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Why is Tomoya such an idiot? Why would he backstab the girl who was there for him twice over his old crush and to work for his enemy? What is wrong with this guy? Enough with this Eriri bullshit. Even Utaha is better than her.

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Forced drama.

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Utaha is better than everyone.

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He loves Eriri too much. It's like how Haruki picked Kazusa when Setsuna was better in every conceivable way.

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At this point it's not love anymore, but rather an unhealthy obsession with a girl who will always be far away from him.

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That's not really true. Just look at the latest illustrations, Tomoya is right next to Eriri wearing a suit.

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I didn't mean it literally. Honestly, at this point I wouldn't be suprised if something happens again and Eriri will leave him again, and he will be alone again... But this time Megumi won't be there anymore.

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We're close to the end, it'll be really tiring if Eriri leaves for a third time.

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They've foreshadowed that Tomoya has no idea what to do for his future though.

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Megumi, all alone on her birthday.

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Sounds familiar.

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Who's the better couple, HarukixKazusa or TomoyaxEriri?

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Wait. Is this fucking true? WTF Tomoya

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Heavily implied. Megumi is all alone in one pic while Tomoya is hanging out in a suit with Eriri and Utaha in another.

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Guess Tomoya fucked up and lost the best girl

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Well, getting together with Eriri isn't even that bad. She's second best girl.

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she's gonna leave him again, die, or both

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So Eriri won?

Only watched the S1 and I'm Interested.

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To pad the story so the LN still runs when S2 airs?

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Eriri won't leave if Tomoya learns to properly manage her.

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Dunno about you anon, but I think I'd go for the girl that's fine with sticking with me and my antics and not needing me to manage her.

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It's more like Tomoya did something absolutely horrible to Megumi.

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grabbing the opportunity to work in a company to gain experience and be by best girl's side
I don't see a problem here.

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Not that kind of managing, he needs o learn to keep Eriri's creative desire up.

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The former.

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Yeah, he is smart for sticking to best girl from here on out.

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Ah. Nice!

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Eriri is far better than Kazusa, so I guess Tomoya is just that bad.

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>Eriri is far better than Kazusa
Funny joke.

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He also betrayed Megumi and totally crushed her heart doing so.

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This is fucking rich. Despite not knowing everything yet, this volume already has Eririfags acting confident + they have the second season to look forward to so they'll be on cloud nine for a bit which will be the perfect chance for Maruto to crush them once and for all with the 13th novel.

What a ruthless madman.

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Megumi should be smarter than this. If she acts like a drama queen then it's her fault.

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Quoted By: >>154633619

I don't doubt she should be smarter than that but seriously Tomoya just drops her to low priority over and over when she stays with him after all that time so I can't really blame her if she does.

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>series is called how to raise a boring girlfriend
>people still think megumi is going to lose
well ok

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Eriri didn't sleep with someone knowing they were in a relationship.

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where can i find this translated anons ?

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Eriri is in a far worse series and the writing of her character is objectively inferior.

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How was Megumi supposed to know Akane would be hit by a truck and give Tomoya a job offer in her dying moments?

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The novel isn't even out yet. It officially releases the 18th which is Friday back in Japan.

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Why not? She is the snarky and level-headed one. Tomoya said he made a big decision. Keyword "big", so it's not something he decided lightly to do. Megumi and Tomoya can go out at any other time, which by the way, was mainly for the purpose of progressing the game. So if working as an editor can help him to make his own game better then he made a wise decision.

Tomoya did talk with Megumi over the phone about making a big decision. It's highly conceivable to think he explained the situation. Or Eriri did as the cover suggests.

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What? Where are you getting him consulting Megumi? As far as I know he gets a call from someone that's probably not Megumi about someone being in a hospital

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You faggots should at least wait until the damn book is out and facts are confirmed before you start bitching and arguing.

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I agree. Post best girl Utaha to cleanse the thread.

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He was on the phone with her about going to the hospital, but he didn't have any big decision in mind then.

