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Do Eririfags honestly believe this will become canon just because Maruto trolls in Vol. 12?

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How can a source material novel is not canon that's stupid.

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>How can a source material novel is not canon that's stupid.

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Eriri a shit. A SHIT.

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Are you a retard?

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She already won. It's set on stone.

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>Are you a retard?
Says the person that wrote this out; "How can a source material novel is not canon that's stupid."

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File: 596KiB, 1561x2200, yande.re_374892_cleavage_digital_version_dress_feet_katou_megumi_misaki_kurehito_saenai_heroine_no_sodatekata.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Someone already won, but it isn't Eriri.

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Megumi a shit.

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Utaha > Mayu > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>>> trash >>> Eriri

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Utaha a shit.

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Utaha a best.

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High level posts as always

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These two should be the top of every ranking.

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Rev up that denial. Vol 11 already blew the Megumifags who ship Tomoya and Megumi the fuck out. Date is cancelled and she isn't his main heroine, by her own admission. Tomoya is going a different way than her.

Megumi doesn't like him romantically anyways and Tomoya still loves Eriri.

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He spent two months with her and neither made a move.

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A shit.

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orange lines give me a boner

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I wonder how much of Eriri's and Utaha's mutual animosity stems from their feelings for Tomoya.

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A lot. They'll be closer once Eriri gets rejected and she finally moves on.

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Can Eriri really win?

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Maruto has shown that he can be a bad writer so yes

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Why did this show go for a bakemonogatari feel during the first few episodes?

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I really hope Eriri will tone down being a bitch in S2, She pushed the limit in S1.

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Also rememb-oh wait, she's just a cheap knockoff.

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So when vol 12 comes out do we apologize if we are wrong? As a Megumifag I feel obligated to apologize to Yuipollfag if he is right since we were shitposting a lot.

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Fuck off Yuipollfag.

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>Eriri's face when Tomoya rejects her

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Because it's supposed to be quirky and meta.

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No, Megumifags would kill him.

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Good taste

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Quoted By: >>154553890

Only if Yuipollfag also apologizes.

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Utaha is sex.

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Why would he if he was right.

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He won't be right. Look at all the CMs and shilling. There's no way Megumi will lose.

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If spoilers and theories are right, Eriri will win in volume 12. But Megumi will still win in the end.

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>giving Eriri a victory and killing all momentum for S2

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Quoted By: >>154556123

What? S2 won't even adapt that far.

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A good portion of the BD buyers are LN readers, and pissing them off is guaranteed bad press.

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Quoted By: >>154557057

That's rarely ever true. Most of the time fans who are hooked from seeing it for the first time buys them. In this case, Saekano LN sells like, what, millions, but anime only sold some thousands? Practically all LN adaptations of popular series have similar sales or worse. One can conclude the average LN readers don't buy anime adaptations since it is inferior to the source material and isn't even canon in the first place. Collectors and hardcore fans likely would, though. In any event, one should assume LN fans know fully well that Megumi's route is set in stone, so there's no reason for Megumi's fans to think vol.12 will lock in Eriri route for good.

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Quoted By: >>154557476

The Saekano LNs only average 30k. The first volume of the BDs sold 13k. It's clear they're a significant portion, and many people have been clamoring for V11 to be adapted.

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We don't know if he is right or not. We shouldn't shitpost him.

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Quoted By: >>154558006

That doesn't sound right for a popular LN. What are the total combined sales for all the LNs and not weekly sales?

>> No.154558006

Well, that number was from weekly sales, where the volumes top off at 30k, but the LN sales do seem to have dropped off a bit after V7.

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Quoted By: >>154558781

Are there any osananajimis who won in anime?

>> No.154558781

I forgot that Mochizou, Tamako's osananajimi won.

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>most unpopular heroine winning

Nips don't care about Eriri. Even if she "wins" in the upcoming novel, Megumi will be the one to truly win in the end. I wouldn't put it past Maruto to bring Eririfags up only to crush them for good in the end-it'll just make Megumi's victory sweeter.

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Quoted By: >>154559159

Maruto did say that he was going to release another volume while the anime was airing even thought there's usually a four month gap between volumes.

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>eriri "wins" in the 12th novel
>anime has tomoya/eriri moments
>eririfags take this as a sign that she'll win in the end
>he crushes them with the 13th novel

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>>most unpopular heroine winning

Worked for Kaminomi.

How is that guy's latest manga run going anyway?

