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Spoiler that trash next time.

>> No.154266002

What's wrong with her? She doesn't seem as bad as most other tsunderes

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Quoted By: >>154266296

>long blonde hair
>cute white pure lingerie
>sexy legs and hips
>feminine slender
>best girl
What's the problem?

>> No.154266057

Pic unrelated.

>> No.154266112

Where? I don't see Utaha.

>> No.154266187

The sexiest, how can others Saekanos even compete?

>> No.154266226

Are you gay?

>> No.154266259

Homosexuals like you are absolutely disgusting.

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>>best girl
Haha nope.

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Eriri is the sexiest and most perflat Saekano though.

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Quoted By: >>154266623

What show?
And why is she not best girl?

>> No.154266568

That's a nice gap

>> No.154266572

Eriri will win.

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Quoted By: >>154266836

>why is she not best girl?
Every other girl is better.

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>> No.154266836

Good joke. Everyone knows Utaha is worst girl.

>> No.154266877

Eriri a shit

>> No.154266893


Eriri > Megumi > Izumi > Michiru > Utaha

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Quoted By: >>154266944

A couple of Eririfags != everyone.

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Quoted By: >>154266981

>A couple
No one mentioned Utahafags.

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>Childhood friend + Tsundere

Automatically starts at the bottom of the list.

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Are you gay? She's cute and hot as fuck.

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He is considered handsome by japanese standards? Why all girls want his tiny dick?

>> No.154266981

>Utaha is second most popular girl
>Most Megumifags like Utaha best after Megumi
>Everyone but Eririfags hate Eriri

>> No.154266992

Superior Aryan features, who wouldn't

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Great taste.

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Quoted By: >>154267041

Nice delusion that doesn't reflect /a/.

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Quoted By: >>154267194

But it does.

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Quoted By: >>154267161

Typical self insert harem protagonist who's loved by all the girls and doesn't have to do too much to do so.

He really seems like a loser compared to the better looking, far more successful and talented friends.

>> No.154267077

>fanbase size
Megumi >>>> Eriri > Utaha since S1
Megumi >>> Eriri >>> Utaha nowadays.

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That's a funny way to say absolutely perfect.

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Utaha > Mayu > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>>> trash >>> Eriri

>> No.154267161

>Typical self insert harem protagonist
Tomoya is a generic self-insert character? Dude I am impressed at how retarded can a post be.

>> No.154267167

You gay son?

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>not liking both body types
Megumi's body also is a great middle ground between the two. All three main girls have great bodies.

>> No.154267194
Quoted By: >>154267237

>literally only one Utahafag and it's you
>there's at least a few Eririfags by comparison
Deny it more.

>> No.154267237
Quoted By: >>154267280

>only one Utahafag
>random ded threads no one cares to post in
Okay. Let's see if you can keep this lie up when S2 starts.

>> No.154267280
Quoted By: >>154267447

>I wasn't there so it's random and doesn't count
Uh huh.

We're already expecting to see you samefag at full force come S2. Threads are going to be shit because of you.

>> No.154267298

Megumi > Eriri > Mayu > Izumi > Michiru > Utaha

>> No.154267365
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Honestly both Eriri and Megumi are best. As long as they make up the top 2 in any order, it's all good.

>> No.154267398

I seriously hope Mayu will win in KM. She's so much better and more fun than Utaha.

>> No.154267447

any saekano thread outside of novel spoiler or any other new info release is random.

>pretending and talking as if this fanbase was ever united and cared about their threads when everyone else has been a fucking shitposter for 2 years straight as well
Okay. Your paranoia just doesn't work this time.

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>> No.154267472

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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Quoted By: >>154267867

The thread we had earlier today was just fine for a fanbase in decline, which is not new. Megumifags were still had the most posters followed by Eririfags. That's how the order has always consistently been in general threads before you started up the Utaha spam a few months ago

You simply showed up too late for that thread, so you didn't care to spam Utaha like you'd do in other Saekano threads since you came around to Utaha's side.

>> No.154267867

>random ded thread that gets constantly bumped off page 10

>> No.154268114

That only happened a couple of times. 28 posters isn't too low, it's about the average for a general thread outside of novel spoilers and shitstorms that attracts trolls along with passing pettanfags and /cowtitsfags that bickers. Don't try to change the topic.

>> No.154268554

There hasn't been any news for quite a while, of course it was dead.

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Megumi > every other girl

>> No.154270075
Quoted By: >>154272011


Utaha a best.

Eriri a cute!!!

Megumi a shit.

>> No.154272011

You have the order reversed.

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