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>After worrying so much over the main scenario, Meguri route, and finding a way to resolve it, I made a promise to go on a birthday with main heroine Katou Megumi, the one who's worked the hardest at blessing software.
>"Sorry, I can't go there right now."
>"You can hear me, right? You understand what I just said, right?"
>I cancelled the date due to a certain event and headed to a hospital room.
>There, I heard the details from someone and made a big decision.
>The result - "As I thought, I can't become your main heroine."
>The difficulty of getting the main heroine rises in one go!
>After worrying so much over the main scenario, Meguri route, and finding a way to resolve it, I made a promise to go on a birthday with main heroine Katou Megumi, the one who's worked the hardest at blessing software.
>"Sorry, I can't go there right now."
>"You can hear me, right? You understand what I just said, right?"
>I cancelled the date due to a certain event and headed to a hospital room.
>There, I heard the details from someone and made a big decision.
>The result - "As I thought, I can't become your main heroine."
>The difficulty of getting the main heroine rises in one go!

We don't know for sure if the event of calling her happened after he went to Akane's hospital room, but it's easy to assume it's the case. If not then Eriri told her and and after doing so comforted her. But there's no reason to feel heartbroken. Megumi is too smart and mature to make a big deal out of what happened.

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Eriri wins in volume 12 and it's close to Eriri's birthday? Maruto, you madman. I'll savor this delicious treat for now even though it's obvious Megumi will win by time's end.

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Feels great.

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>Pointless image dumping with the hope people will talk about her
She's irrelevant in this volume and you're annoying.

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>She's irrelevant in this volume
You don't know that.

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Tomoya looks classy as fuck. He made the right decision.

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Don't joke, anon. Utaha is worst girl by a huge margin.

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>you will never wake up next to a beautiful goddess in your bed after a crazy night of kinky sex

Fuck you.

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>She's irrelevant in this volume and you're annoying.

Too early to say when Machida is in the illustrations.

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Megumifags are on suicide watch. The meltdown will be gorgeous. They spent years shitposting on here and flaming decent posters it is nice to see their tears.

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Megumi will get a happy end. She's smiling on the cover.

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Because she is happy Tomoya and Eriri are together. They are both her good friends. She is a good girl for the most part.

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>main heroine losing

not a chance

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I'm hoping for a twist

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Just a few more days and you will be crying shipper. MegumixTomoyafags are the worst. I can't wait until they eat crow for shitposting legit posters due to their crack ship.

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I really hope Tomoya doesn't actually join Akane. That would just be a massive dick move.

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It can happen.

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Why is MegumixTomoya wrong but EririxTomoya okay?

>> No.154635542

She wasn't really the main heroine though, and no one won in the end.

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Quoted By: >>154636000

I do think that Eriri will "win" in this upcoming novel, but that Megumi will win in the end.

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Best girl on the front.
Second best girl behind her.

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Yukino from Yahari will lose as well.

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I hope he'll be nice to Utaha and let her have a win.

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File: 909KiB, 843x1200, __katou_megumi_and_sawamura_spencer_eriri_saenai_heroine_no_sodatekata_drawn_by_pasdar__7582f544b068401b6a717358f20f35bb.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Nope, these are the real best girls.

>> No.154636000

Delusion is not good for you.

Because there is mutual feelings.

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Quoted By: >>154636263

>third best girl and absolute worst girl

>> No.154636190

Ignore eriritards.

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Eririfags, when will they learn? This is a glimpse of the wonderfully terrible future that waits them.

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>> No.154636263

Utaha in both KM and the main series has nowhere near the kind of development Megumi and Eriri get.

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>> No.154636308

She is the main heroine. But no one won, so the circumstances are different.

>> No.154636323

Hehe, nice try kid. You and I both know that Eriri is going to win. All the evidence right now points to it.

I hope you don't maintain your denial to the end.