>> No.154559318
Quoted By: >>154559580

>How is that guy's latest manga run going anyway?
You answered your own question.

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Utaha should have been the main rival to Megumi and not Eriri. If Tomoya was less of a faggot, we could have had fun Monogatari-like interactions. Eriri fucking sucks and isn't fun at all.

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Quoted By: >>154561030

Man, that would be great. It'd mean less of those cute TomoyaxMegumi moments and tolerating Yuipollfag for a few more months, but those Eririfag tears would be glorious.

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Utaha is terrible and has romantic interest bone in her.

>> No.154559580
Quoted By: >>154559779


I was assuming he still had jack shit going on but it's been a while since I heard anything about him.

It's almost like intentionally pissing off your fanbase is a bad fucking idea.

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File: 765KiB, 2073x1600, yande.re 361300 ass bikini cleavage digital_version kasumigaoka_utaha misaki_kurehito saenai_heroine_no_sodatekata sawamura_spencer_eriri swimsuits.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

But Eriri is much cuter than Utaha and has better chemistry with Megumi.

>> No.154559673

has no*

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>best girl wins
It's too good to be true. We know it won't happen.

>> No.154559772

>le Utaha hate meme

Utaha is literally the only reason besides Megumi this series is followed at all. It would only require some tweaking in the dynamic of the group and the MC to make it work instead of sidelining her to focus on a generic tsundere no one cares about.

No and she doesn't need to have that.

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Quoted By: >>154560051

>It's almost like intentionally pissing off your fanbase is a bad fucking idea.
Or maybe he made so much money that he decided to live a lowkey life.

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Wrong. Eriri is the ugliest of the three; Megumi is the prettiest while Utaha is the sexiest.

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Quoted By: >>154559843

Oh it's you, the Utaha fanboy.

>> No.154559843
Quoted By: >>154559867

>stating facts makes you a fanboy

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Quoted By: >>154559895

Utaha a shit. Put on your trip, Lelouch.

>> No.154559867
Quoted By: >>154559972

>subjective opinions
Yep. It's you. Sperg on.

>> No.154559878

>blonde pigtails with blue eyes

she has the most generic design/personality.

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How dare you

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Quoted By: >>154560051

Chihiro was 7th in the last poll I remember. Still not high for a winning heroine though.

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Quoted By: >>154560173

Chemistry with Megumi is needed to have a good love triangle or else you don't feel pity for the loser.

>> No.154559972
Quoted By: >>154560018

If I am sperging with those innocuous posts then what would the average Eririfag be?

>> No.154559981

In what possible way could Utaha even be a rival to Megumi? As volume 11 showed, she's too strong and independent to be heroine material. She doesn't have the sort of personality who could be Megumi's friend either, much less is weak enough to promote emotional drama.

>> No.154560018
Quoted By: >>154560173

Being a deluded fanboy and picking fights is the complete opposite of that.

>> No.154560051
Quoted By: >>154560261

Last I heard everything he had done since then was cancelled. Also he was pretty much a straight up failure before that, only having one series that runs for a couple of years is pretty unlikely to set someone for life.


I can't believe she's that high, I didn't realize people's taste was that fucking bad.

>> No.154560055

>Thought of volume 10
>Typed 11
Damn it.

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Eriri has that and much more. She's the reason why GS2 happened. In fact, both GS and GS2 mainly came to be because of Eriri. And they're cute as they are compelling plot.

>> No.154560173

>love triangle

This is where this series failed. It started off as harem and then becomes a love triangle involving the least popular and likeable girl and making the second most popular girl irrelevant. Girls in a harem don't need to have good interactions with one another, the work is always done through their relationship with the MC.

You'd have to fix Tomoya's personality first, because she does have weaknesses, they're just not apparent to his dense-ass mind.

Sorry, but this isn't your hugbox.

>> No.154560237

Didn't say it was. That's not even the point and you were the one who tried to play all innocent to being a fanboy who thinks his opinions are facts. Nice try.

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Quoted By: >>154560344

After Kanon, Haqua, Ayumi, Shiori, Tenri, and Elsie.

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Quoted By: >>154560422

If you need to change characters to suit your needs so that Utaha can be a heroine and rival, then everything is a moot point. You have to change Megumi and Eriri's character as well.

You aren't Maruto, you only have headcanon.

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Quoted By: >>154560433


They are all better than Chihiro is. Of course all the other girls in the series are also better than Chihiro too.

