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Anime soon. Wtf why is this manga romance now?

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AA is endgame.

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EH is that canon. that;s why

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Will Historia be a good mother to her child Ymir?

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Tatoeba ore ga ore ja nai to shite
Omae wa omae da to iikireru no ka

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best girl

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>Tfw no tank gf

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Throw it down the wall. No syringe needed, she’s already a titan.

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babby will die

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Leave Zeke to me.

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Endgame right here, brothers.

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You mean Fae. Yes or at least better than Alma.

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Erenwhales = newfags from reddit

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Anyone else starting to like Gabi? Ar first I hated her especially after Sasha’s dead. But now I kinda like her fanatacism, reminds me of young Eren. Will be interesting to see how and when she changes her world view. Probably not because of Falco but by seeing pregnant Historia or walking in a city.

I do wonder what Paradis’ laws are like and who decides them. Gabi is a POW but after excaping she should be executed shouldn’t she?

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How many hours for episode1?

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Keep crying, LHiwhale

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No, she's as unlikeable as always

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Gabi has always been based. Killing Sasha just made her better.

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I know high level people in the AOT community that analysis each page of the manga and they said that Floch or a random person is the father.

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3 days 18 hours. First ep is Leaked is already online

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Zeke is going to be killed this way but Pieck is going to eat him instead.

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Oh how retarded you would look in the future when your ship ends

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>Zeke: D-did I say that? Levi, my friend, that was a joke! Please forget about that

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We shouldn't make fun of someone's appearance anon.

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Gabo Rambo is based

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Best fucking ED in snk's history

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it would be funny to see a "LEVI SAVE ME!" while he is devoured by Pieck

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>Anyone else starting to like Gabi?
No Matty, now go back. Can't wait for based CHADren to kill that goblina

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Do it again sniper Gabi.

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>why is this manga romance now?
only in your headcanon

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>Anyone else starting to like Gabi?
I'm starting to dislike her plot armor, prison with one guard, really?

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Is Eren less dense now?

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I hated her guts, but after this picture I cannot hate her anymore

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Yes. Remember the hospital scene with Falco and Eren talking about Gabi. But Isayama did say it was because of the memories that influenced him so did he see his dad have sex too?

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Yeah that kind of sucked but would you have preferred a way longer prison break?

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>inb4 all the Gabifags will hate her now as she becomes more liked in /snk/

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Reminder that Ymirfags are ugly both inside and out, just like their dead lesbo.

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Jokes on you I liked her from the first chapter. The butthurt she causes is delicious also.

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Very dead. Still smells the same.

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Embrace yourself since all the erenwhales will jump on gabitrain soon.

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Can’t wait for the shitstorm when the father is revealed.

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>EHwhales SEETHING so hard they have to constantly shit on Historia's canonical love interest and her fags to feel better about themselves
You're the most cancerous fags this general has ever seen, EHwhales.

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Random new character introduction. Also timeskips.

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Hang yourself. I’m not a shitty EHfag or a shipperfag of any kind.

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Not an EHfag, but ymirfags are one of the most cancerous fanbase in story of /snk/

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It was Bert

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Nice try, cyborgwhale.

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>I’m not a shitty EHfag or a shipperfag of any kind

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Not everyone gives a shit about any kind of shipping, nigger

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Sure thing, cyborgwhale.

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It better be

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You are pathetic

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Yeah (You) are.

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>Ymirfags with victim complexes have to call everyone a literally who from tumblr
Truly sad.

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I agree. Her escape was the only cheap bit in a great chapter.

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>when /snk/ has more meaningful things to say about diet than about snk

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>knowing (You) are from bumblr and Ieddit
So obvious.

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What will the next flashback be about and from who’s POV this time /snk/? First Armin, last chapter was Hanji.

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Sometimes I wonder if Ymirfags are truly braindead.

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>Harvey Weinstein getting crushed

Post panels that made you laugh

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Autistic Eren is the best Eren.

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Armin again

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>kills meme potato girl to make way for more interesting characters
Gabi is single handedly saving snk by killing anybody the story doesn't need.
She will win the Erenbowl in the end. It was Gabi Eren saw in his dream as a child, not Mikasa.

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Quoted By: >>175790089

Sauce on the video?

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Everything about that ending was kino

>> No.175789968

Historia or Eren most likely.

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>EM whales like this are posting in the same threads as you
Its disgusting desu. Mankasa was a mistake.

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Quoted By: >>175790828

Hange kills Gabi.

>> No.175790772

Can't wait till Zackley eats Eren.

>> No.175790786

Why would Historia want to be with Eren anyway

>> No.175790828

Gabi kills Hanji, you mean. Need to kill the tranny off as quick as possible so Armin can become commander.

>> No.175790904

Kills civilians and doesn't afraid of anything. Bitches love war criminals.

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Quoted By: >>175798075

Ironically this since she a certified teen mom white trash

>> No.175791074

HIs 6.2, chiseled abs, amazing aesthetic body, black flowing hair, an amazing hairline, and he cares about her, his also the only person to see the true historia, besides rod reiess who is dead, so their relationship is inherently deeper.

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best ending so far

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Eren, please, come home.

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This motherfucker has wronged every person in the story. Who gets to kill him?

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I used to think eren with historia could work but now he's definitely burned that bridge as well as a lot other bridges

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He did it all to save his people.

>> No.175791491

What do you mean? she loves him.

>> No.175791538

That’s a cute Hisu.

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Soon historia

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i think that is gabbie but it's not eren she's talking too. i bet falco is the last titan standing at the end.

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Quoted By: >>175791775

When will YHfags realize gay girls aren't a thing? Lite lesbianism is a stepping stone for most women, ymir did a good job getting hisu hot and ready for a real man like Eren to please her.
Why does it upset you? Girls can't be gay.

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shippers don't make it romance, stop being being a retard

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Is there a guy who's closer to Historia then Eren? And no meme guys like Floch or Reiner. Even people who deny EH have to admit that Historia would choose Eren to take her virginity first before having to become a breeding machine.

>> No.175791940

>Eren to take her virginity
But Reiner already did it

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Yes, her husband.

>> No.175791992

>take her virginity
Ymir already did that.

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Historia was fucking scared of becoming a breeder. In a moment of weakness she probably asked Eren to have sex with her and afterwards Eren went for Marley.

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Quoted By: >>175792153

>And no meme guys
That would be Connie.

>> No.175792080

armin impregnated her

>> No.175792081


>> No.175792129

Sounds too much like wishful thinking from shipperhwales for something like that to happen in snk.

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Quoted By: >>175792314

Oh yeah i must have missed all that bonding between Historia and Connie.

>> No.175792155
Quoted By: >>175792281

Why would Eren accept? Eren is the type of person who would help anyone but nothing sexual related. He probably left for Marley and Historia decided to get pregnant without anyone knowing.

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Quoted By: >>175792254

So I guess it's already pretty obvious by I really appreciate that isayama thinks ahead so far, of course not everything will be the same as the very early drafts of the story and that's perfectly fine for any long running work, I just like that in context of the story everything feels likes it's been this way since the start, like these reveals have always been coming, you can tell he writes it like 2 arcs to 2 arcs, and always plans for the future.
Nice to see how that affected the anime.

>> No.175792206

Corrections Officer.

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Quoted By: >>175792581

>that isayama thinks ahead so far
So this is the power of Isayama.

>> No.175792281

Why would Eren refuse? If he saw Historia crying and asking him to do it would he really refuse and leave her alone with the SL? That's not the Eren we know.

>> No.175792314


>> No.175792320
Quoted By: >>175792610

We do not live in your head.

>> No.175792367
Quoted By: >>175792610

You don't seem to know Eren either, if you think him being worried about a friend means he has romantic feelings for someone.