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>> No.154636347

I liked her, kinda chunny

>> No.154636350

Megumi makes sense as much as Eriri, though. Utaha, on the other hand, doesn't since Tomoya has no romantic feelings at all for Utaha making it the real crack pairing.

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Quoted By: >>154636455

Because people are idiots and often take things for granted. Wait until some shit happens and Megumi won't be there for him again.

Jesus, at this point I honestly hope Megumi would just cut of ties with them and goes off doing her own things. Their relationship is fucking toxic.

>> No.154636385
Quoted By: >>154636507

>winning this early
kek, she's definitely losing.

>> No.154636409
Quoted By: >>154636507

When I post the translation of the pages of Tomoya and Megumi having sweet, sweet sex will you finally stop being in denial?

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I'm appalled at how hard you are trying to falseflag. Honestly appalled.

>> No.154636429
Quoted By: >>154636507

Oh please, Tomoya would do the same thing as Mugi, because he'd realize he loves Megumi.

>> No.154636455
Quoted By: >>154636651

Tomoya is the only reason Megumi feels she has self-worth.

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Quoted By: >>154644162

Replying to Yuipollfag is as bad as replying to Lelouch.

Just stop already.

>> No.154636507

Yeah. It is a good thing Maruto made Utasa move on from Tomoya. I don't agree with Megumi making sense however.

>this early
The story is almost over. There isn't much more after this since the romance will settled.

It would be bad writing so I would ignore the series.

I am not in denial though, shippers are the ones who can't see the truth.

I believe it when I read it. Even if he did love her it would come to nothing as Megumi doesn;t like him romantically.

>> No.154636525

He's obviously the shitposting Utahafag. Ignoring him would be the smart thing, but there's no point in saying that when he replies to his own bait.

>> No.154636553

Reminder Utaha is objectively worst girl.

>> No.154636578
Quoted By: >>154636653

>The story is almost over.
The story will be over once Megumi wins which is why Maruto is adding forced drama to stall it.

>> No.154636587
File: 776KiB, 1800x2560, sukima453280.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

No sane Utahafag would even try to pretend to be an Eriritard.

>> No.154636596
Quoted By: >>154636812

It is Yuipollfag, He believes what he is saying and he is just a bad poster. No one with half a brain considers him equal with a normal Eririfag.

>> No.154636606
Quoted By: >>154636812

It's the Yuipollfag. If you're not fucking blind, he's been doing this for a long while.

>> No.154636631

Who is this Yuipolfag?

>> No.154636651
Quoted By: >>154636743

That's a dumb speculation on your part.

>> No.154636653

I guess you are still running on that sort of hope. Things won't be clean. I expect a forever alone end before a Megumi end.

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We still have the glasses. I wonder if that'll be addressed in this volume.

>> No.154636743

Not really, she always calls herself mediocre and talentless. Tomoya was the one who gave her a sense of purpose.

>> No.154636748
Quoted By: >>154636800

Deluded Yuifag (Yahari) and Eririfag.

>> No.154636755
Quoted By: >>154636830

>senseless image spamming and shilling of Utaha and KM
>forcing her it look like she's even more popular than Megumi
>warmongering and use of -tard
Utaha is the new Stella for Stellafag/THK alright.

>> No.154636800
Quoted By: >>154637140

But why the polfag part?

>> No.154636812

Just how many boogeymans do we have around here?

>> No.154636815
Quoted By: >>154636917

>I believe it when I read it. Even if he did love her it would come to nothing as Megumi doesn;t like him romantically
Look man, Yui won't win but Megumi will.

>> No.154636822

Just a boogeyman shitposters came up with so they can blame all people who disagree with them on one person.

>> No.154636830
File: 4MiB, 1960x1532, 2a39c77c53dbdc9fe1613d9cb7ce6b41.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>154636949

Utaha will be the most popular for the first arc of S2 and you'll like it.

>> No.154636884
Quoted By: >>154636964

THK and Yuipollfag. At least we're free of LRD and ACK.