>> No.154560365

>Girls in a harem don't need to have good interactions with one another, the work is always done through their relationship with the MC

But then you don't feel sympathy for the heroine when they lose. It's also necessary for Megumi to be close to the other heroines tor conflict to happen. If Utaha were the main rival, Megumi wouldn't hesitate to crush her and take Tomoya for herself.

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Quoted By: >>154560676

>it's starting to become one of those threads now

>> No.154560422

That's what Maruto did anyway, asspull a bullshit BFF relationship between Megumi and Eriri mid way in when Utaha was established as Eriri's closest friend and rival since the start.

>> No.154560433
Quoted By: >>154560533

But she's like a real normal girl and stuff.

>> No.154560533
Quoted By: >>154560716


That's why she's shit.

>> No.154560551
Quoted By: >>154560737

Except he did not. Eriri and Utaha are real rivals, not friends. What Eriri and Megumi have is real friendship and rivals-to-be as love interests. And their friendship was foreshadowed and built up in earlier volumes.

>> No.154560571
Quoted By: >>154560737

Utaha has a creator relationship with Eriri while Megumi is her normal best friend. Eriri is supposed to mirror Tomoya here where they both start liking Megumi for being their first normal friend when all their previous friends were weirdos.

>> No.154560599
Quoted By: >>154560737

Plenty of people have plenty of reasons to hate Utaha. Doesn't help you are contributing factor ever since you began shitposting as a vocal Utahafag out of nowhere.

>> No.154560619
Quoted By: >>154561099

What's with the bobcut vs twintails trend?

>> No.154560676

Who cares, V12 and S2 were going to ruin the threads anyway. Wednesday is when we'll really get a taste of it when some of the illustrations leak.

>> No.154560716
Quoted By: >>154561071

You just can't handle a real woman. And neither could most people inside and outside the manga.

>> No.154560737

Eriri and Utaha have an infinitely more compelling relationship, crafted since volume 1. Maruto barely fleshed out the friendship Megumi and Eriri have and falls flat.

Utaha is the least hateable girl in the cast. Historically, people had more issues with Eriri, Michiru and Megumi.

>> No.154560958
Quoted By: >>154561166

Frenemies with more emphasis on squabbling enemies is hardly compelling. They are creators in different fields and are good at what they do. Respect is the only thing they seldom shows itself. And that is hardly developed any further as well. Megumi and Eriri's relationship isn't perfectly developed, but they became friends and we know why. They at least spend time together doing things friends would do.

The fact Utaha warned Megumi ahead of time about that implies it could lead to being hurt, but still she decided to be friends anyways gives more meaning to the relationship she has with Eriri.

>> No.154561030
Quoted By: >>154561217

>tears when everybody knows she would lose

>> No.154561038
File: 1014KiB, 905x1300, dress picked by megumi.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The relationship is underdeveloped but there's enough to tell they're intimate. There's also added tension in how Megumi and Eriri hesitate to make a winning move on the love triangle while neither Eriri nor Utaha would hesitate to win.

>> No.154561071
Quoted By: >>154561384

I've handled real women before. IRL you need to compromise, at least if you're not like Brad Pitt or some shit.

If I'm reading a fucking manga I'll go with someone who is unrealistically likable.

>> No.154561099

>bobcut - gives off a normal girl look, requires little preparation and is natural
>twintails - gives off a princess girl look, requires preparation to do and represents fantasy

>> No.154561166

Utaha warned Megumi because she knows and understands Eriri well. She understands her well because she has known and dealt with her longer and shares many characteristics with her. Not to mention they overcome trials together as well. Little details like these give a relationship more dimension regardless of how nice and friendly they would normally act. We as readers have no reason to feel for Megumi and Eriri's emotions in GS2 when the author never bothered to SHOW, not TELL us how they became so close and significant for each other.

>> No.154561217

Not Yuipollfag. Even if it is the last volume and Megumi wins without a reasonable doubt he will find a way to deny it.

>> No.154561237
File: 149KiB, 1280x720, [FFF] Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - 11 [BD][720p-AAC][2FC26C75].mkv_snapshot_14.39_[2017.02.14_01.29.09].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>154561291

>when the author never bothered to SHOW, not TELL us how they became so close and significant for each other.

But he did, sort of.

>> No.154561291
Quoted By: >>154561406

>I went to a classmate's house for a week to work in this college project
>we are so close now, totally best friends forever we could give our life for each other

>> No.154561384
Quoted By: >>154561614

Would you go for Chihiro or Megumi irl?