>> No.175792427

Will Annie get together with Armin when she's free?

>> No.175792429
Quoted By: >>175792639

>Why would Eren refuse?
He doesn't agree with the plan, and if he loves Historia having a kid in this condition is cruel.

>> No.175792484

>Eren fucks Historia and gets her pregnant
>used goods can’t be married off for politics anymore
>can’t hook her up with another man without looking like shit
Pretty good plan

>> No.175792489

It's what happens when you get laid.

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Quoted By: >>175792665

Same guy in the background?

>> No.175792581

Yeah, Isayama introduced the serum 20 months prior to when SL would actually have to use it, showed it's implications and how it worked.
He also began end of Erwins character arc right after he found out about connies villiage, and levis reaction to his, with lots of build up between those scenes and this climax.
I gave us readers a good understanding of who levi would end up choosing in the end.
And it only works so well because isayama set these things up years in advance.

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File: 546KiB, 1067x1600, 2E1F0478-E54F-492D-AE39-67131681BEE0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are growing apart
Did Eren forget Krueger’s words or did he find someone else to love?

>> No.175792610

More proof that isayama is a genius mangaka when you're wrong.

>> No.175792618
Quoted By: >>175792700

>I gave
Go read some books on writting, Isayama.

>> No.175792639

He doesn't agree with Zekes plan of breeding children to die like livestock.

That doesn't mean he doesn't believe in having children, he simply doesn't want to subject his children to that life and so he won't.

>> No.175792650

Yes, He found Historia to love and will finish his mission. That will also save Mikasa and Armin.

>> No.175792652

I love you sensei

>> No.175792665

Looks like kruger

>> No.175792674

Give Mikasa a year of happiness with Eren you shitty author.

>> No.175792700
Quoted By: >>175792731

Meant to put "it*", but yeah. Thanks for the post, another one of many great examples in which isayamas forward thinking leads to a reveal later on down the line.

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>Eren will k-kill Armin

>> No.175792731

Stop trying to suck on your own dick, and actually think ahead for a chance.

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Quoted By: >>175793809

Yes, AA is cute

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I can't wait for Eren to slaughter everyone

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File: 993KiB, 954x790, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 8.37.20 PM.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Bro EH is set in stone, i really advise against you guys putting all your eggs in the wrong basket.

>> No.175793056

Only way she is coming out of that thing is as a bowl of hot soup.

>> No.175793522

Why the fuck am i not watching anything this season?

>> No.175793618

the season is not out yet dumb ass

>> No.175793648

Sirius the Jaegar looks promising. Bit too edgy though.

>> No.175793722

who knows, but she definitely would join Team Armin.

>> No.175793725

>he killed thousands...

>> No.175793757

he hasn't archived anything

>> No.175793794

I'm watching Hanebado, Asobi Asobase and Chio-chan

>> No.175793800

Zeke did nothing wrong

>> No.175793809 [SPOILER]
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i like when people draw the marks from the 3dmg belts on lewds

>> No.175793856

What purpose do the Ackermans have in this story?

>> No.175793885

asspulls and plot conveniences.

>> No.175793912


>> No.175793917
Quoted By: >>175794181


>> No.175793939

I still want to know exactly what experiments the Ackermans went through.

>> No.175793964

Instant-win plot devices.

>> No.175794012

>I want to know the complete story without the story being complete

>> No.175794019
Quoted By: >>175794145

But what exactly have they done? Almost all of what Levi and Mikasa have done can be explained away by them being incredibly talented.

>> No.175794025
File: 672KiB, 2480x3443, 1494861249956.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Who gets to kill him?
outside Levi, she has the most reasons to kill him.

>> No.175794035
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Quoted By: >>175802217

Destroy the monkey

>> No.175794037

Saving Eren's ass everytime.

>> No.175794088 [DELETED]
File: 132KiB, 1148x885, 1531750414578.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The one and only.

>> No.175794125
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Quoted By: >>175795005

bossing around cuckren

>> No.175794145
Quoted By: >>175794196

>have done can be explained away by them being incredibly talented.
>dude super soldiers and stuff lmao
they are plot conveniences

>> No.175794157
Quoted By: >>175794223

>400+ pages
>Not enough to have some explanation why two of the main characters are superhuman

>> No.175794181

>Mike, Petra, Erwin, Kuchel, Kenny, Oluo, Eld, Gunther, Sasha, Isabel, Farlan,
Name a bigger loser than Levi

>> No.175794196

Yeah, but why.

>> No.175794223

Yes. You do realize some things we are meant to learn only at the very ending of a story, right?

>> No.175794242

Fujobait and waifubait. They're awful characters and the story would be better if they didn't exist.

>> No.175794398
Quoted By: >>175794798

they are barely characters, they kill all tension when they appear, their strength is barely explained, just "titan science" where that means and now Mikasa is conveniently a princess.

>> No.175794405
Quoted By: >>175795522

To show how the power of titans could still be useful. Giant monsters are on their way out thanks to technology, but super soldiers are there until they develop robot soldiers.

>> No.175794413

It's funny when people complain about Manlet's strenght, the first think they say when he appeared is ''It's Captain Levi, the strongest soldier alive.''

>> No.175794432

Eren best boy

>> No.175794434

The Nips are gonna make mecha suits for the Eldian shifters aren't they?

>> No.175794580
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>> No.175794590
File: 12KiB, 124x118, h4.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is she looking at her father or Eren being an idiot?

>> No.175794623

Is that the part where Eren just starts screaming at Rod when they're on the wagon?

>> No.175794658
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>> No.175794686
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>> No.175794767 [DELETED]
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>46 IP

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>I cant believe i'm in love with this idiot

>> No.175794798

That's because they are just as much characters as anyone else, and they aren't 'plot convience', a character can't be 'plot convience'.
They don't do anything particularly better then any of the other characters, except for levi who simply has more experience fighting titans then any other human in existence.
They can never accomplish anything alone and so their involvement in a fight doesn't ever kill the tension.
One side being defeated in a fight doesn't mean the tension is killed, it means the fight is over, the tension was there, then it ended.
You're so fixated on throwing around meme buzzwords but failed to make any actual explanations as to why they would hold any weight here.

>> No.175794861
Quoted By: >>175794911

They are strong because of titan science, there's nothing left to explain.

They don't use any special powers or shoot lazers there's no secrete to their abilities, they are simply faster and stronger. They don't do anything that needs explanation.

>> No.175794880
Quoted By: >>175794935

>They don't do anything particularly better then any of the other characters
what manga do you read?

>> No.175794881

Elen best girl

>> No.175794911
Quoted By: >>175795028

He was asking about their purpose in the story.

>> No.175794935

Well show me what you mean, with an example from the manga.
Everything they do make sense within the context of this manga.

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File: 104KiB, 1097x747, C_jwS8CUIAA6wtZ.jpg orig.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What a lucky guy.

>> No.175795016

has anybody wonder what happen in the great titan war? i mean the tybur and the fritz worked together and karl fritz went onto the island. that mean the WHT had to deal with 6 titan (excluding the attack titan).how powerful would the WHT be in an experience user

>> No.175795028
Quoted By: >>175795095

The ackermans where originally used as personal guards for the king, a secret survive so to speak.
After he renounced all war he realized the titan science used to create them made them immune to his commands.
The information they held made them a threat, and so he wiped out almost all of them.
The head of the ackermans made a deal with the king in which he would spare the lives of the ackermans left who did not know about the outside world.

Kenny, Mikasa and levi are the last remaining ackermans, and they now play a role in the story like any other character, and not as "ackermans", the story of the ackermans is already complete.