>> No.154636917
Quoted By: >>154636994

>Yui won't win
I bet you aren't even familiar with that series. Stop.

>Megumi will.
I think she will win friendship and happiness. Megumi will come out ahead. I don't think romance with Tomoya is happening though.

EOPs are annoying.

>> No.154636949
File: 355KiB, 1013x827, 1436678646269.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Now this is delusion.

>> No.154636964
Quoted By: >>154637171

He's ruining Utaha the same way he's ruining Celestia in Bahamut threads. I stopped caring so whatever.

>> No.154636994
Quoted By: >>154637098

Yui got her alt ending. She ain't genuine end. It's over.

Megumi will have friendship and happiness, and love.

>> No.154637042
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Quoted By: >>154644162

Feels good man

>> No.154637069
File: 802KiB, 1755x2390, 1423208533361.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>154637186

that only happens at the end.

Utaha will have most of the arc for herself.

>> No.154637098
Quoted By: >>154637471

>Yui got her alt ending. She ain't genuine end. It's over.
She will get the genuine. I think you read ANOTHER wrong. Everyone got their happy end. In the main series it will be bittersweet but Yuix8man will happen.

>Megumi will have friendship and happiness, and love.
>and love
Maybe with someone else like Irori or maybe some guy sweeps her off her feet in the last volume but it won't be with Tomoya.

>> No.154637120

Eririfags hated Megumi and pretended to like Utaha. Now they hate Utaha and pretend to like Megumi. As soon as they see an opening, they'll shit all over Megumi and her fans.

Traitors, just like their girl.

>> No.154637135

Can't wait for Maruto the absolute mad hack to crush the delusional Megumifags and whotahafags in the end.

>> No.154637140
Quoted By: >>154637383

It is "poll", not /pol/

He created a poll and only he himself voted in, took a screenshot, colored out the vote totals, and used it as proof people agree with him.

>> No.154637171
File: 857KiB, 2803x2048, SaijakuBahamut_v3_000C_-_000D.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Both Celestia and Utaha are best girls though.

>> No.154637186
Quoted By: >>154637262

Not happening. Utaha will only have the last episode, and she'll have to share that with Megumi. Utaha lost in S1 to just Megumi's pout, she'll be annihilated by Megumi staying over to complete a demo of the game and Megumi dancing with Tomoya after role playing calling him onii-sama.

>> No.154637211
Quoted By: >>154637262

a shit.

>> No.154637227

Yet there are days where I wish you'd take your autism and just leave.

>> No.154637262
Quoted By: >>154637341

Keep telling yourself that.

Curious way of spelling a best

>> No.154637341
File: 2MiB, 1556x2048, 60787869_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Stay mad your girl couldn't even beat a simple pout.

>> No.154637380
File: 386KiB, 1600x1136, BTFO.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>154637476

Stay mad your girl still can't beat this.

>> No.154637383

Shit I'm blind

Man I still remember the day when some fag started using Utaha to shitpost, from then on people keep shitposting using her

>> No.154637385

We get the absolute worst tripfags too

>> No.154637421

>ditches her during her date
>runs straight to Utaha

>> No.154637471
Quoted By: >>154637537

>In the main series it will be bittersweet but Yuix8man will happen.
But he obviously loves Yukino more. Hachiman x Yukino, Megumi x Tomoya, these contain a natural chemisty and mutual attraction that make them inevitable.

>> No.154637476
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Quoted By: >>154644162

That's not even in the top five of Saekano moments.

>> No.154637536

Megumi and Tomoya were going to do it on her birthday. How could he pass that up?

>> No.154637537
Quoted By: >>154637603

>I don't read the source material
Animeonlyfags will be on suicide watch seen enough.

Yukino is a non-factor in romance and Megumi is something else altogether. Megumi is a good character, I don't see why you have to cheapen her with some ship.

>> No.154637598


>> No.154637603
Quoted By: >>154637642

Why do you cheapen the characters by denying their feelings to serve your own fantasies?

