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It's WonFes, and obviously that means new figures. Take your pick.

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Utaha a shit.
>inb4 Eririfag

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Utaha > Megumi >>>> Eriri

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Found a better pic.

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Movie when?

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I'm ready.

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The paint on her babydoll looks lackluster, if you ask me.

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There's supposed to be more info in the November issue of Dragon Magazine.

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Did s2 covered up to vol 9? If true then the movie will cover 10-13 which is too much for a movie or an original, which is fine too.

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Eriri will win in the movie, cap it

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Already been confirmed that the film is following the canon storyline aka Megumi winning. Give it the fuck up already.

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S2 covered up to V7 but in a way that would let them skip a bunch of volumes like V8, V9, and GS2.

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Megumi a best. Utaha a great. Eriri a shit

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Was there ever a translation for the LNs or you can just read jap?

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Saekano's western fanbase was too small to sustain interest in a translation and since the anime is going original anyway there's no point.

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Goddamn all the Saekano girls are just so fucking good. Why does the MC have to be such irredeemable shit?

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I like Maruto Fumiaki's writing so I'd rather read the LN. Since WA2 is being translated even after 7 years, I can still believe that the LN will also be translated.

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Eriri a best. Megumi a shit. Utaha a double shit

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No. It will be an “alternative route” which will cover all the plot holes left in the LN. Still, that doesn’t mean that we were getting an Eriri end, EL was supposed to cover that but it got canceled.

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>best anything

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Eriri a best. Utaha a shit.

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The anime adapted everything until V7 with some alterations that make V8, 9, 10, GS2 and 12 totally unnecessary. That’s the main reason why the movie will be an anime original story.

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Without a doubt at least better than Utaha.

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Eriri, of course. A Megumi is fine too

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Eriri is great. Even Utaha believes, praises, and supports Eriri.

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A shit can't be great

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Utaha is literally the biggest Eririfag. Based Utaha.

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