>> No.175795079
Quoted By: >>175795575

Tybur's War Hammer has to be one of the three superior three.

>> No.175795085

They where all fighting the eldian empire, once they left the war was over.

>> No.175795095
Quoted By: >>175795190

Purpose, anon, not backstory.

>the story of the ackermans is already complete.
We simply don't know this.

>> No.175795096

To be boring.

>> No.175795190
Quoted By: >>175795603

That was the purpose, to serve the thrown, they are gone now.

The ackermans now don't serve a purpose ackerman related, they do what they want with their lives. It's not a purpose. There purpose is the same as any other human being, to pursue what makes them happy in life.

>> No.175795448

He ran into problems when he couldn't sacrifice Historia, then miraculously had memories that gave him resolve to not do so. I'd say he loves her.

>> No.175795463
File: 63KiB, 274x372, 1531758550787.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Implying Scar (Gabi) won't kill Mufasa (Eren) and steal the Pride (Paradis) with the help of the hyenas (Armin, Mikasa and Jean) while framing his son (Eren Jr.) who is hidden away by Timon and Pumba (Levi and Hanji) who will only recover his purpose once he meets with Nala (Floch) again and then having a philosophical talk with Rafiki (Zeke inside Falco)

>> No.175795466

>WHT had to deal with 6 titans

>> No.175795522
Quoted By: >>175795560

Legit, screw the 13 year lifespan cutting bullshit, give your people some of that hackerman gene. Kenny was a god against people. Just imagine 100 Kennys.

>> No.175795523
File: 562KiB, 634x656, role.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175795694

Pretty much, looking back they often don't do anything that others can't.
Anyone could've delivered the final blow on reiner for example, mikasa usually gets her ass kicked if you really think about it.
The only character who does things out or the norm and spectacular is level, and you can attest that to him having more combat experience then literally everyone else.

But by in large being ackerman doesn't make much of a difference. Isayama did a great job balancing them, never having them do anything without some kind of help, or someone creating an opening. Eren even talks about it in pic related.
Everyone plays a role, and every has a purpose. With the way isayama writes his fights to involve so many characters at once it always boggles me when anons try to pretend like mikasa and levi are OP doing everything themselves, when such a thing NEVER happens in any of their actual fights, Killing pure titans is nothing.

>> No.175795560
Quoted By: >>175795677

Was he really? What did Kenny do that was so godlike? He just seems like an experienced fighter.

>> No.175795575
File: 76KiB, 500x512, tumblr_inline_ojnnrwP1AA1u4b3oq_500.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

we got the founding on top
we got the colossal on the left
we got the female titan in the middle (possibly due to her ability to call out titan which make on the top)
its either the beast or warhammer titan on the left

>> No.175795603

You know he was making the question from a story-telling point of view, right? Not from a real life point. These characters are not alive. They serve the story. Mikasa, Levi, and Kenny were the Arckermans he was talking about.

Levi purpose's so far was to stop the warrior faction from steamrolling the Scout faction. He was the reason Annie didn't capture Eren, and part of the reason Zeke lost in the RtS arc. His purpose SO FAR was to even the odds.

Mikasa, I admit, has little to no purpose. Her character could easily be integrated into Levi's.

Kenny served the purpose of evening the odds against Levi, since the MP could not have shifters. He also gave quite a bit of backstory.

So, at this point, the Arckerman's purpose was to balance the strengths between the factions and to world-build. But the story is not over, so maybe Isayama has introduced them for something else we're not aware yet.

>> No.175795677

You're right he technically lost to Levi. Still the only Ackerman that mainly fought against humans and apparently killed 100 MP officers is Kenny so I used him as a benchmark of sorts. I'd say 100 Levi or Kenny is still viable against people. That's what they Paradise should be focusing on replicating instead of the rumbling or other technology. Marley has a titan science division, Paradise needs to do the same.

>> No.175795694
Quoted By: >>175796070

Which is why I'm asking what their purpose is, because there was no need for Mikasa and Levi to be related.

>> No.175795715
File: 93KiB, 1080x1080, historia tall.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175795894

did historia grow taller? i felt she has grown a couple of inches just like the rest of the gang

>> No.175795742
Quoted By: >>175796103

He meant why make them super soldiers if that doesn't really add anything to their characters. They don't act like family or anything either,so it can't be to tie Mikasa and Levi together.
There's still have time to reveal that though like you said. I just hope there is a reason for them being super-soldiers rather than talented.

>> No.175795793

Who's the baby's daddy?

>> No.175795810

if levi and mikasa were the same character then it would be way more interesting. imagine serum bowl, levi and mikasa will have problems choosing the mentor or your crush best friend. imagine other scene like in marley arc

>> No.175795872

Yeah but what you're saying isn't unique to them being ackermans. Everything level has done can be attributed to him having more combat experience then any human being on earth.

Mikasa character served as a conflict for young eren to overcome, always being in her shadow and being jealous and what not. She hasn't served the plot in a super siginfigant way, but her involvement in Erens character development is still important.

And kenny didn't do anything particularly increadible, he was just an experienced fighter who trained levi, and worked to characterize him more, he also heavily affect the out come of the uprising climax.

The point is being ackerman has never actually affected the story, we didn't even know levi was an ackerman or being an ackerman was a thing until uprising and by then we just knew he was the most experienced soliders, we saw everything he did and how he did it, no trick or gimmicks or special powers. The only time being ackerman actually meant anything was in kennys flash back, they don't serve any unique purpose that other characters couldn't.

>> No.175795891

Literally the best ending

>> No.175795894
File: 365KiB, 812x671, 1531434091570.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>trying to make judgements based off of Isayama's "art"

>> No.175795932


>> No.175795933
Quoted By: >>175796103

Mikasa's main purpose was to want to protect Eren so that he wouldn't die too easily while he was still a scrub.

>> No.175796008


>> No.175796064

Surely not, Isayama is an original artist he wouldn't still ideas from others.

>> No.175796070

There's no need for them to be related, but it doesn't take anything away either. Not every little thing needs to have some deep meaning.
You can say ackermans exist as a testament to just how fucked the titan war was, creating super soldiers and what not.
But aside from being killed off by the king, or being very attached to serving another person, there's nothing particularly unique to them.

>> No.175796103

You get it wrong, anon, the purpose doesn't serve the characters. The characters serve the purpose. When you're writing a story you need a role, something that servers the plot, then you think a character up for that. Most likely Isayama needed a super soldier to fight the shifters on level ground together with Eren, otherwise humanity's defeat would be assured in the context he had imagined at that point. Just talented doesn't cut it, because it would be too unbelievable they're could fight the talents. While being super-soldiers would help us suspend our disbelief.

Mikasa, again, I see no reason for being an Ackerman. Another thing pointing to the fact we don't really know their purpose yet.

What I said above serves to you. A super solder helps us suspend our disbelief. Otherwise we soul always be asking "Hey why isn't this character as competent as Levi?" or "Why is no Levi training Rico to be just as strong?" or even, "They've been fighting the titans for 100 years, surely they had more talented people like Levi who could teach others frodo.jpg."

I agree Mikasa served that role in the begging. But after that, I don't see much else.

From dying to the bullies? Eren still 'died' in his first mission despite her.

>> No.175796172

so who are Kiara and Kovu?

>> No.175796230


This delusion is getting to cringe territory. It's over anon, it was never going to happen.

>> No.175796304

Honestly i never really needed to.
Isayama introduced levi as the strongest solider in all of humanity, he represents the celling in power, that was back in chapter 9 i think.
60ish chapters later, we learn that his an ackerman, and that this means something 'special', but was anyone actually looking for answers after they saw what levi did between those 60 or so chapters?
We always just said he's had more combat experience then everyone else, his humanities strongest after all, that's more then enough justification.
Also the original squad levi, did train under him.

