and invasions, I assumed when you said "calamity" you were speaking of invasions as well.
>Scotland to the north did raids across the border but so did the English back.
Yes, I didn't dispute this. My argument was focused on having been raided or the threat of raiding.
>The English longbow training was because a king outlawed all other form of sport and required people practice on Sunday.
Longbows were introduced before then and there is evidence of their use before the statute. Even then, it still fits into what I said after about Kingdoms preparing people for raiding/invasion especially if its common or has occurred before.
>There was no militia training ever because peasants are unruly and shit at their job. I am not sure what you are even arguing I am just pointing out how misinformed you are.
Peasants were actually levied for war and the like in the event of invasion or raids, but yes, I concede that there were no strict militias. Limited arms training like we said before was done, and it was not actually uncommon for peasants to own simple weapons.

>> No.181102398

Adventurers is not their employee. And they variable enough, switching to new party require new adjustment times. Spells, skills, proficiency, alignment, all different.
One of the reason party rarely replace their member.
Just ask current party to replace Priestess with SM, GS will call you mad.

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