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Post good tsundere characters from recent years.
No overly abusive sluts.

Tomoyo was great.

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bestest girl

Hatoko shitters not allowed

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She was indeed the best but there's no need to shit on Hatoko

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Posting #1 tsundere tomato

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Specially when Hatoko was the best girl.

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If you think these are good examples of tsundere, you don't understand what tsundere is.

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this is the only one I can think of

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Pick one

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If you think it's only the shitty, overly abusive, tit-complexed tsunderie midgets qualify as tsundere, fuck off.

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I can really think of any good tsundere. I am always fucking annoyed by that trope, especially if the MC is a doormat.

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What does overly abusive means? If a character feels genuine frustration towards someone, specially someone close to her, it would only be natural to release that frustration in the form of "violence", is a natural and perfectly sane way to do so. Again, what are you talking about?

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>it would only be natural to release that frustration in the form of "violence", is a natural and perfectly sane way to do so
I think you might need to take an anger management course.

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For a tsundere to be good she needs a good MC to bounce off, a tsundere with a doormat of an MC is a horrid sight.

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And what does that even means? I don't have those feelings towards no one, but if two persons do, and they have conflict feelings between each other, maybe that could help? Not that we have an anime about a couple going into a couple therapy. Or we do? Now i'm curious.

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Like this?

>it would only be natural to release that frustration in the form of "violence"
Seek professional help

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>seek professinal help
If basic human emotions make you feel so insecure then you are the one that need to be checked. Again, what does overly abusive means? And this time in proper english.

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>hitting and screaming at people for no good reason
What third world country are you from?

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>hitting and screaming at people for no good reason
Who are you quoting my good friend? Yes, screaming and hitting people for no good reason it means that the person have several brain problems,but what have that to do with my post?

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>post boring decaf tsunderes
may as well post Megumin at this point, pleb taste.

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That's what tsunderes do. You're calling behavior like that natural.

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Hatoko is best. Tomoyo a shit.

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People that complain about a tsundere being violent are fucking pussies. I don't mean to be that guy, but whenever a female is violent to me I COULD hit her back but I don't because it doesn't hurt me when I am physically stronger than her and I could just simply report her to the police. But either way, these are fictional characters. Why the fuck is this even a problem? Just stop watching it if it makes you this angry you fucking tool.

Fuck I hate you faggots

>Inb4 whiteknight cuck
I see women as inferior to men when it comes to anything else but baby making.

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Quoted By: >>154668578

For no good reason? That's a vague thing to say. So by your standards, "overly abusive" means having no reason? In general most tsunders are like that precisely cause they have problems showing her feelings but if you say that as long they don't have a good reason then I agree with you.

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>Hatoko is best

Not a chance, even Chifuyu was better, that's right a generic loli. Hatoko is shiiiiiit.

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>tfw no tsundere will ever top Eri.

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"Having problems showing their feelings" isn't a proper reason to get violent. That's just them taking out their own personal issues on others.

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Kill yourself.

Hatoko was great.

Real best girl is Mirei though.

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>Why the fuck is this even a problem?
Because instead of tsunderes, you could have a character that isn't annoying as fuck instead.

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Hold on, first, what would be the problem with that? That sounds cute in any case, a girl with problems that have a hard time trusting others, start building up a relationship with the MC whcih accept her, to begin wtih I don't see the problem with that.
Secondly, it was just a general way to refer to a tsundere, the reason why its what I was talking about, the reason for that behavior change from character to character, just because she's "abusive" it doesn't mean nothing if you don't care about the why.
40 minutes here and I don't even know what you are complaining about.

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You mean one that isn't capable of showing anger right?

I'm kidding but I'm sure that type of character appeals to a certain crowd. So once again, you could simply watch something else.

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>you could simply watch something else.
Except pretty much any harem or even romance series has the token insufferable tsundere win. One of the few exceptions where best girl wins is fucking Naruto of all things. Tsunderes are far too overused for how offputting they are to many viewers.

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Easily second best.

Tomoyo is definitely best, her character has a lot more going to her than this girl, despite Kudou's power steal ability, for shame, I was really rooting for her. She's really fucking cute, but she's a normie dude.

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That is what I don't get, so ok, you don't like tsunderes, but the reason why you don't it's because you simply don't care for that character and by not caring is why you don't get to see the other side which is the reason why other people do like her. I still get to see a complain against a tsundere other than "what a violent bitch".

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Meant for:


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Then stop watching harems or pick a different hobby

I don't like or hate tsunderes

But as far as complaining goes it's very annoying to hear about all the time.

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>People that complain about a tsundere being violent are fucking pussies
Nah, you're just a faggot.

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I haven't watched that one but basically a tsundere is enjoyable if the MC teases the tsundere for their reactions and/or the MC brushes off whenever they get mad.

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Fight me IRL dude

Houston Texas

Let's go

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Great taste.

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This girl was kind of a brodere, at least when she was under mind control.

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excuse the aspect ratio

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Didn't think so

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Tsundere of the decade.

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The queen.

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I don't know if she counts.

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Quoted By: >>154671147

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Oh yes.

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Lots of good, albeit forgettable, waifu in this anime.

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>good tsundere

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Quoted By: >>154670746

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Abandon thread guise

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He's not wrong, pleb.

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I'm so glad this anime had so many happy endings.

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Both for each other.

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What was the last chapter you read anon? I can only assume you've stopped reading it or weren't paying close enough attention to see how much better Erina has become.

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I was going to save this just in case I hadn't already but for the life of my I can remember what that shitty show was called.

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Flat is justice.

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pretty much the only one recently
Good tsunderes don't really happen much anymore.

"Tsundere" is debatable here. I don't really consider her one.

fake tsundere doesn't mean good tsundere

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>Hatoko is shiiiiiit.
This. Hard.

The irrelevant delusional retard? No, just no.

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The shittest

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Or, you know, harems could have main girls who aren't tsunderes for once. They'd be far more enjoyable that way.

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