>> No.175796391
File: 102KiB, 1118x685, 1531849629570.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Will the 2nd part of this actually happen?

>> No.175796411

>Most likely Isayama needed a super soldier to fight the shifters on level ground together with Eren, otherwise humanity's defeat would be assured in the context he had imagined at that point.
See >>175795872 they could just be talented soldiers. Why make them experiments if there's no payoff. Levi being talented is reasonable as he has years of experience. It's not like Armin has a reason for being smarter than Hanji or Erwin at times despite his lack of experience...... ok fuck it you're right. Ackermans need to exist or we get Armin sue.
Hopefully there will be further exploration of Ackerman experiments though. I'm interested in it.

>> No.175796419

>but was anyone actually looking for answers after they saw what levi did between those 60 or so chapters?
If you're talking about us, the readers, then yes. There were many theories he was an Ackerman.

>We always just said he's had more combat experience then everyone else, his humanities strongest after all, that's more then enough justification.
Again, many theories he was special.

>Also the original squad levi, did train under him.
Annie made quick work of them.

>> No.175796479
Quoted By: >>175796719

>Also the original squad levi, did train under him.
Not like current squad Levi, AKA the main cast, aren't OP as well. Their feats are more than explained by innate talent and hard work.

>> No.175796534

>If you're talking about us, the readers, then yes. There were many theories he was an Ackerman.
Why an Ackerman? Prior to Uprising Mikasa was the only Ackerman and I don't remember there being any reason to assume they were special.
Though I remember thinking Levi WAS an Ackerman. Not as a theory, but like I thought it was said at some point while watching the anime long before Uprising came out.

>> No.175796621
Quoted By: >>175796952

>Annie made quick work of them.
She really didn't, i know it's all in the past now, but they where seriously out playing her.
She only won because she did something they could've never predicted and never encountered before. She also nearly made "quick work" of mikasa, but she's an ackerman.
And for fucking regular soliders they did an exception job against a shifter, with the removing her vision and breaking down her muscles and what not, it was smart and they had literally no reason to suspect what she would do.

>There were many theories he was an Ackerman.
It's in his name, of course he was an ackerman, but this "triggering experience" he talks about with mikasa doesn't happen until way later on, no one thought mikasa had that because her surname was ackerman, the name held no significance until kenny started running around.

>He was special
Just having the most combat experience makes him special, by deffinition of the word so that's no saying much.

>> No.175796663

Is Levi supposed to look asian? Or was Mikasa's dad just an Ackerman that had yellow fever?

>> No.175796719

I wouldn't even say hard work, talent? for sure, the only reason they lost some many battles is because they lacked knowledge/weren't prepared.
They have to learn by burning their hands on the stove.
Really it's their knowledge of the enemy that determines everything.

>> No.175796752
File: 473KiB, 1066x1600, 1527183992563.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Why an Ackerman? Prior to Uprising Mikasa was the only Ackerman and I don't remember there being any reason to assume they were special.
Then you have a poor memory. After the story tells Mikasa was far superior physically to any other character. Clearly something shady was going on. Of course, him being dark haired helped.

>> No.175796876
File: 89KiB, 724x976, cutefamily.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175797913

LM soon.

>> No.175796886
Quoted By: >>175797025

Okay, but ackerman was just her surname.
Nothing about the scene should make you assume her surname is special, it makes you assume mikasa is special for some yet to be explained reason.

>> No.175796945
Quoted By: >>175797025

I thought it was the Asian genetics wank theory. Though I also didn't even remember that Mikasa's name was Ackerman and not Levi's till I read the Uprising. You can tell I'm an idiot at this point but yeah.

>> No.175796949
File: 75KiB, 900x585, DiT91anUEAAeupd.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.175796952

>It's in his name, of course he was an ackerman, but this "triggering experience" he talks about with mikasa doesn't happen until way later on, no one thought mikasa had that because her surname was ackerman, the name held no significance until kenny started running around.
If you don't think the two strongest characters with the same surname mean anything...

Levi's squad was competent, but they still lost. A super soldier could overcome that gap, because there is no way Levi would have defeated Zeke being just competent. Even if he had the element of surprise. The man who defeated him would need to be so strong he could put him down in seconds, otherwise Zeke would just call his titans.

>> No.175797025

The problem was that Levi was the only one on par with Mikasa. But don't worry, there were theories that he was half-asian too.

>> No.175797196
File: 12KiB, 228x221, images.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Why did Dina eat her if she was still trying to find Grisha while mindess?

>> No.175797225

She smelled grishas cum all over carla

>> No.175797232



>> No.175797268
File: 107KiB, 750x1009, a0c91b5dd15f649f5cc3f569f8b7adfe.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yes, but levi is just a genius, in tons of shows and in real life, you have super talented people, genius in sports and physical activities, they aren't of some special bloodline, and Olympians vary in race and upbringing etc.

The things levi and mikasa do aren't some super special power, they are just a bit faster and stronger, and levi simply has more combat experience then everyone, and so he's more competent in battle and won't fuck up as easily.
they are not a super solider like a captain america or anything, so it's just much easier to assume that they are those genius of their class of cadets, the best students.

Honestly I think being ackerman just kind of has them geared mentally on some level, as like guard dogs or someshit. And they get attached to certain people and feel the need to serve them or something.

>> No.175797285

Keep crying, Mankasa.

>> No.175797318

I don't think there was any specific reason besides dramatic irony(which is amazing) and truly making grisha's life tragic.

>> No.175797384


>> No.175797403

ErwL don't make sense. Erwin don't give a shit about manlet.

>> No.175797439

This guy explains a little the physics behind the 3DMG. To do the things Levi and Mikasa do you kinda have to be above human.

>Honestly I think being ackerman just kind of has them geared mentally on some level, as like guard dogs or someshit. And they get attached to certain people and feel the need to serve them or something.
Not interested in discussing this, but try to remember it was Levi who chose Armin over Erwin.

>> No.175797465

She was pregnant

>> No.175797605
Quoted By: >>175797698

>with the same surname mean anything
>the name held no significance until kenny started running around
That's what he meant. The surname reveal didn't happen until Uprising. Before that the Ackerman name had no meaning.

>> No.175797698

And I was saying, there were theories that they were related. Some though he was an Ackerman, some thought he was half-asian too. But after his name reveal, the Ackerman's were special.

>> No.175797722
File: 37KiB, 337x171, flochBTFO.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.175797750

wtf so Floch banged Historia and left for Marley thats why she look so sad? omg i think thats true cause i know people that analysis each pages and they told me "u know tha floch is the baby daddy he creampied her until she aheago and mindbroken" I was like wtf and they told me don't worry because they said "Thats why she look sad at the end of chapter 107" omg it make snese now so i tink that Floch had sex with Historia then left. wtf this isn't romance

>> No.175797839


>> No.175797876

Fucking based

>> No.175797877
Quoted By: >>175797930

This guy is explaining what will happen when Mikasa is at an acceleration of 45G horizontally in free fall but it doesn't need to be 45G to prevent Mikasa from falling more than 1m. Hell because she is not on free fall. She is being pulled by the wire so the force pulling her down is being cancelled by the tension upward. That means, she can travel lower than 45G horizontally and still strike the target.

>> No.175797885
File: 108KiB, 800x1130, 1531359254961.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.175797913

Nobody here gets out alive.

>> No.175797930
Quoted By: >>175798074

I don't know his calculations, but I'm willing to bet Levi was over 45G during the Zeke "fight" alone.

>> No.175798071

When will they learn?

>> No.175798074

He's an ackerman. He don't do physics. Right from the start, the force exerted on the blood is not the only thing deadly about the 3dmg. I'm just commenting on his explanation.