>> No.154561406

Eriri admired how much Megumi cared for the game. You can't compare that to some impersonal college project.

>> No.154561430
Quoted By: >>154561715

Utaha only understands Eriri because she's a fellow creator and knows the sort of person she's like. Megumi doesn't have the same understanding and that is became a plot point in itself, but that doesn't make her any less of a friend. Eriri cares much more for Megumi than she does Utaha and she actually is friendly with her because they became comrades and gotten close.

Maruto did the little things that matters, he didn't spent a whole episode on it. People become friends for all sorts of reasons and it doesn't have to be deep. What's more important is developing the friendship and Maruto does that and hasn't stopped yet.

>> No.154561614

You're not going to find a Megumi IRL.

>> No.154561715
File: 1MiB, 1200x1600, saekano1jpg_waifu2x_art_noise1_scale_tta_1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Besides there will be anime original episodes like the beach episode and the dress episode. With all the focus on Eriri and Megumi in advertising there will probably be original moments for them too.

>> No.154561809
Quoted By: >>154562041

Did Tomoya have any influence on Megumi looking like this?

>> No.154562041
Quoted By: >>154562090

Probably not. It's practically guaranteed to show up in the anime though, the anime team was the one that designed it and Kurehito was just assigned to draw it first.

>> No.154562090
Quoted By: >>154562248

I mean, did he do anything at all to make Megumi this bangin'?

>> No.154562248
File: 355KiB, 1013x827, literally_a_blessing.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>154562746

Of course not, Megumi is always the one who makes the drastic design changes. He didn't even come up with the idea to get long hair.

>> No.154562481

So basically you are saying that Eriri will win the bowl, then get hit by a car and die, thus allowing some other girl to win because best girl is dead?

Sounds plausible.

>> No.154562675
Quoted By: >>154562786

Eriri has her hair in twintails and she has a fang. It is pretty clear who is the cutest of the three.

Megumi looks mediocre. There is absolutely nothing special about her... and Utaha is just your regular long blackhaired snarky type girl. They are pretty standard and boring.

>> No.154562746
Quoted By: >>154563296

Why didn't she do any of this before? What did Tomoya actually do?

>> No.154562786

Kill yourself Eririfag. Blonde twintails is literally the most generic, uninspired and boring design there is.

>> No.154562848

Im Eririfag but i believe Megumi will win.

Its just typical drama that will make the winner have an obstacle. Megumi will triumph in the end.

But still, Eriri is obviously best girl.

>> No.154563296
Quoted By: >>154563335

Megumi's made these design choices fairly often. She always wanted to surprise him.

>> No.154563335
Quoted By: >>154563488

No, I meant before he made her his heroine.

>> No.154563488
Quoted By: >>154564077

There was no one there to notice her.

>> No.154563489
File: 1MiB, 1200x1600, 1487360768375.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>154564717

I look forward to that.

>> No.154564077
Quoted By: >>154564168

They'd notice her if she made herself more noticeable.

>> No.154564168
Quoted By: >>154564763

But she wasn't particularly interested in anyone.

>> No.154564717
File: 929KiB, 1102x1560, 60058286_p0.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I hope it's a shopping episode. We need to see them in more cute outfits.

>> No.154564763
Quoted By: >>154565575

But she likes Tomoya for noticing her, right? Why didn't she do it for herself?

>> No.154565575
Quoted By: >>154565821

She didn't really care for attracting men at that time. She fell for him really gradually, at first she only went along because she thought it might be fun.

>> No.154565821
Quoted By: >>154565979

So Megumi never felt bad about being wallpaper?

>> No.154565979
Quoted By: >>154566246

Not really.

>> No.154566246

Oh, so it was just a chance of pace.

>> No.154567088
File: 705KiB, 1000x1414, 61892091_p0.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.154568193
File: 821KiB, 1447x2039, 91AH5t4wX3L.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Eriri's the one in the hospital. She's not mentioned in the preview but she's on the cover.

>> No.154568223

Looks like Megumicucks are going to get BTFO. Megumi steps back and supports Eriri and Tomoya.

I can't wait for the tears.

>> No.154568977

They look happy. Something wonderful happened, even if there is sadness involved.

>> No.154569006
File: 180KiB, 945x945, 1455299033672.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>How can a source material novel is not canon that's stupid.
Anon, I'm not sure what you are trying to say...

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