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Post characters from non-h anime/manga you are sure have inverted nipples.

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I can immediately think of two characters that are actually shown to have them.

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galko canonically has them, I believe

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One of the girls from Yuushibu had it. Never showed it in the anime itself, but in an official promotional picture.

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Oh my.

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Yes, the manager I think. But she did show her tits in the anime once, I think.

I think.

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Not a very long list of characters with inverted nipples... I suppose it's just not something that comes up much though.

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The shocking truth is that only a select few care about what kind of nipples a character has.

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Yeah, in the OVA.
Of confirmed ones, sure.
But characters like pic related is sure to have them.

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How do inverted nipples even happen? Fat? Why are there flat chested inverted nipples though?

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Probably something to do with surrounding plus under-tissue support, not enough so they cave in and when erect pop out due to increased 'muscle' and blood flow holding them up. There is also a higher chance of inverted nipples with 'fat' but that is also due to cave in.

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She doesn't.

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sometimes pineapples grow too big and you can't see the plant part anymore

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Those are just puffy areolas. The actual nipples are inverted.

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There's a lot of fun to be had by teasing inverted nipples out with your tongue.

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According to wikipedia 10-20% of woman have it. I would never have thought it was that many.

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I like to think so at least.

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The only people I've seen that have inverted nipples were fat adolescent boys so probably Choji from Naruto.

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I bet tadokoro has inverted nipples

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How many nipples that are not attached to fat adolescent boys have you seen though?

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I used to work as a lifeguard so quite a few of them.

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At least two of them.
I'll leave you to guess which

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Midle and far right.

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pic related makes me sure that Hotaru has delicious puffy inverted nips

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>no galko yet

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I think you might be correct.

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What’s an inverted nipple?

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Nipples that look like this

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I want Chalotte-sama to slap my pussy

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im male and i have inverted nipples

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I had inverted nipples until I hit puberty. Its really weird, they got sore for awhile and then one day they just never went back in.

I'm a guy btw

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Big titties are ncie with inverted nipples, yeah.
But flat chests with inverted nipples. Now that is some high level stuff.

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Only if they have puffy areola.

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>Puffy nips are patrician tier
Prove me wrong thats right you can't

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No sane man would argue against puffy nips

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You got one right

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What's nip obsession with inverted nipples?
Aren't they actually pretty rare?
And also, not a big difference?

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Japan just has this thing for meek/shy/innocent and cute girls. Inverted nipples fit in perfectly with that image.

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Doesn't most if not all girls with big boobs have inverted nipples? That's what I learn on health class.

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Anon, please, your virginity is showing.

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There really aren't that many to call it an obsession. You can probably count the amount of confirmed ones on one hand.

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I see you're a man of culture as well.

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Does this count?

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Tohru in Kobayashi's maid dragon canonically has them

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Nah, that's bullshit. they just look bad on smaller boobs so typically the bustiest girl gets them.

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Not big enough

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How do you know a character has inverted nipples without seeing them or even mentioning them?

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Without a doubt

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>they just look bad on smaller boobs
you wanna start a war here?

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Breasts would look better without nipples.

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I'd break Hinata's ice with my ship if you know what I mean.

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my guy here has a good memory

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Fuck, can't believe I overlooked her. Agreed.
Maybe. Would look weird on her though.
Confirmed not inverted.

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By posting here, you become a virgin again. I'm sorry to break it to you this way anon.

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It's a spectrum. Some are just a little inverted.

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Why do people think large breasts have inverted nipples?
It's like thinking large penises have phimosis.

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Because both look more aesthetically pleasing with them

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>It's like thinking large penises have phimosis.
They do though.

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Quoted By: >>169384596

Because they only look good on large breasts

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Please don't say things like that about her.

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Inverted nipples are kinda gross

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>Because they only look good on large breasts
Speak for yourself faggot.

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The two in the middle seem like a safe bet

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It's always the last who you'd expect.

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>everyone with big tits has inverted nipples

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The way the world should be

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I think they are disgusting in all honesty. I don't think my waifu has them.

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Maybe in a doujin, but those are outward nipples.

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Tiny nipples on huge breasts are what I find disturbing

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good thread

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>nipples done right vs nipples done wrong

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Definitely left.

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You need to lift bro, having pecs nullifies mine.

>> No.169395198

Also lose weight.

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This one for sure.

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You mean they are real? Holy shit, this is awesome.

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I have them and i'm a male, help.

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