>> No.175798075
Quoted By: >>175798218

Maybe this was Isayama long-con plan, to tell a reality show

>> No.175798084
Quoted By: >>175798119

>that one guy desperate for (You)'s

>> No.175798119


>> No.175798218

Historia is baffled when floodlights and movie cameras fall off of a wall.

>> No.175798231 [SPOILER]
File: 419KiB, 600x901, 1497908357408.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Why doesnt mikasa go after jean?

>> No.175798302
Quoted By: >>175798359

I guess these threads will explode come 1 August, when the spoilers will get closer and closer and we find out who is the father.

>> No.175798329

So uh. What's gonna be the pay-off to this?

>> No.175798359

>implying we will find out next chapter

>> No.175798390

Why does Isayama hate Hange so much? He cuts out scenes where Levi shows concern over her and praises her leadershio skills and adds extra Arminwanking scenes that were never even there in the manga. The newspaper plotline will probably be cut as well.

>> No.175798404

Keith vs Magath when?

>> No.175798407


>> No.175798438
Quoted By: >>175798541

Doesn't anyone find it fishy how Krueger says find love and after uses Mikasa and Armin? From my understanding it's not Mikasa but someone else.

>> No.175798464

I take people were complaining about Armin in niponland? Isayama does seem the kinda guy keeps doing stuff even more if you complain about it.

>> No.175798466
File: 36KiB, 1280x720, 1497269176416.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175798520

>yfw the next chapter ends with Historia saying "I'm going to talk with the father"

>> No.175798491

Something will need to happen next month even if we don't find out exactly, it will give us more clues I guess.

>> No.175798520
File: 619KiB, 818x698, 1497380730847.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>next panel shows eren in jail

>> No.175798541
Quoted By: >>175798632

Find love TO save Armin and Mikasa. AM are not Eren's love.

>> No.175798632
Quoted By: >>175798782

I always thought he would go for the classic MC + MC route.

>> No.175798634

>there are people on reddit who think Floch really is the father
What the fuck. Nobody can be this retarded.

>> No.175798682 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>175798819

stfu floch is the father you cunt. Cant wait till you and your shit ship sink. XD

>> No.175798722

Is that Historia in the back? Why is Jean just smashing windows while she's doing paperwork. What a jerk.

>> No.175798776

Pretty sure close to none are saying Floch is the father on reddit anon, but that guy at the last page could be Floch doesn't mean he is the father obviously.

>> No.175798782
Quoted By: >>175798894

The childhood friend always loses.

>> No.175798784


>> No.175798819

Back to dumblr with you shipperfag.

>> No.175798821


>> No.175798862

Bitches love defenestration.

>> No.175798865

Only a couple retards on /a shitpost that Floch is the father, even Manlet makes more sense.

>> No.175798882

My point still stands >>175798722 Nanaba a jerk.

>> No.175798894
File: 164KiB, 860x1200, blond win.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.175798898
Quoted By: >>175798940

>Shitlet is the father
Please no. I would take Floch over that.

>> No.175798919
Quoted By: >>175799119

>Someone her age
>Some old asexual guy
>Old guy makes sense
?????? Not saying Floch makes sense, but on a sliding scale of 0.00000000001 to 0

>> No.175798938

Levi didn't choose armin over erwin, he chose to do what he felt was best for erwin, that just further proves how much he cared to be honest. Not saying it's soem dumb fujo gay shit but you know what i mean.

Also 3dm breaks the laws of physiques in the real world, and it's really not worth discussing.

>> No.175798940


You sure?>>175797722

>> No.175798961
Quoted By: >>175799005

>implying nanaba is good looking as jean

>> No.175799005

That picture is older than the anime. It’s from when Nips used to ship Nanaba and Historia.

>> No.175799008

nice baito

>> No.175799070
File: 181KiB, 332x459, 1531938349187.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Isayama the memer strike again!

>> No.175799119

Manlet has super strength Hackerman power which could mean his potential child also having it, he is professional and literally one of the oldest in SL. In history queens or princesses used to marry old guys 30-40 years older. It would make sense 10x more times than a random redshirt like Floch.
To be honest I think it's Eren.

>> No.175799151

Gas yourself, manletwhale.

>> No.175799177
Quoted By: >>175801152

You have no justification for saying this. They cut and changed the order of a lot of things, nothing specifically hange or armin. Also episode 2 is titled after chapter 55, and episode 1 ended on chapter 57 so it's clear they are jumping around while keeping the story coherent. It's far too early for you to talk out of your ass like you are.

>> No.175799188

Can someone post the fake previews?

>> No.175799260
File: 161KiB, 1158x868, 1531223002759.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.175799296
File: 155KiB, 600x600, eren and ymir.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175799410

fake preview 27

>> No.175799362

>Eren voices the 4th blonde

>> No.175799410


>> No.175799447

So why is uprising getting cut to pieces? At best we will need lengthy flashbacks to cover the skipped content. At worst it has just been cut out of the anime for good. Why not just make it in order?

>> No.175799449

>SNK But it's the mean girls

>> No.175799489

Because the original Uprising was horrendously paced. There's nothing wrong with them switching up the order of things.

>> No.175799549
Quoted By: >>175799924

The pacing was fine.

>> No.175799592

Appeal to the capeshit audience, who can't go one minute without someone being punched.

>> No.175799593

Reminder that Ymir is still alive.

>> No.175799605

Eren won't be the father simple because Isayama doesn't want to die. This shit would be on a whole new level compared to Erwin dying. Just Imagine EL fujos and EM shippers mass suicide and killing Isayama.

>> No.175799621

>episodes worth of material turned into flashbacks is somehow good pacing
What did he mean by this?

>> No.175799623
File: 98KiB, 1067x1200, 1531692898233.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw no sweaty smelly tank gf

>> No.175799750

>Erwin was Top 2 most popular characters in the manga.
>He killed ErwL
He already killed ErwL fujos times to kill the other 2 cancers in this manga called EL and EM.

>> No.175799920

Ok, your points for Levi are good. Mostly his genes. Floch is too random for her to choose herself. Levi or Eren would be chosen otherwise for their genes.
Ackerman genes are op obviously. Eren's genes have compatibility with Beast titan memory inheritance eventually, thanks to Zeke being Yeager.

>> No.175799924
Quoted By: >>175800073


I loved Uprising but there are ways to make it even better in the anime (which they're trying to employ). As long as they key points are addressed I have faith.

>> No.175799960
Quoted By: >>175800359

Except fujos prefer Hisu over Mankasa. If manlet fucks a woman now that would be a shitstorm

>> No.175799980
Quoted By: >>175800024

All this manlet is the father shit is just trolling right? No one speedreads that quickly, right?

>> No.175800005

wtf so Floch banged Historia and left for Marley thats why she look so sad? omg i think thats true cause i know people that analysis each pages and they told me "u know tha floch is the baby daddy he creampied her until she aheago and mindbroken" I was like wtf and they told me don't worry because they said "Thats why she look sad at the end of chapter 107" omg it make snese now so i tink that Floch had sex with Historia then left. wtf this isn't romance

>> No.175800024
Quoted By: >>175802212

Manletfags are brainlets.

>> No.175800073

We've seen the first episode. It isn't better than the opening to manga uprising, largely because it cut out large amounts of buildup that comes before the action of kenny attacking. It just skips to the violence. And even if they cover the buildup in a flashback after it defeats the purpose because it doesn't actually build to anything. Just recaps something we already know the conclusion of.

>> No.175800345
File: 45KiB, 199x199, Florian_Reiss_character_image.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

she could have been eren wife.

