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Are you excited for more Utaha soon?

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oh yeah

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Yes. My goddess Utaha is so BEST.

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>8 days left.

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Utaha a shit.

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>ywn see a doujin with his perfected art

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Eririfags not allowed ITT.

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i dont give a fuck about utaha i just want the threads to become chaos

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Quoted By: >>155456342


You mean 2.

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Excited for more Eriri.

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No way. Utaha a shit.

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I'm excited to see her getting BTFO again, too.

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More Eriri is great. I can't wait until volume 13 is released and Megumifags go on suicide watch.

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Both are shit. Megumi is best girl.

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Quoted By: >>155471368

Every thread is going to be that Eririfag and Yuipollfag samefagging to hell. It'll be awful.

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You do know that GS3 will release first and Eriri will give up there, right?

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Only Eriri is shit. Megumi is third best girl after Utaha and Mayu.

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Quoted By: >>155449652

>being excited for Utaha

It's all about superior Megumi and Eriri now.

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Quoted By: >>155449652

Nah. Eriri is best. Megumi is second best. Utaha is shit.

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That's assuming they won't make it an anime original end and give the kiss to Megumi.

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Please, Eriri has nothing on Utaha's volume 5 scenes.

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Same here.

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Quoted By: >>155450373


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Megumi's vol 7 scenes = Utaha's vol 5 & 7 scenes > Eriri's vol 6 scenes >>> Eriri's vol 7 scenes

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>volume 5
>the volume where Utaha gets BTFO by Tomoya

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Utaha's scenes are ruined by how she has absolutely no chemistry with Tomoya. With the other two girls it's clear he has feelings for them.

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Koisuru Metronome satisfies my desires for Utaha perfectly.

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All of you shittasteposter need to go to hell

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Utaha carries her scenes alone. If she was paired up with a better MC she'd have literally no contest.

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I can't wait for this scene. It'll be episode 3 all over again where Megumifags absolutely dominate the threads.

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Quoted By: >>155451174

A heroine can't carry her scenes alone. It always depends on how they interact with the MC, and that's the part where Utaha always fails at and why her characterization can't match Eriri or Megumi's.

>> No.155451174
Quoted By: >>155451559

>A heroine can't carry her scenes alone
They can. It's literally what happens in every harem where the MC is a personality-less beta fag. Megumi may have a better relationship with him, but Utaha's personality can stand on its own unlike her. Eriri is a shit most of the times.

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Why is she so sexy in this image?

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Quoted By: >>155451895

Because she is always sexy.

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Quoted By: >>155452017

>It's literally what happens in every harem where the MC is a personality-less beta fag

And those harems are forgettable and not remembered. A scene needs the two actors to work well together. If one person dominates a scene, the scene as a whole sucks.

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Eriri is pure!

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Just like Eriri's shitty tsundere antics dominate her scenes with Tomoya or Tomoya's autism dominate his scenes with Megumi. I'll say that Tomoya slapping Eriri's shit in episode 9 was great, though.

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Quoted By: >>155453030

No, Tomoya feels like an equal with Eriri and Megumi. Utaha always dominates with her sexual harassment.

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That doesn't mean those scenes are better. Eriri is worst girl despite that. Utaha is way too good for someone like Tomoya, so it makes sense lesser girls fit his faggotry better.

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Quoted By: >>155453738

It does. There's back-and-forth while with Utaha it's just her stale joke of forcing sex. There's also how her relationship with Tomoya is easily the most static.

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Having a good relationship with a shit MC doesn't make you better. If your whole character is solely defined by how good it looks alongside that shit MC, then your character is poor. Utaha is much more than that and you know it.

>> No.155453778

pure shit

>> No.155453942

No thanks. Give me Megumi or riot. Even Eriri is better.

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Quoted By: >>155454072

Characters don't exist in a vacuum. Neither Eriri or Megumi are solely defined by their relationship with the MC either, but the fact their relationship with him changes is a sign of character development. Utaha is definitely the most static heroine.

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Utaha might as well is in a vacuum whenever she has to interact with Sorata 2.0. It's like claiming Houki is best girl in Infinite Stratos because her relationship with Ichika advances the most.

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Quoted By: >>155454716

In the context of the series, sure. It's also true that Utaha's character develops the least.

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Utaha doesn't need to develop when she's already perfect and at her prime.

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eriri a shit. A SHIT

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Quoted By: >>155462795

Am I supposed to find this girl sexy?

Because I don't.

Not really.

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The sexiest.

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Quoted By: >>155456676


Say's 8 on here but it can be wrong on 1st episode starting dates.

>> No.155456676

Episode 0 airs on Thursday.

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Not really. But I am excited to see the Xmas event for Eriri-chan's moe.

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>this is the ONLY scene Eririfags can hype for S2 and they treat it like it's the second coming of Christ

It's gonna be annoying when the anime gets to that part.

>> No.155457679

Best scene besides Megumi and Eriri's confrontation scene.

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Not true. There are lots of little scenes where Eriri is cute, and they add up.

>> No.155457780

Eririsecondaries don't even seem aware that they exist.

>> No.155457799

Made for Pakis

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Quoted By: >>155458692

>Utaha will never tie you up and "rape" you

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Quoted By: >>155459016

If Koisuru Metronome showed us anything, it's that Utaha is all talk and is too scared to actually rape.

>> No.155459016
Quoted By: >>155459884

Rape is the last resort. A girl like Utaha wants a man to give into temptation.

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Which she sucked at doing. Look at what Megumi did in half the time.

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Quoted By: >>155460015

eriri best girl, big woop, wanna fight about it?