>> No.154637642

>Megumi and Tomoya were going to do it on her birthday
It was practice for the game

I don't put words in their mouths or feelings in their heart. I show the most respect of all.

>> No.154637660
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Quoted By: >>154637760

Maruto is up to his old tricks.

>> No.154637760

At least Megumi won't suffer like Setsuna.

>> No.154637821

Where can i find all the volumes translated ? i tried in baka-tsuki but i couldnt find them .

>> No.154637850

>do it
H-scene practice at best != real life.

>> No.154637886
Quoted By: >>154637934

Good thing Saekano isn't real life.

>> No.154637934
Quoted By: >>154637989

Their reality outside anime, games, etc is real life, you deluded idiot.

>> No.154637959

Tomoya wasn't even willing to kiss in real life, and you think he'd be willing to have sex just for practice?

>> No.154637989

But their 'reality' is just like anime and games.

>> No.154638016

He doesn't kiss her in real life because she doesn't want a kiss.

>> No.154638049

Obviously not. They would roleplay but won't go through the motions of actually doing it. It would be like what Eriri and Tomoya did when he went over to her house for practice.

>> No.154638208

I'm pretty sure their birthday date had nothing to do with the game.

>> No.154638494

36 hours until Eririfags are BTFO.

>> No.154638714

36 hours until all you fuck have to apologize to the non-shiposters.

>> No.154638780

36 hours until Megumifags are eternally BTFO'd

>> No.154638822
Quoted By: >>154639489

We already know Megumi lost in volume 12.

>> No.154638857

Megumi lost this volume, but she'll win in the end.

>> No.154638971

>see >>154634028
You mean Megumifags. Even if she is endgame, she still got BTFO.

>> No.154639489

>what is bait and switch

>> No.154640327
Quoted By: >>154640577

Keep on trucking brother. That delusion is thick enough to keep you safe from reality.

Megumifags are flaming out already.

>> No.154640577
File: 761KiB, 1926x1500, yande.re 321279 aki_tomoya katou_megumi landscape megane misaki_kurehito saenai_heroine_no_sodatekata.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Do you remember the last time an illustration showed Megumi sad?

>> No.154640962
Quoted By: >>154641138

Yes. And? This is worse for you deluded fags.

>> No.154641138

She came back stronger than ever. She always forgives Tomoya.

>> No.154641190
Quoted By: >>154642819

He will go to Eriri and be one with Eriri. Megumi is his friend and they are good friends in the end.

>> No.154642343

Post more sexy stitch I need for research purposes :3

>> No.154642769
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>> No.154642819
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>Megumi is his friend
This delusion.

>> No.154643651
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Quoted By: >>154644162

Megumi is beautiful.

>> No.154643785
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Nisekoi was a mistake.

Saekano attempts to continue that mistake.

Remove shitty forced drama harem series forever.

Keep Tsugumi and Utaha though, and put them in more respectable series.

>> No.154643988
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Shit taste.

>> No.154644038

Mid tier.
Worst girl.

>> No.154644098
Quoted By: >>154644533

Even if Megumi will have strengthened resolved and will win later, she still got dumped by Tomoya and cried because of it, so BTFO isn't wrong.

>> No.154644162

Literally >>>/reddit/ the girl

>> No.154644533

You don't know if she cries because she gets dumped though. She's smiling while crying.

>> No.154645433
File: 874KiB, 2103x2995, 1482534900243.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>this will be canon

>> No.154645913
File: 31KiB, 500x400, inwB5Lv.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

One of V12's side stories that you get as a bonus if you buy at a story is on a what if story if Tomoya didn't cancel the date. Nice, I guess.

>> No.154646100

Show that this is a huge fork in the timeline. Probably means that the main story won't have a Megumi end. AU shit is the mark of death.

>> No.154646583
Quoted By: >>154647007


Please I hope this isnt ANOTHER type of scenario.

>> No.154647007

ANOTHER was great though.

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