>> No.175800359

>Except fujos prefer Hisu over Mankasa
>Yaoi shippers prefer most feminine woman over short haired stronk woman
Explain this.

>> No.175800471
File: 39KiB, 1280x720, aizen.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175800541

20 days until EMfag BTFO

>> No.175800521
Quoted By: >>175800547

Jean and Hitch canon in 6 chapters.

>> No.175800541

And YHfags

>> No.175800547
Quoted By: >>175801112

connie x grave is canon

>> No.175800690
Quoted By: >>175801278

Believe it or not, it is because Mankasa is too boyish while EH has that cute aesthetic factor. While fujo initially got angry at Hisu because she was going to eat Eren but she then got in a better term with Eren. Some EL fujos even started drawing EH once every high moon

>> No.175800738
Quoted By: >>175800797

Really hope it works out for these two.

>> No.175800751
File: 413KiB, 905x1300, warhammer titan.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>pic related
in chapter 107, we saw eren left eye glow.it was the same as the warhammer titan.is he preparing to escape?

>> No.175800797
File: 190KiB, 1000x927, DiY79-jVMAA_Ksp.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Are you implying it won't?

>> No.175800806
File: 187KiB, 500x1404, eren eye glow.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175801006

chapter 107 eye glow

>> No.175800810

>inb4 no one in SL knows who the father is and Historia won’t tell them
It’s even more likely Eren’s the father if Isayama pulls some shit like this

>> No.175800830
Quoted By: >>175800912


>The state of these threads

>> No.175800912

EMfag YHfag and NTRfag be like>>175800005

>> No.175800946

Mikasa as an Ackerman holds no purpose. If Mikasa was just a jap and had her power level lowered accordingly, nothing would change. Being an Ackerman was pivotal to Kenny's character and thus vital for the Uprising arc and all events and revelations that came about due to it.

>> No.175800995
File: 29KiB, 960x640, eren jaw.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

when eren get out of his jail

>> No.175801006

Maybe, remember, War hammar chan was in her own body, simply controling hardening as a titan.

>> No.175801044
Quoted By: >>175801306

i wont be surprise if eren escape prison using the WHT

>> No.175801068
Quoted By: >>175801147

>fake preview is about people bullying eren because historia lied about eren doing something nasty to her
>current manga plot is about eren being jailed because he did something horrible to historia
It's pottery.

>> No.175801111

yelena is kruger daughter and is following eren plan

>> No.175801112

Please no.

>> No.175801145

Just an anime/manga thing. You never saw "somebody gets beaten down and then their eyes flare up" shit before?

>> No.175801147

he is not jailed because of that

>> No.175801152

Hello armongfat/WIT Studio cocksucker. Yes, I agree will totally go back and go through the same conversation again but adding a few lines of dialogue. It's not like they are covering 10 chapters in 4 episodes with added Levi and Armong filler.

>> No.175801192

except for the fact that a huge spike hit eren after the eye. and eren eye start to glow too

>> No.175801265
File: 88KiB, 510x720, eren and historia timeskip.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

if isayama did a spin off

>> No.175801278
Quoted By: >>175801446

>Yaoi shippers call character too boyish to ship
>Yaoi shippers prefer feminine girl
>Yaoi shippers
>Not liking boys
I'm trying to understand anon. I am, but this isn't making sense. I accept this explanation though. Even if it's stupid.

>> No.175801303

>stronk woman
Nip's woman ain't like western roasties you dumb nigger.

>> No.175801306
Quoted By: >>175801317

Didn't he say he could do that whenever he feels like it?

>> No.175801317
Quoted By: >>175801765

yeah and it might be now

>> No.175801320
Quoted By: >>175801427

Are you saying, that's not Eren's real body in prison right now?

>> No.175801427

i think he meant that tybur chan didnt have to tranform to use the titan.she simply control it in her crystal nut.so all those spike,it was her doing and she wasnt in a titan. so eren could probably do the same

>> No.175801446

Because they can't self insert as Mikasa. They are not trying to be fit or stronk but submissive. Uke is literally the preferred self insert role in yaoi community. Every woman likes cute even if they are mentally deranged.

>> No.175801461
Quoted By: >>175801636

I just assumed they'd want a boyish woman so that it's closer to boy x boy rather than settling for boy x clearly-a-woman.

>> No.175801509

The Self-Insert potential, I had considered that but thought Fujos were beyond such things. Interesting that they might at their core be the same as other female shippers like EM.

>> No.175801555
Quoted By: >>175801755

>Because they can't self insert as Mikasa.
Don't EM shippers on twitter self-insert as Mikasa, or is that only an American >>175801303 thing? Mikasa is an Asian after all.

>> No.175801631

that's the caretaker

>> No.175801636

that hits the uncanny valley, so they just go directly to boy x girly girl

>> No.175801682
Quoted By: >>175802138

>Because they can't self insert as Mikasa. They are not trying to be fit or stronk but submissive.
I feel like Mikasa is much more submissive than Historia. Historia has her moments where she outright stands up for herself, even being dominant over Eren in the cave.
Mikasa hasn't been dominant since early in the story. She just goes along with everything, only occasionally doing anything defiant.

>> No.175801755

I don't really want to dwell much into the fujo mind but this is really an old issue. Fujos in 2chan clearly dislike Mikasa. The nip fujos really aren't the same as western society as that anon said

>> No.175801765

Hopefully he does better with wht than sister crystal did.

>> No.175801938

Like EH whales any better

>> No.175801972

cute and canon

>> No.175802138

Not when reverse rape EM doujins outnumber the vanilla ones(laugh). The appearance of the surface itself that matters. Japanese woman just don't like brute woman.

>> No.175802171

Nah doesn't fit manlet to do that. The father is Eren, Flock or a new guy

>> No.175802212

And speedreaders.

>> No.175802217

Que delícia cara

>> No.175802235


>> No.175802253


>> No.175802285
File: 82KiB, 421x421, Gross.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175803447

You know, Grisha, with great power comes great responsibility. Helos called it "Marleyan’s Burden." Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant.
Gross looks directly at the reader.
"The ghetto dwellers, the islanders, the restorationists...It's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall be injected with titan serum at the border of Paradis. The Day of the Syringe is near, Grisha. We'll have every Eldian in this country a titan or eaten by dogs in 10 years, and may Helos have me pushed off a wall by my comrade and fed to a titan this very day if I'm wrong. Helos bless the Marleyan Public Security Authorities.

>> No.175802294

Why did her scar never healed?

>> No.175802377
File: 1MiB, 595x981, Protectingbelly.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175802457

This, Historia just like Eren and Zeke is being guarded because she probably conspired with Eren and Zeke. Just look how she reacts here

>> No.175802387
Quoted By: >>175802553

Hacksayongo is a bad writer, that's why.

>> No.175802418
Quoted By: >>175802445

He is pretty informal for a caretaker

>> No.175802445
Quoted By: >>175802492

Because is one of the SL.

>> No.175802457
File: 61KiB, 366x517, 84646313651.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175802574

Seeing better scans of this now she actually doesn't look angry, just still emotionless. Her expression doesn't change much.

>> No.175802482

Funny, cause I always figured white tumblr whales hated Asian women like Mikasa.
Isn’t Annie and Ymir more their thing?

>> No.175802492

Which means it's someone she knows.

>> No.175802553

fuck off

>> No.175802569

>hating anyone but white
They use white as an insult for fuck's sake

>> No.175802574

She is tired and keeping hidden. Remember that she would become the objective of murderers and I can see Historia making a deal with Eren and SL finding out she is pregnant, and they had to hide her because any of the allies find out.

>> No.175802575

Nope, dumblr actually doesn't like Annie, Ymir and Hisu that much on their own.They just like some of their ships on the side of their main ship.

