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I thought Megumi was supposed to be boring.

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It is.

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>This is happening
Based Good Smile.

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Poor Eriri

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Why poor?

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She's boring person with 10/10 body. Nothing new in LN anime.

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Look at the other two girls' bodies.

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What about them? They don't look as hot and cute as Eriri.

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Yes, they are inferior to hers, what is the issue?

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>implying flat isn't justice and superior
You must be new here.

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How would a 10/10 go unnoticed so easily?

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She does hidoi things to my dick

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Meanwhile, Utaha gets nothing?

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Five new figures announced this WF.

Best girl continues to be best girl.

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>Utaha gets nothing?

Her swimsuit version was shown first and her kimono scale was finally painted.

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Amazingly sexy.

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I started watching Saekano a couple of days ago and just got to Episode 10. Holy shit Michiru is amazingly hot. She's like a tomboy, except not because she's still feminine and sexy.

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I'm mostly excited for this one.

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This was just announced.

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Utaha looks thick.

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>Utaha has 8 figures in total.

>Eriri has 7 figures in total.

>Megumi has 13 figures in total.

I count GK, but what did they mean by this?

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I didn't count*

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There are so many figures, it looks like they're pretty confident in Flat.

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Megumi is very interesting.

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Eh? I see 12 including the ones not released yet.

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Is it really that popular with the gooks? It didn't feel like something special.

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>I see 12
You counted Garage Kits, thats why. I didn't.

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My dick and heart can't handle it.

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My bad. I didn't notice the grammar fix.

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It's no problem.

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The black dress just has to appear in the anime. They can't just tease us with this much promotional material and not deliver.

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They love Megumi.

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Michirufags are the worst. Even Utahafags are tolerable.

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>Eririfags are the worst


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Nope, recently Utahafags have been the worst.

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>Michirufags are the worst.
They are few in number and relatively harmless.

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True, that attack was uncalled for. They really like fighting.

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That's not Utahafags.

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File: 71KiB, 857x600, eJwFwdENhCAMANBdGIBCKVjdhiBBjV4J9L7M7X7vveY7brOZQ7XPDWA_Z5Gx26kycqu2ibS75n5OW-SBrJrL8dSPTkBKRDFwiD455DU4QMbE3lPC6JFdYAK_Lvbqzfz-ddMgYQ.b-PszQULhIwt7PC6gI2LKb2aVcc.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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>assumes and blames the side he doesn't like for attacking/fighting
>does the same back
If I dropped to your level, I would assume you're an ironic Utahafag.

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There's like, 6 Michirufags on /a/.

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One of the things I'm saving up to buy. My wallet will be ded soon.

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Oh boy, here it is. They're at it again.

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That's being very generous.

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Gotta be an Utahafag. Megumifags barely start shit anymore.

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Looks good. I hope the paint won't be too light and faded this time.

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Because Megumifags are chill like her.

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Exactly. Only an Eririfag would post >>153678685

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Alright. 2 Michirufags on /a/. 3 if you count this anon: >>153677302

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Winning feels damn good.

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>Megumifags barely start shit anymore.

Because we know we already won. It's only a matter of time before Megumi's inevitable victory becomes canon.

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A few still do. But Utahafags have become a huge pain in the ass for everyone, so I wouldn't be surprised if those few are pissed off too.

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Did that ever matter? Megumi winning was obvious and set since day 1. But still we had plenty of shitflings from multiple sides.

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>Did that ever matter? Megumi winning was obvious and set since day 1.
That's true, but we're getting closer to the end.

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Quoted By: >>153680838

That was always a given. It's more like Megumi x Eriri development over the past few volumes give little reason for Megumifags and Eririfags to fight that much.

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It wasn't just that Megumi won, it's how hard she won. It was an absolutely crushing victory.

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My preferable pairing.

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Can't wait to see it painted. The swimsuits look so beautiful.

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V12 cover. This is going to be a good volume.

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>good smile is now making swimsuit figures

muh dick

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>smiling through their tears

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kill yourself neckbeard

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Eriri forgives Megumi for stealing the love of her life.

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Why not? Eriri is smiling, and she isn't as vindictive as she used to be.

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Saekano event at WinterFest. I loved what Megumi's line for Valentine's Day at 20:11.

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She looks fat in this picture.

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Why is Megumi so fucking hot

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Perfect balance between too big and too small.

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Utaha a best. A BEST.

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Second best.

Utaha > Mayu > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>>> trash >> Eriri

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I can't until vol 12 blows Megumi fucks the fuck out.

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How do you know they are smiling? The image is low quality as hell.

>> No.153693004

Look closely. It's pretty clear on Megumi, at least.

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Utaha is such a weak character they brought in another girl to make the side manga interesting.

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Quoted By: >>153695117

The line from >>153687584, "I hate doing this kind of stuff on Valentine's Day because people misunderstand, but since this isn't a misunderstanding, I guess I have to do it," was written by Maruto and is supposed to reflect her feelings in V12. There's no way she'll be BTFO.

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>Red Herring
I want written apology if Megumi loses.

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Those are status, right? not figmas

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Rest assured, Megumi will win. The pairing is just too strong.

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In the end Utaha is the main dish of the manga whether you like it or not.


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Read reality. They were only practicing and they won't have their date.

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>getting this worked up over practice

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She still is and the body doesn't change that.

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Originally a nico livestream with Misaki Kurehito and Yasuno Kiyono. One interesting bit is how Kurehito didn't come up with the design for Megumi's black dress but the idea actually came from the anime character designer.

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The best.

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Eriri is looking utterly delicious. I want.

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>looking delicious

Sasuga Eririfags

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>Utahafag starting shit

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Delicious and perflat.

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Probably because Kurehito's drawn plenty of Megumis before this one.

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