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One week until the final chapter. Will she make it?

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Eriri > Megumi >= Mayu > Izumi > Michiru > Utaha

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Utaha is so perfect.

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If she manages to lose in her own series, I'll finally accept that she was created to suffer

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No. Tomoya and Megumi are tied by the red string of fate. Megumi wins in all timelines.

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Utaha > Mayu = Megumi > Izumi > Michiru > Akane >>> Eriri

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Post the full pic.


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Is vol 13 of the main LN uploaded anywhere?

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No, but there's really no point because the movie will be original.

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And why does it matters? I just wanna read the LN.

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It's incredible how divisive the fanbase is over Eriri.
She's cute, I love her. She ties with Utaha for me.

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Eriri is a good girl.

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Eriri is #1 in my heart. She resonates with me the most. Megumi is second though.

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has to be an open ending, no way it can be wrapped up so quick.
why did it get the axe anyway?

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No point in dragging it out I guess? Probably low readerbase. Kinda weird though because the series is still within its living cycle, what's with the upcoming movie and all that. People are still interested in the series.

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Because Utaha a shit.

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>why did it get the axe anyway?
Same thing happened with the Eriri spinoff. Any other heroine winning is something the universe won't allow.

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Utaha winning would contradict the main series, where it's revealed that Tomoya knew about Eriri and Utaha's feelings for him all along and that they're just incompatible.

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Why the fuck did they let it go on so long if they were just going to axe it anyway

Is Utaha just made to suffer?

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So what? Utaha's spin-off is unrelated to the light novel. She could be allowed to win.

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Fucking this, I actually kinda like KM despite the different focus, I just wished it would continue a little bit further to further deviate itself and truly put itself in a different place than the main story

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The idea of KM is a what-if where Tomoya doesn't meet Megumi on the hill. The core character traits are still the same.

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Yeah, it would've been nice if KM became WA2. I wanted to see Mayu get serious.

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If only, Maruto isn't in his prime anymore.

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He realized stories like Saekano sold better but he had more room to experiment with KM. It's a shame he played it safe.

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FYI: Big Gangan is released on the 25th of every month, so it's a little over a week.
Next issue: 4/25

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>Why did you dress me this way?
Because your legs in tights are a miracle of the universe, obviously.

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I wish the Koreans would leak the chapter early. Things used to release about a week before the official release but for whatever reason that's no longer the case.

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Just here to post best girls

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