>> No.175802614
Quoted By: >>175802705

The only one Eren is making a deal with is Zeke.

>> No.175802628
Quoted By: >>175802927

>Why did her scar never healed?
Deep scars on face do not dissolves without trace. Also, I believe Isayama do it for show that Mikasa not a shifter.

>> No.175802705
Quoted By: >>175802885

You don't even know that, Historia agreed with the plan, ZEH conspiration is not that weird.

>> No.175802824
File: 2MiB, 1066x1600, Explanation.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yeah, Hisu by being pregnant just became a potential objective for hit men.

>> No.175802885
Quoted By: >>175802972

Only Eren is that despereate for muh freedom. Hisu just agreed if there is no other way and the SL tried to look for one.

>> No.175802927
Quoted By: >>175802984

The real reason is to show that the girl with the scarf in the first chapter is not Mikasa.

>> No.175802972
Quoted By: >>175803026

That doesn't change my point, and it should be obvious by now that Eren is the one that understand Historia the most.

>> No.175802984
Quoted By: >>175803087

It is one of his kids.

>> No.175803026
File: 54KiB, 330x724, scared.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Then he should understand that deep down she doesn't want to do it.

>> No.175803029
File: 1MiB, 1472x771, two lover.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

they share the same pain. they try to prevent their children from being the beast titan

>> No.175803065

your filenames and fanfictions are always good for a laugh

>> No.175803086
Quoted By: >>175803195

that why he attack marley to look for another option

>> No.175803087

His child wouldn't call him by his first name.
I heard some speculation it could be one of Krueger's memories.

>> No.175803112

>this shit again
Eren was mad, is not like they have many options and there is still the chance Eren wants to use Zeke to save her. Is not like Eren and Armin want to be eaten neither.

>> No.175803154

The real question is how long do we have to wait for titans punching titans in their titan faces again.

>> No.175803172

eren attacking marley brought alot of favour for him
the first one is that they cant let other eat him because the war is coming.
eren eating the WHT mean that he can escape prison anytime and levi cant do shit to crystal
zeke being there mean eren can use zeke to end the war sooner instead of passing it down to the next generation.

>> No.175803195

He attacked Marley because there is no other option and was tired of the SL just sit and wait.

>> No.175803196
Quoted By: >>175803237

How mad if this is canon and call of silence is played during their reunion?

>> No.175803210
Quoted By: >>175803261

You just got that 3 chapters ago.

>> No.175803237
Quoted By: >>175803327

Call of Silence was Ymir's song, you are talking about another one.

>> No.175803261

Hey man if it bleeds it leads.

>> No.175803279
Quoted By: >>175803366

actually eren attacking marley bring another option that end the war sooner and ruin the whole breeding thing and inheriting thing. he could have wait with zeke plan (it was zeke who suggested to attack paradis)

>> No.175803306
Quoted By: >>175803346

Attacking Marley wasn't part of the plan, just the rumbling. Hizuru and Zeke probably agreed because by doing that they would become enemies of the world and then they would have to depend on their allies for weapons. The best approach would have been trying to kidnap Zeke, but I bet their "allies" didnt want to help on that.

>> No.175803327
Quoted By: >>175803400

Yes I know it is Ymir's. That's why I asked how mad

>> No.175803346
Quoted By: >>175803461

>they would have to depend on their allies for weapons.
Kiyomi really is (((Kiyomi)))

>> No.175803366

Him attacking Marley also gave them the info that the people on Paradi can freely leave the Island, which means Marley can also easily enter it now.

>> No.175803400

I think it would be werid, because the text doesn't make sense in that context.

>> No.175803405

So is there an agreement on what Hanji meant when she implied Eren sacrificed Historia after all? Is it the pregnancy, or the fact that he fucked off to Marley and left her without protection from Paradis' higher ups? Something else?

>> No.175803441

She knows eren knocked up historia

>> No.175803447

>oh, you're sad because your sister got ripped apart by dogs? Grisha, when I was your age, I left Marley to bullseye gooks in the middle of some god forsaken jungle. Don't tell me you have it hard because you wear an armband and live in a ghetto. You can act sad when you have to leave behind the lady-boy you fell in love with and made passionate steamy love to in a collapsing bamboo shack, just like I did. You think I felt good about titan-bombing his chink village and watching our fuck-hut get ripped apart? We were going to build our lives together there, Grisha! You know what? Fuck you. Get the fuck off this wall.

>> No.175803461

Not to mention Kiyomi never tried to defend Paradise rights when she was in Marley. She wanted Eren to attack Marley and now SL is more dependable on them

>> No.175803543

I think she misunderstood, she thought Eren went to Marley to sacrifice Historia but it could be he went to sacrifice Zeke. Also bringing Zeke is good for Historia because they can breed him and feed him to another person meanwhile

>> No.175803560

They look so attractive.

>> No.175803597
Quoted By: >>175803661

The real question is why are you actionfags still reading this manga. You don't even know what's happening half the time.

>> No.175803613
File: 140KiB, 1232x623, 514511361.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175803719

She is talking about him agreeing to this plan and that she trusted him he would never agree to this.

>> No.175803661

Big things punching other things in the face is good.

>> No.175803689
File: 216KiB, 700x700, EH_hugging_with_love.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

They are suffering too much

>> No.175803719
Quoted By: >>175803760

So, pregnancy?

>> No.175803732

Literally no one in the world knows she exists other than Paradis and Hizuru. This is probably why Zeke didn’t want Marley to know he survived

>> No.175803760

Are you shipperfags all really this braindead?

>> No.175803851

too bad 12/10 Pikku recognized Yellena

>> No.175803894
Quoted By: >>175804036

You are as bad as shipperfags because you can't accept all the possibilities.

>> No.175803928

>what are spies

>> No.175804036

Because it's clear she is talking about working with Zeke, which the SL didn't want to do, since his plan involves sacrificing Historia by her eating him and dooming her own future.

>> No.175804043
Quoted By: >>175804089

>if it means we’ll only be allowed to live. After having our walls broken, our land trampled, and our children bred and killed like livestock... I will absolutely not accept Zeke Yeager’s plan

Seems like he’s just as angry with the idea of making Historia birth children to be titan holders

>> No.175804068

But Eren wants to see Zeke and he doesn't even know where serums are. They can breed Zeke and feed him to someone else

>> No.175804087

>There's no way this can be forgiven....
>Actually considering it
SL are fucking awful. No wonder Eren insults them now. They haven't come up with anything else cuz they suck.

>> No.175804089

And the point of that is them inheriting the BT >>175802824

>> No.175804094
Quoted By: >>175804218

But then another question comes to mind: who started the breeding program (if Historia's pregnancy is indeed part of a breeding program)? Did Paradis higher ups see an opportunity to force her into it after the one person that opposed it the most vehemently left? If that's the case it would be quite rich of Hanji to accuse Eren of not caring for Historia considering she left something like that happen. Another scenario could be Historia accepting the terms of the breeding program but regretting it later, or an unplanned pregnancy that isn't part of the breeding program.

>> No.175804103
Quoted By: >>175804200

Working with Zeke includes the pregnancy part.

>> No.175804125
File: 287KiB, 1320x832, 65151521.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175804288

Neither did Eren come up with anything, because he sucks

>> No.175804200

Breeding like livestock is terrible, but the worst part is dooming you own future by just living another 13 year only to be eaten alive

>> No.175804218

The options I see are
a)People like Zackley forcing it
b)Historia agreeing with Eren because she was tired of waiting for sl to do something
c)Isayama had the balls to make a romance between Eren and Historia and she got pregnant not for the plan, but because it happened. This option is the best just to see all the EMfags, YHfag and the pedofag triggered

>> No.175804275

>and feed him to another person meanwhile
They can't, because Marley could attack any day now and they need the coordinate ready for that 24/7

>> No.175804288

I mean, he's given them time. He's been busy killing people and getting more titan powers. Hanji is letting Armin come up with plans.