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Quoted By: >>155460185

Tomoya has shit taste. Can't expect anything extraordinary from him

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Bring it on and get ready to get your ass kicked.

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Quoted By: >>155460333

Nope, Megumi is a miracle, and the fact that he was the one who found her shows he has good taste.

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Megumi is normal and plain. Shes even described as such.

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She's a literal angel. Look at how forgiving she is.

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Quoted By: >>155460843

I wanted the /spa/ merge to find out the Eririfags' nationalities as well as if they were only one person or small group of persons. Couldn't. Damn it.

>> No.155460843
Quoted By: >>155461210

The only thing I saw was that that one Eriri tripshitter is a fucking leaf. It also confirmed that the absolute quantity of Eririfags isn't more than 3 and Utahafags are much more numerous despite what some delusional retards try to pretend.

>> No.155460853

So many eririshit fags false flagging

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Quoted By: >>155463208

Utaha couldn't win. If she changes to suit him, she stops being the girl he admires. If she doesn't, he admires her but never as a love interest.

>> No.155461210

Called it. They really word (try) hard though, props for that.

Let's wait for tomorrow. It'll be great.

>> No.155461372

this is the worst harem in a whole.
>boring ass female
>ultra boring ass mc
> average plot
if I wasnt such an autist I wouldn't even be looking at this trash but I wanna know who's going to win after spending so much time into it

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Megumi won.

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I'm excited for this blessing.

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the novel is over????
megumi was best girl now I can fuck off peacefully

>> No.155461924

No, there's one more novel left to go.

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I want to feed and take care of Eriri-chan when she gets sick.

>> No.155462761

Even though she's a cheap knockoff, childhood friend has the cutest tropes.

>> No.155462795

It's okay to be gay.

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Quoted By: >>155463398

I can't wait for the butthurt when Mayu wins KM.

>> No.155463398
Quoted By: >>155466631

Mayu needs to learn her place!

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Utaha > Mayu > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>>> Eriri

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Quoted By: >>155463729

Objective ranking

Megumi > Mayu > Eriri > Izumi > Michiru >>>>> Utaha

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Quoted By: >>155464129

>Utaha last when she has objectively the best and most fun personality


>> No.155464129
Quoted By: >>155464294

>dude sex lmao: the character

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Disregard indie-game circlejerk main series.

Koisuru Metronome is just better. For the cultured /lit/ soul.

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Quoted By: >>155464397

I knows girls like Utaha are too much for your homosexuality to handle, but she is everything a sane and healthy man would want in a woman.

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Quoted By: >>155464559

Nope, I just prefer Megumi, someone who absolutely will not leave me.

>> No.155464454

Megumi > Utaha > Eriri > Izumi > Michiru

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Quoted By: >>155464734


>> No.155464734

That was before her feelings for him got so strong. What Tomoya did in V12 is small time compared to what he did in V6.

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Quoted By: >>155466763

Mayu is so similar to Megumi that I would be very surprised if she loses.

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Quoted By: >>155466939

I'm a bit disappointed that we will never see Mayu and Megumi interact.

>> No.155466939
Quoted By: >>155467437

It'd be too tough of a love triangle. Megumi can't be allowed to have real competition.

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File: 3MiB, 5500x1870, nup77737.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 130KiB, 825x533, mayu cute.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>155468283

Mayu doesn't have to be another love interest. Just someone acquainted with Megumi.

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Quoted By: >>155468625

But what if Megumi gets jealous?

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File: 614KiB, 1280x1618, 1426189679857.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I hope we'll get more delicious Eriri fanservice like this.

>> No.155468625

She shouldn't be.

>> No.155468760
File: 3MiB, 1280x720, 1424389068663.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You won't. A-1 tried to shill her hard in S1 and no one gave a fuck. They will put their efforts into the girls that actually matter.

>> No.155469081
File: 765KiB, 2073x1600, yande.re 361300 ass bikini cleavage digital_version kasumigaoka_utaha misaki_kurehito saenai_heroine_no_sodatekata sawamura_spencer_eriri swimsuits.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Next episode is literally a beach episode, you will.

>> No.155469339
Quoted By: >>155469833

>putting effort into the girl that will soon be irrelevant

>> No.155469833
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Quoted By: >>155470276

>Utaha will never step on you

>not putting effort into the second most popular girl

You suck at business.

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File: 104KiB, 1280x720, [FFF] Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - 00 [BD][720p-AAC][A30C0879].mkv_snapshot_16.34_[2017.04.04_21.22.55].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I like when studios actually put some effort into the feet

>> No.155470276

Focusing too much on Utaha would bite them in the ass if they ever decide to do more than a S2.

>> No.155470615

>Saekano S1 started two years ago

Things have changed so much compared to the first thread we had.

>> No.155471273
Quoted By: >>155471368

I wonder how S2 threads will be.

>> No.155471295

Wow, Eririfags were annoying from the get-go.

>> No.155471368

See >>155449054

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File: 173KiB, 725x594, Ku7B0jl.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 315KiB, 2048x1661, C8EzQ8iUwAAhGjY.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Just one more day. HS better rip it.

>> No.155474203
File: 629KiB, 1280x1332, 1426796170771.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>155475517

Where are my Michirubros at

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File: 2MiB, 1419x2000, the worst she's ever done.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>155475093

Is Megumi a Mary Sue? She has literally never done anything wrong.

>> No.155475093

She's just considerate and greatly values what others can take for granted. She doesn't do anything egregious, but she takes feeling wronged very seriously.

>> No.155475517

I wouldn't mind wrestling with Mitchi.

>> No.155475687

I am sure ready for the cancer fanbase.

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