>> No.175804289

Of course they have to consider it because is either that or trust Zeke. And they still were looking for different options trying to avoid that fate. But I wish Isayama make a good explanation because SL are doing the opposite of what they did in Uprising

>> No.175804339
Quoted By: >>175804399

Hanji and Pixis are doing their part.
>Hanji is letting Armin come up with plans.
The writing is shit everytime Armin appears, everyone here should know that by now

>> No.175804358
Quoted By: >>175804405

>Of course they have to consider it because is either that or trust Zeke.
Both ways involve trusting Zeke. Zeke is the one who came up with the pregnancy plan. Eren is the one who determines what the coordinate does regardless though.

>> No.175804367
Quoted By: >>175804436

He also gave Marley the info that everyone can freely leave or enter Paradi

>> No.175804399

>The writing is shit everytime Armin appears, everyone here should know that by now
Armin wasn't in this chapter and Hanji still isn't making decisions. Face it anon, this is the new normal for Hanji: ineffective.

>> No.175804405

Because Zeke is right in that part. But they still don't know how the coordinate works and Zeke is probably hiding information. Imo both Eren and SL fell right into a trap

>> No.175804436
Quoted By: >>175805021

They knew that though? Marley has been sending ships to Paradise for years now. That's the whole premise of the story.

>> No.175804471
File: 407KiB, 676x534, njbgcddvhmk,.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

It's probably what >>175801145 said. But you're allowed to overthink it. With these series, there's the off chance you might be right.

>> No.175804492
Quoted By: >>175804548

Not him but he doesn't have to appear, just like when he was lying on the ground when Eren was fangirling about him. Isayama is making her retarded just to wank Armin later, just like everyone hates Eren now even when he acted like Erwin.

>> No.175804548
Quoted By: >>175804693

I understand your point about Armin, but not sure where Eren acting like Erwin connects with that.

>> No.175804569

But all Armin is doing is crying in front of a crystal
>the blimp plan
Retarded writing just like the three cups, anyone could predict that Isayama needed to nerf Hange in order to make Armin look smarter

>> No.175804658
Quoted By: >>175804711

Why is Eren so protective over Hisu?

>> No.175804693

That only Armin can be called the new Erwin, even though Eren is acting like Erwin and only got a few persons killed, and those died because they were retarded. Isayama can't see that being Erwin = being a monster but he can't balance Armin well because he is trying to make him a saint and the new Erwin at the same time and that just doesn't work

>> No.175804708

SL were still in the dark back then and were trying to find out the truth more than anything else, and they were also led by a hardass like Erwin. Hanji is too soft compared to him plus the circumstances have changed, now it's about them surviving against the world.

>> No.175804711
Quoted By: >>175805210

Only feminine woman he knows left on Paradise. Might be the only feminine woman his age left in the manga honestly.

>> No.175804786

Ah you meant everyone in the manga hates Eren. Yeah you're right about that. He messed up not having scumbag Armin become canon after Armin messed with Bert and made that "joke" plan in Uprising.
Would've been a better idea, especially since at the end of the first anime season he and Jean had a talk where Armin very clearly mentioned sacrifice as good.
Not having him become Erwin is the biggest missed potential of so far.

>> No.175804886

Anyone here raised an eyebrow when Zeke mentioned the ass-blast stone?

>> No.175804905
Quoted By: >>175804992

>Not having him become Erwin is the biggest missed potential of so far.
I prefer Erenwin desu

>> No.175804987
Quoted By: >>175805107

>Letting anyone who is not Armin become the new Erwin
Good joke

>> No.175804992
Quoted By: >>175805018

Good for Eren, bad for Armin as now most of his development is pointless or downright gone. Not a big change in the grand scheme of things though.

>> No.175805018

Armong was irredeemable shit once it became clear just how far Isayama was willing to bend over for him

>> No.175805021
Quoted By: >>175805158

They didn't. Yelena was surprised there were no titans anymore and it excelled her expectation.

>> No.175805071

Armin confirmed highlight for the next chapter. Together with Floch appearance as well.

>> No.175805093

I thought the 'choosing Armin over Erwin' was obvious.

>> No.175805107

Good plans aren't what Erwin was known for. Risky gambles where everything could go so wrong but if they succeeded Paradise gained immeasurable amounts of progress are what Erwin did on a regular basis. Every arc Erwin would risk everyone's life including his own just to get an inch closer to the truth and humanities victory over the titans. Eren going alone to Marley and letting SL join him is downright insane and risky. Just like Erwin. Armin getting a rescue blimp to slowly come by to pickup people is a boring escape route planning. More like Hanji with her Newspaper part in the Uprising, only 10x less interesting. So yeah, Armin has replaced Hanji yet Eren is clearly Erwin here.

>> No.175805109


Armin did nothing wrong.

>> No.175805145
File: 3MiB, 1029x1568, Oneyear.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I wanted an Eren-Hange alliance because they are a good combination (she did a lot for Paradise but most speedread that part), I wanted to see her experiment with a cool titan like WHT. I don't like what Isayama is doing with her in this arc honestly

>> No.175805158
Quoted By: >>175805247

Yeah, but Willy expected Eren to be there. He heavily suspected that Paradise could cross over to the point he made a whole plan around it. No way they didn't know that before Eren's attack.

>> No.175805187
Quoted By: >>175805269

>I don't like what Isayama is doing with her in this arc honestly
No one does but Armintellectuals

>> No.175805210
Quoted By: >>175805328

Mikasa can be feminine if she wants too.

>> No.175805243

What is Isayama planning to do with Armin now that the manga is firmly focused on E+R with Zeke being a wildcard going forward?
Will he simply be the good boy there to remind us of his superior morals to everyone else? Secretly evil but for a "good" reason? Die for our sins?

>> No.175805247

Seems like there is a difference what Whilly knew and the world knows.

>> No.175805257
Quoted By: >>175805447

When was this from again?

>> No.175805269

And Isayama used Sasha's death and the blimp part to make us believe that the new Erwin is Armin, not Eren. So bad

>> No.175805295

So is Pyxis involve with this Historia breeding sow? Did Pyxis agree on this?

>> No.175805308
Quoted By: >>175805405

>Will he simply be the good boy there to remind us of his superior morals to everyone else?
obviously, and this will happen despite being just as shitty as everyone else

>> No.175805328
File: 121KiB, 311x228, mankasa.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.175805402

I don't think Isayama is trying to frame Armin as the new Erwin anymore desu. Armin's clearly been struggling with the notion of sacrifice and what it entails ever since he joined the SL, but I think what he did in RtS (self sacrifice/near death experience) made him rethink about what it truly means and come to the conclusion that throwing away own's humanity completely doesn't HAVE to be the way to go. I think it's a shame Isayama didn't conclude his character arc by killing him off because it would've been a great death but it's still pretty interesting to see the switch in perspective between Eren (who used to think of Armin's apparent ruthlessness as off putting and scary), and Armin, who now doesn't understand his best friend anymore because of how much he's changed and seemingly closed himself off.

>> No.175805405
Quoted By: >>175805501

Most likely yet simultaneously terrible option. Please let Armin do something that makes his existence worth it Isayama.

>> No.175805426
Quoted By: >>175805571

Yes, with bits of Hange reminding us how bad she is and implying they need Armin and bits of some SL blaming Eren everytime a fodder dies in a war.

>> No.175805447
File: 525KiB, 1066x1600, 0070-029.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>175805629